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Aug 05 2014

12 Firearm “Facts” Every Gun Owner Should Know

Growing up in Massachusetts, I’ve spent a lot of time with anti-gunners. They’re pretty loud and they sure do give me a whole lot to think about. I think sometimes they forget that the federal government already requires background checks on all sales conducted through a federally licensed firearms dealer and that most criminals don’t …

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Jan 13 2014

11 Things Statists Taught Me About Being a Libertarian

Statists have truly taught me a lot about what it means to be a libertarian. Actually, they seem to know a whole lot more about it than I do. Through seemingly nonsensical debates, straw arguments, and name calling, I’ve begun to see the error of my ways. To show my appreciation for all that these …

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Jan 09 2014

Kanye West Doesn’t Think New Digital Currency Coinye – Or Fishsticks – Is Funny

Coinye is a digital currency inspired by Bitcoin. According to creators, it started as a joke. Coinye – originally coined “Coinye West” – went viral and actually made Kanye West pretty mad. So naturally, Coinye became the real deal and even launched several days early. The coin features Kanye in the form as a fish, …

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