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Jun 05 2017

Evergreen State College: Everything You Need to Know

Transcript as follows: Hi everyone, bit of a different episode today – I know there’s a lot of crazy stuff in the news right now, but the big media networks are all over it. They’ve got you covered. But they’ve been mostly silent on what’s happening over at Evergreen State College in Washington, and this …

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May 27 2017

Professional Thoughts on DaddyOFive: Update!

Apr 24 2017

Professional Thoughts on DaddyOFive

Transcript: DaddyOFive Mike and his wife, Heather, released a tear-filled video called “Family Destroyed Over False Aquisations” [sic] after doing an interview with Keemstar over at the DramaAlert Channel. The newest DaddyOFive video said the family has been destroyed by false accusations of abuse that they blame on Phil DeFranco’s coverage of their YouTube channel. …

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Mar 19 2017

True History of Assault Rifles

Politicians and media seem like they can never stop talking about “assault rifles,” but everyone seems to have a different definition of what an assault rifle IS and what they’re they’re capable of. Alan Grayson claimed that the Pulse shooter used a rifle capable of shooting 700 rounds per minute. Carolyn McCarthy put forth legislation …

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Jan 23 2017

Feminism is Irrelevant

Hi everyone, I’m Liberty Doll, and this is a video about feminism…that I’m filming FROM MY KITCHEN. I just got finished watching the speeches at the Women’s March on Washington, and then arguing with a bunch of feminists about it, and here is my take away. First, I know the poem Ashley Judd recited was …

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Jan 20 2017

Liberty Update: Trauma Triggered Angry Feminist Inauguration Edition

Today’s the big day – Trump’s inauguration. Tensions are high around much of the nation. On Tuesday, a man set himself on fire outside of a Trump hotel in Washington DC in protest of “the fact that we elected somebody who is completely incapable of respecting the Constitution of the United States.” The 45-year-old man …

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Jan 20 2017

Gun Control at Work: Hand Tool Holdup

Hi everyone, I wanted to do a quick video today about a local story that just came out in the news that is a PERFECT example of what happens under gun control. If you’ve seen my other videos, you know how hard it is to get a gun in Massachusetts, at least the LEGAL way. …

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Jan 20 2017

Video: ATF Elimination, NJ’s Gun Restraining Orders

Jan 20 2017

Top 10 Ways Government Wasted Your Money in 2016

It’s that time again for the annual reports on government spending and all the fun ways that tax payer money was completely wasted. Senator Jeff Flake’s annual Wastebook report was released this week and included 50 examples of ridiculous government spending that totaled over $5 billion. With a national debt about to top $20 trillion, …

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Jan 20 2017

Korea Appoints Trump Twitter Officer, Chicago Torture, & More Fake News

CNN was caught using a screenshot from Fallout 4 in a report about Russian hacking this week. The shot of the hacking mini-game that’s actually only a word puzzle aired on December 28th in a segment about Obama’s new sanctions against Russia due to alleged election interference. CNN ran the footage while speaking about the …

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