Jan 23 2017

Feminism is Irrelevant

Hi everyone, I’m Liberty Doll, and this is a video about feminism…that I’m filming FROM MY KITCHEN. I just got finished watching the speeches at the Women’s March on Washington, and then arguing with a bunch of feminists about it, and here is my take away.

First, I know the poem Ashley Judd recited was written by a 19-year-old, but in the part about tampons and pads and how they should be tax free, like Rogaine and Viagra, there’s this line, “Is the bloodstain on my jeans more embarrassing than the thinning of your hair?” Now what I really want to know about this, is – who the HELL is bleeding through their feminine products and two layers of clothing, and then wearing those pants in public? Um, yeah, I’d call that pretty embarrassing. I don’t wear food stained clothes in public, why would I wear blood stained clothes? Plus, that’s a BODILY FLUID – there’s a reason places have biohazard blood spill kits. And remind me why I should be subsidizing any of this with my tax dollars?

I know, I know, like the poem said – “we can’t choose when we have our periods.” That’s true. But you CAN pay attention to your body and track your cycle and symptoms so that you have a pretty good idea. There’s an app for that!

Do you know why Viagra and Rogaine aren’t taxed? Because they’re considered medication. And you know what? Different states have different laws as to what is considered medication and taxed. My pad or tampon isn’t medication. It’s not a federal issue. You can’t tell the government to stay out of your uterus and then tell it to pay for everything for your uterus. It’s hypocritical and stupid.

I tried to genuinely talk to some feminists about this, and they told me that I need to fact check myself and that I’m just mad or something because I don’t realize I’m treated as nothing but a tool and a piece of meat, and something something wage gap and the US doesn’t have maternity leave.

Okay, first of all, the only time I ever felt like a piece of meat was at the Lynn flea market. It’s in every top 10 list of the worst places to live in the state, so I wouldn’t expect it to be a bastion of social equality.

I also have never been paid less than a man at any job, with the exception of being a dishwasher in high school and that was only because the guys had been there two or three years longer than me. I’m sure wage gaps happen at some companies, but when you factor in the fact that women are more likely to stay home for sick children or family members, have more doctors appointments, maternity leave, and that women generally pick fields that pay less because they’re not rooted in the maths and sciences, you’ll see the “wage gap” is more of a boogeyman than a systemic issue.

Anyway, while maternity leave may vary state to state or by different companies, it does, in fact, exist. There’s a FEDERAL LAW stating it must exist. The federal law is about unpaid leave, but many states and companies have expanded on it to provide paid time. Just because that isn’t written in federal stone doesn’t mean that it SHOULD be or that it doesn’t exist.

I tried to tell them this and then they claimed I was denying that women are raped or that rape EXISTS, so clearly internal sexism or something and how lucky I am I haven’t been raped because there is SO MUCH RAPE because BOYS WILL BE BOYS. Meanwhile, I thought we were still talking about the wage gap.

Rape doesn’t happen because men are “too stupid to understand consent” – which is a very sexist argument, by the way. Rape happens because there’s violence and bad people in the world. Those things aren’t suddenly going to disappear because you make a law or decree or tell men not to rape when they already know not to rape. And you know what? Psychologically, rape isn’t even about sex. It’s about control. So if you’re that afraid of rape, get out there and get your gun license, or some pepper spray, or take some self defense classes, so you can make sure YOU are always in control. Feminists are always saying we should be in control of our own bodies, but seem to think that control stops at personal responsibility. If you want to be in control, then take responsibility for your own well being, and healthcare, and feminine products, and safety, instead of asking mommy and daddy government to do it for you.

And If we’re talking equality, how come there are more men in prison than women, and historically only men were out on the front lines of war, only men are required to sign up for the draft, men suffering from domestic violence have almost no support and resources, and many typically masculine traits are now considered toxic and barbaric? How is THAT equality?

I respect people that want to protest, but the news is calling this one of the biggest demonstrations in history. Where were these people when Obama was drone bombing children for a Nobel Peace prize? When he signed the NDAA and continued the Patriot Act? Whether or not my birth control is subsidized is irrelevant when government grows with every passing year and more and more of our basic civil liberties are taken away. I mean nowadays, if you want to protest, you have to do it in a designated free speech area. THAT is what is more embarrassing than having to throw away a pair of period panties.

I went to a liberal college and took Women’s Studies classes. (yeah, I did that). And you know what a lot of the feminist literature says? It says to not assume that you are speaking for all women, or all women of color, or all women who are in poverty, or any group of women, because they need to have their own voice. Well, Women of the March on Washington, stop trying to speak for ME.

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