Jan 20 2017

Liberty Update: Trauma Triggered Angry Feminist Inauguration Edition


Today’s the big day – Trump’s inauguration. Tensions are high around much of the nation. On Tuesday, a man set himself on fire outside of a Trump hotel in Washington DC in protest of “the fact that we elected somebody who is completely incapable of respecting the Constitution of the United States.” The 45-year-old man used a lighter and accelerant and was brought to a hospital with third degree burns. He sure showed that Donald Trump!

There are a number of protests planned for the event, and according to the Washington Times, there are job ads running in 20 cities in search of agitators. The Demand Protest organization posted ads offering $2500 to “operatives” in the fight against Trump. A man claiming to have planted the ads is now calling it a hoax, sort of. The man claims that the ads were real, but that the organization itself was a scam.

CNN is reporting that “dozen of democratic lawmakers” are also planning to boycott the inauguration because something something Russia. The list of lawmakers consists of almost four dozen House members and no Senators, except for Chuck Schumer who I guess left his Facebook event response as a “maybe.” Among those boycotting is Representative John Lewis, who was one of the leaders in the 1963 March on Washington as part of the civil rights movement. He called Trump illegitimate, Trump called him “all talk,” and everyone got pissed off and decided they didn’t want to play anymore. Most of the men and women of Washington who have declined to attend have stated it was due to being offended by Trump’s statements against Lewis, as well as a checklist of potential policies that have not yet come to fruition.

The Huffington Post, too, has called Trump illegitimate, but they base their arguments on accusations of Russian hacking and that Trump has been “plagued by scandal,” and Hillary Clinton…hasn’t? Bengazi, Clinton Foundation, Vincent Foster, private email server, Sidney Blumenthal, Juanita Broaddrick, Whitewater, Troopergate, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Travelgate, “friends of Bill”, media manipulation, IRS targeting, Filegate, Chinagate, Bosnia sniper fire, Pardongate, Iranian Fundraising, Peter Franklin Paul….scandals? What scandals? But hey…what difference does it make, ammirite?

Nevertheless, it may be worth noting that the CIA, whom supposedly have the bulk of the information proving Russian hacking but refuse to release it, just released instead 13 million pages of declassified documents detailing all their research of using psychics for law enforcement and spying endeavors. The CIA seriously investigated harnessing psychic abilities for government use 1,864 times. The CIA is also known to release false information for political gains. These are the people we are trusting to provide proof that Russia threw the election.

NY’s mayor Bill de Blasio held his own rally outside the Trump Hotel on Thursday, along with Alec Baldwin, Mark Ruffalo, and Michael Moore, of course. Matthew McConaughey, Emma Stone, Amy Adams, and Natalie Portman, among others, also released a new hit single, “I Will Survive Trump” – which was actually only a bad rendition of Gloria Gaynor’ss “I Will Survive.” Also, apparently Rosie O’Donnell tweeted calling for martial law to delay the inauguration.

A Miami man has also been arrested by the Secret Service after threatening to kill Trump on Twitter and making a whacked out video saying he would kill Trump at the inauguration. He apparently also goes by the name “Lord Jesus Christ” and tweeted his threat directly to the Secret Service. In the video, he stated that he was “just following orders.” Where have we heard that one before?

According to the team over at Project Veritas, a group called DisruptJ20 is planning to use what they called “clusterfuck blockades” to shut down DC Metro trains and chain the train rails to prevent the trains from running, which legally constitutes an act of terrorism. Conversations caught on video also reveal the group planned to give money to the poor and homeless in exchange for help in carrying out their plan. Also in the video is the co-founder of Smash Racism DC asking when they can “get to the throat punching.” Project Veritas has turned over their findings to the FBI. DisruptJ20 claims they were just “playing along” and engaging in a “counter sting.”

DCMJ, meanwhile, is planning to protest the inauguration by handing out over 8,000 joints and instructing everyone to light up 4 minutes and 20 seconds into Trump’s speech.

The police in charge of overseeing the protests will have their body cameras turned off during the inauguration due to privacy concerns – however, there is also concern of possible misconduct, and so the ACLU launched the Mobile Justice App to keep tabs on police behavior. DC’s Office of Police Complaints will also have mobile teams overseeing the parade routes.

The feminist Women’s March on Washington scheduled for Saturday has hit a bump in the road after deciding that pro-life women and sex workers need not apply. The march’s goal, according to their website, is “bringing together people of all gender, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations and backgrounds…to affirm our shared humanity”… unless you’re a hooker who doesn’t believe in abortions. Ironically, the organization did originally have a partnership with an anti-abortion group calling itself the New Wave Feminists, but pulled out of the partnership after receiving a host of complaints that inclusive feminism doesn’t have room to include feminist pro-lifers. Similar complaints led also adding solidarity to sex workers as part of the organization’s unity principles, but only when the sex workers in question are being exploited or abused FOR sex, rather than those who are exploited or abused by the state for HAVING sex. Sorry ladies!

Speaking of exploitation and abuse, New Hampshire state Rep William Marsh has introduced House Bill 106, which would require outside witnesses to confirm allegations of rape or sexual abuse. Marsh reports he drafted the bill after a Concord psychologist was convicted for sexually assaulting a client. Marsh’s daughter thinks the guy is innocent, and Marsh says he “trusts my daughter’s judgements of people.” Seriously? Because you feel your daughter is especially intuitive, your answer is to write a bill that would make a victim’s testimony null and void if there were no other witnesses? The bill would effectively create a higher standard of proof for rape and sexual assault than any other crime, including murder. Rep Jess Edwards, the bill’s cosponsor, is backing the bill because he feels adults don’t often volunteer for children’s organization because of “how easy it is to be put in jail.”

Big developments for whistleblowers this week: just days after Julian Assange agreed to extradition if Chelsea Manning is given clemency, Obama announced he is commuting most of Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Manning was convicted for releasing hundreds of thousands military documents related to the Iraq War to Wikileaks and was given a 35 year sentence. She is now scheduled to be released on May 17th of this year. As to whether Assange will keep his promise, sources vary. Some sources say he has agreed to begin the process in May, others say he and his lawyers announced that the clemency did not meet his requirements of an immediate pardon.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s asylum in Russia has been extended until 2020, which gives him the legal right to apply for Russian citizenship next year. The extension and possibility of citizenship has been confirmed by his attorney.

Activism groups Stay Woke and Campaign Zero, which are affiliated with Black Lives Matter, released a handbook detailing methods to resist the “Trump Agenda” this week. The manual is supposed to act as a guidebook with suggestions on ways to resist the new administration. Just a day after going live, it held over 400 pieces of content that included tools for activists, policy positions and arguments, organizing strategies, and links to data tools. Issues such as LGBTQ Equality, Housing and Infrastructure, Women’s Rights, and ObamaCare, all have subsections called “vulnerabilities in their strategy” and “how you can resist.”

All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA, has also announced it will no longer mention Donald Trump, or any national leaders, by name when in prayer. The rector states his reason for the decision is that Trump’s name is “literally a trauma trigger to some people, particularly women… it could be as if we demanded a battered woman to pray for her abuse by name.” All I can think of is Dumbledore telling Harry Potter, “Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.” Dumbledore was a wise dude with an inexplicable understanding of basis psychological phenomena. People should probably listen.

A CNN piece entitled “Disaster could put Obama Cabinet Member in Oval Office” went around this week, with critics claiming it may inspire violence as it suggests that if a catastrophic event struck the inauguration and put the president, and then vice president, and then the speaker, etc etc, out of commission, an Obama cabinet secretary would be put in charge as the designated presidential successor or designated survivor. This individual does not attend the inauguration as a “just in case” measure against tragedy and is accompanied by a doctor, military officer with nuclear access, and the secret service. The article goes on to say, “The uncertainly creates the potential for chaos, high theater, or a hit TV drama.” However, CNN cautioned that there were no active threats at that time.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s “Today” show featured a report indicating the Secret Service has concerns that flying IEDs may put the inauguration crowd at risk. An official from DroneShield, a drone countermeasure firm, flat out stated he would not feel safe attending the event. However, past threats of violent attacks and protests have yet to come to fruition.

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