Oct 08 2016

Liberty Update: The Happening, A Boston Lockdown, & Hillary’s Got Jokes

Transcript as follows:

Massachusetts is in the news again this week with two big stories, after a Boston lockdown and news of a pot raid on an 81 year old grandmother.

State police were conducting a firearms trafficking investigation in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston on Tuesday. Details are still sparse, but a shootout broke out around 4:30pm between police and two suspects. No one was actually shot, but the event inspired a several hour manhunt that suspended public transportation and had officers conducting warrantless searches in residents’ homes.

Residents were ordered to shelter in place as SWAT teams, city and transit police, K9 units, and helicopters flooded the area. Three local elementary schools were also held on lockdown. The scene was reminiscent to the Boston Marathon Bombing manhunt in April 2013, when police shut down 20 blocks of Watertown, a city in the Greater Boston area, for over 12 hours. The surrounding cities of Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Somerville, Waltham, and Belmont, were all also told to shelter in place. Just a few months before that, the entire state was put on lockdown for a blizzard, which has become common occurrence since then.

Both suspects in the Roslindale incident are being charged with Assault With Intent to Murder a Police Officer.

The Massachusetts National Guard and state police also conducted a series of pot raids on September 21 without the knowledge of local authorities. One of the lucky recipients of these raids was 81 year old Margaret Holcomb of Amherst. Her children were enjoying lunch in her home when a military helicopter began circling the property. Minutes later, a swarm of police and National Guard vehicles descended on the home, demanding that the single, solitary weed plant hidden in a raspberry patch be handed over to police. Margaret wasn’t home at the time, and her son was told that if he did not ask for a warrant, police wouldn’t file criminal charges.

Medical marijuana is legal in MA, provided the user has a state-sanctioned medical card. Margaret, who has arthritis and glaucoma, does not have a medical card and is worried about the expenses of getting one.

is expected that MA will legalize recreational marijuana in November, as it is one of the questions on the ballot. However, Governor Charlie Baker, Attorney General Maura Healey, and several other freedom-encroaching bigwigs oppose the measure, arguing that pot is a gateway drug and that edibles can cause accidental overdoses in children and pets. They anticipate so many overdoses, in fact, that taxpayers won’t be able to cover the burden of all the new hospitalizations and emergency room visits. They also argue that, though the measure proposes heavy regulation, the pot market will be so unregulated that preschools and playgrounds will be surrounded by pot shops and everyone will be too high to be civilized or function in society ever again. Their arguments are similar to the “blood in the streets” claim from the Jimmy Warren case a few weeks ago. I am happy to inform you all that I have yet to encounter any blood during my morning or evening commutes.

Never thought I’d find myself talking about Kim Kardashian in any of my videos, but here we are. The anti-gun celebrity with Moms Demand Action ties was held at gun point in her Paris apartment this week. While France has high per capita gun ownership, gun owners face regulations that rival even CA and NY with required written exams, psychological testing, universal background checks, and a limitation on certain guns to allow only one and three round capacities. Five armed men decked out in ski-masks and police clothing reportedly broke into the luxury apartment around 3am on Monday and stole about $10 million of jewelery. Sources state that the robbers held a gun to her head as they tied her up and left her in the bathroom.

She returned to New York on a private jet and surrounded by armed guards. Kim has been very vocal on social media about the importance of gun control, particularly universal background checks, even though those already exist. Her former security guard told the media that it’s Kim’s own fault she was attacked, and that she should be accompanied by an armed guard at all times, especially after she had also been attacked only a week prior. The guards surrounding her when she returned to NY were armed to the teeth, but guns are still bad and super scary.

On the topic of guns, 2016 is on track to see record breaking gun sales. The FBI has run nearly 20 million background checks for gun purchases so far this year, which is 27% ahead of this time last year. Last year held the previous record at just over 23 million. If the pace at which Americans are buying guns continues, 2016 will see approximately 29.5 million NICS checks this year. Based on previous reports from the ATF, a little over half of those are new firearms. The other half covers background checks for new concealed carry permits (also at record highs), as well as the purchase or trade of used guns. Final numbers won’t be available from the ATF until January of 2018, but folks over at Gun Watch estimate roughly 18 million guns added to gun owners’ private stocks, which would mean 100 million new guns during Obama’s presidency – an increase of about 30%.

The Crime Prevention Center reported back in July that 2015 saw the total number of concealed carry permit holders reach 14.5 million, not including those who carry in Constitutional carry states. The CPC’s numbers demonstrated a 215% increase from 2007. In fact, concealed carry permits have been breaking records for several years in a row, with women getting them twice as often as men.

A new climate change agreement is set to go into effect on Nov 4. The Paris Agreement was originally adopted last December and aims to curb carbon emissions. NBC correspondent Ron Allen hailed the agreement as part of Obama’s legacy, after Obama gave a speech on the matter to reporters on Wednesday. Allen claimed that the deal is especially important due to the threat of Hurricane Matthew this week, which he stated is “practical example” of what this agreement is supposed to stop. He stressed this several times during his coverage, suggesting that the agreement will put an end to hurricanes and tropical storms.

Scientists have been unable to link global warming to hurricane intensity, and Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, was the only hurricane to make it into the top 30 list of deaths and intensity since 1999 – with the except of Sandy, which was no longer a hurricane when it came ashore. The top 5 COSTLIEST hurricanes all occurred 1992 and later – however, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations adjusts those costs for population, wealth, and inflation changes, even the costliest hurricanes recorded were in 1926 and 1900. As of noon today, October 7, CNN lists the storm as a category 3. If it returns to a 4, it’ll be the first hurricane above a category 3 to hit the US at all since Wilma in 2005. The US has only seen three category 5 hurricanes since 1900.

None the less, Allen assured NBC viewers that the agreement would be an end to all severe storms – but only if voters elect Hillary Clinton. Clinton, too, suggested hurricanes are the product of global warming in early September. Like Allen, she told supporters in Tampa that Trump doesn’t care about climate change and doesn’t care about hurricanes – so they better vote for her if they don’t want to lose their homes and businesses.
It’s finally happened – the Clinton Super PAC has released an attack ad on Gary Johnson. The ad is aimed at Bernie supporters and flat out tells them, “If you support Bernie Sanders, you don’t support Gary Johnson.” Literally. Those are the literal first words to appear on the ad. The ad highlights many typical libertarian views, such as opposition to gun control and Obamacare, support of free and private markets, and the abolition of the IRS and income tax. Each Johnson clip is followed by a clip of Bernie shaking his head or making some grumble of disgust. The ad ends with a checklist of all the things Bernie supports but Gary doesn’t – and then a Hillary checklist appears, perfectly and conveniently matching up with Bernie’s.

Bill Weld has also had to affirm for the second time in three weeks that he is sticking around as the Libertarian VP nominee after the Boston Globe, Daily Caller, NY Magazine, and NY Daily News all claimed he was backing out of the race, was now instead focusing on preventing a Trump win, and was attempting to switch roles with Johnson to become the LP presidential nominee himself. Weld squashed these rumors and is suggesting that the Clinton campaign is behind them.

Meanwhile, in a creepy twist, Trump asked terminally ill Americans to “hang out” until November 8th in order to vote. He told the audience that even if you’re only told you have two weeks to live, you should try and make it until next month and vote for him. If you do, America will sing your praises and love you forever, and you’ll never be forgotten. No monuments, though.

Even higher on the creepy scale, it was revealed early this week that during a state department meeting in November 2010, Clinton suggested droning Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. According to State Dept sources, in an effort to silence a massive Wikileaks document dump, Clinton asked, “Can’t we just drone this guy?” Sources say that the question “brought laughter from the room” until Clinton continued the line of inquiry and suggested Assange would be a “soft target.” After the meeting, aids sent Clinton an email with the subject line, “a memo on possible legal and nonlegal strategies RE Wikileaks.” The email contained an attachment that has yet to be found and may or may not be in the missing boxes of Hillary’s emails that the investigation conveniently lost along the way.

The FBI also noted during their investigation of the email scandal that Clinton had had many discussions about nominating individuals to be droned. Assange was scheduled to make an announcement from the the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy earlier this week, which was quickly canceled due to security concerns. The announcement was supposed to involve Clinton and was rumored to contain information detrimental to her campaign. The leak will now be made via video on Tuesday.

When asked about whether or not she made the droning comment, this is what she had to say about it:

……Riiiiiight. So….you didn’t say it, but maybe you did, but if you did, it was a joke, and it’s like….totally the sort of thing political leaders should be joking about. Got it. Add to that the fact that Clinton’s campaign manager isn’t denying her remarks…

Oh, so it’s Donald Trump’s fault. Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up, guys.

Now, for today’s final story – increased tensions between the US and Russia over Syria has several Russian newspapers predicting a third world war. But it goes beyond a few newspapers and tabloids. A nationwide television service run by the country’s Ministry of Defense warned residents that “Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.” Officials also spoke of underground shelters that could hold approximately 12 million people. The country has been holding annual emergency evacuation drills every year since 2012, and this year’s annual drill occurred this week, from October 4 – 7th. However Russian and British news sources are reporting that this year’s drill involves 40 million civilians. A statement made by the country’s Ministery for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disaster said that the drill is to prepare Russian citizens for large natural and man-made disasters and will “rehearse radiation, chemical and biological protection.”

The US suspended negotiations with Russia this week after Russia reportedly bombed a UN envoy in Syria, where Putin’s forces are backing Assad and the US is focused on ISIS. Russia is accusing the US of the attack as a hoax or false flag operation. Russia has also accused the US of aiding and even controlling terrorist groups, as well as making attempts to prove itself the more dominant world superpower. Russia also warned that any unidentified aircraft would be taken out by a missile defense system first, and identified later.

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