Sep 17 2016

Liberty Update: Pepe the Frog, Burrito Drones, & Another Clinton Conspiracy

Transcript is as follows:

Pepe the frog appeared on a Donald Trump meme that his son posted to social media. Hillary Clinton and company jumped on this and posted an “explainer” on Hillary’s campaign website, condemning the meme as nationalist, white supremacist propaganda.

The DailyBeast claims to have spoken to these white supremacists directly and has uncovered their schemes to take back the meme, a plan which supposedly originated with a bunch of teenagers on 4chan which is of course the cornerstone of truth and seriousness on the internet. Phase two of the conspiracy is turning Taylor Swift into an Aryan Goddess sex symbol, which I mean if that’s your thing, it’s good to have goals. Congrats America, you got trolled.

In other ridiculous news, Clinton collapsed at a 9/11 memorial this week, which campaigners first explained away as a reaction to allergies, then “overheating and dehydration” on a mild NY day, and then finally as pneumonia. Clinton was taken to her daughter’s apartment, and about two hours later comes out smiling and saying she feels great. Theories as to what actually happened range from seizures, cancer, Parkinson’s, poisoning, and my personal favorite, reptilian skin rejection, all of which are being covered up by body double Teresa Barnwell. A news anchor who accidentally reported that Clinton had died that night did not help to quell the tin toil.

Trump has responded to all of this by demanding more health transparency, while Gary Johnson called himself at the “top 1% of the 1%” of good health, with supporters putting out articles claiming he is the healthiest presidential candidate ever.

Also on the campaign trail this week, it was revealed that the Clinton campaign has been overcharging their small donors, so much so that the Well Fargo fraud department is getting over 100 calls a day from people demanding refunds. In each case, the campaign charged each donor random amounts on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis, but always made sure the charges never added up to $100, as that’s the cutoff for when banks are required to investigate the fraud. Many donors claim trying to resolve this with the campaign first, but were shut down and didn’t get their money back. One victim even forwarded the case all the way to the Federal Election Commission, who says they have no record of the case. Just last week, Bill Clinton likened himself to Robin Hood, saying he and the Clinton Foundation encourage people with money to give the Clintons money, so they can give it to people and save lives around the world. Unfortunately, most of the people being overcharged by the Clinton campaign also have the lowest incomes.

But, if you’re looking for anything negative about the Clintons, don’t try Googling it. A new study by Robert Epstein, a psychologist from the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, revealed that Google has been tinkering with their autocorrect feature and search engine rankings to vastly favor Clinton. His research found no such biases with Bing or Yahoo.

On the Libertarian front, Gary Johnson hit his highest poll numbers earlier this week at 13%. But, in order to be included in the presidential debates, the Debate Commission requires a 15% average in five polls of their choice. So far his average in those polls is only at 8%. Supporters are planning to combat this by trying to organize a 1000 person protest in DC on September 21.

He’s currently being endorsed by three newspapers and was recently called “a voice for free markets” by the Detroit News, which is the second largest paper in Michigan. Johnson is polling over Trump with millennials, veterans, and active duty military.

Some interesting statistics out as well this week – the Congressional Budget Office estimates that during the first 11 months of the 2016 fiscal year, the government took in $26 billion more than last year, hitting a record high. Brown University also released a report this week that the war on terror has cost the US $5 trillion to date, with most of that money going directly to Homeland Security for terrorism prevention and to the Department of Defense. The study estimates that future healthcare costs for wounded veterans will be approx $1 trillion. The annual Economic Freedom of the World report is also out. Global Economic freedom improved slightly this year, the US is still ranked at number 16 for the second year in a row. Top Scores went to Hong Kong and Singapore, with New Zealand and Switzerland not far behind.

The Daily Beast also put out a report that over half of the deaths caused by police officers are not reported, despite federal regulations now requiring all law-enforcement related homicides to be reported via the Justice Department’s Arrest Related Death Program. Some states have never reported to the program at all. According to an internal report, state law enforcement agencies reported an average of 453 deaths a year over a six year period. But when Justice Department researchers used Google, they found 928.

One particular police-related death has made the news recently, when the officer who DIDN’T fire at an individual was fired on grounds of putting other officers in danger. Stephen Mader of West Virginia was recently terminated from his police department after being called to the scene of a domestic involving 23-year-old Ronald Williams. His girlfriend called police, reported they had gotten in a fight and that he was planning to commit suicide by cop. Mader came to the scene and found Williams with a gun. Williams told Mader to shoot him, but as the officer began to deescalate the situation, two other officers appeared on scene, one of them shooting Williams in the back of the head.

Officials in St Anthony, Minnesota, are also looking at arrest related deaths after the shooting of Philando Castile earlier this year. Officials have been engaged in talks with residents and activists calling for a racial bias task force to investigate racial bias in the city’s police department. Both the mayor and city council expressed interest in the task force, but the issue has not yet been put to a vote.

And, for some good news:

Canada has legalized medical-grade heroin in order to combat addiction. Heroin overdoses are more caused by inconsistencies in potency, composition, and dosing in the drug rather than the drug itself. The new law would allow doctors to prescribe small maintenance doses to addicts who have not responded to other treatments. Doses would be administered at clinics or doctor’s offices, which would also eliminate the problem of dirty needles. It also eliminates the nasty side effects of methadone and suboxone, which are often far worse and have longer, more painful withdrawal periods that can last for weeks. Earlier this year, the Canadian government also announced plans to legalize weed. Though they’ve appointed a task force to figure out how to regulate and tax it, it’s still a step in the right direction.

Google and Chipotle have teamed up to test out an FAA-approved drone burrito delivery system Virginia Tech later this month, so who knows, maybe eventually the US will also see pot legalized and drone food delivery will be a booming new industry.

Finally, probably one of my favorite things to talk about – a win for gun rights. Missouri has become the 12th state to recognize constitutional carry. Senate Bill 656 was vetoed by Governor Nixon, but the Missouri General Assembly overturned his veto, exceeding the two-third majority needed to pass the bill. The bill will allow residents to conceal carry without a permit starting in January 2017, creates Stand Your Ground laws, and expands current Castle Doctrine protections for anyone legally allowed into a gun owner’s home, property, car, or business. Mississippi, West Virginia, and Idaho all passed constitutional carry legislation earlier this year. Gun control groups are, of course, warning Missouri of all the blood that will be running through their streets. They warn that violent criminals will now be legally allowed to carry guns, even though violent criminals are federally prohibited from owning guns, and already own guns anyway because they’re violent criminals. But hey, logic, how does that work, ammirite?

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