Jun 22 2016

TONIGHT: First Televised Libertarian Town Hall on CNN

Libertarian Town Hall

This is an exciting year of firsts for the Libertarian Party – first a nationally televised debate on Fox Business and now a Libertarian town hall hosted by CNN. This is the first time any third party has been given this exposure.

Gary Johnson and running mate Bill Weld will be sitting down with Chris Cuomo, who has also moderated town hall events with both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton this election. It seems the event will be taken pretty seriously, as CNN has stated that the questions posed at the Libertarian town hall will be similar to those posed to both Democratic and Republican candidates during the primaries. The network has even noted Johnson’s 12% at the polls – a mere 3% away from what the Commission on Presidential Debates requires in order to be invited to the national debates. Johnson, along with Green Party members, has been in a legal battle with the Commission in order to amend these requirements since September 2015.

The Party and both former governors have been enjoying a spike in coverage in the past few months, including debates on Russia TV and Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV. Over Memorial Day weekend – during which the National Convention was held in Orlando – the Libertarian Party and Johnson-Weld ticket made headlines on several major media outlets, including CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Post. Johnson became a trending search on Google, and was trending on Facebook and Twitter after winning the nomination. In fact, the Washington Post put out an article chronicling some of the major headlines.

Johnson is often reduced to his pro-pot stance in mainstream media. He has been the butt of jokes and speculation, but recently told reporters that he has abstained from marijuana, and plans to do so, for the remainder of his campaign. Many supporters are hoping that tonight’s Libertarian Town Hall will give Johnson the exposure needed to discuss issues such as taxes, education, and military policy.

A live stream of the event can be accessed here and and here, and I will be live on Liberty Late Night (found at www.facebook.com/libertylatenight) at our usual Sunday, 11pm EST slot to discuss the event.

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