Aug 02 2015

Woman Shoots Alleged Serial Killer in Attack

alleged serial killer Neal Falls and his kill kit

An alleged serial killer is dead after being gunned down by an intended victim in mid-July in Charleston, West Virginia. 45-year-old Neal Falls responded to an online sex-ad on backpage.com and, upon entering the woman’s apartment, pointed a gun at her chest and asked her if she wanted to live or die. The woman – going only by the name of “Heather” – reportedly began fighting back, causing Falls to drop his weapon to subdue and strangle her. Heather then grabbed it and killed him with a single shot to the head. When police arrived on the scene, they discovered a note in his pocket listing the names, ages, and phone numbers of several other women. In his car, police found what they are calling a serial killer “kill kit” – including four sets of handcuffs, shovels, an ax, machete, knives, bleach, a bulletproof vest, and several trash bags. Authorities are now investigating links between Falls and dead or missing women in nine other states.

serial killer Neal Falls' kill kit

The “kill kit” found in Falls’ car

In 2005, Falls lived in Las Vegas; that year four women working as escorts disappeared, their remains later found dismembered in Illinois. Police in Niagara Falls are investigating a possible connection between Falls and two women involved in prostitution who were also found dismembered, having disappeared while Falls was in the area. Police are also investigating a possible connection to six missing women in Chillicoth, Ohio. He also happened to be in Illinois, Kentucky, Texas, Oregon, and California around the same time that several escorts disappeared or were found dismembered, though the FBI and task forces have not yet released any information about those investigations.

While Falls had no criminal record, he had been stopped in 15 different states for traffic stops, and police say his odd behavior had caused them to run background checks each time. He can be seen in this body cam video from Dallas, Texas, where he was stopped only 11 days before being killed. A cell phone number connected to Falls also brings up a female Facebook profile by the name of “BJ Ross;” an identity also listed on several anti-prostitution websites as a frequent solicitor. The Facebook profile gives little insight into Falls beyond several photos of scantily-clad cartoon women, a murderous Barbie, and a public post against “sluts.”

possible serial killer victims Neal Falls

The four dead or missing Nevada women, identified as Jodi Marie Brewer, Lindsay Marie Harris, Misty Marie Saens, and Jessica Edith Foster.

Despite having no major criminal record, Falls allegedly told Heather that he knew he would go to prison for a long time.

A past roommate going by the name of “Jane” claims that Falls had a collection of guns – though only the 9mm LC9 used in the July 18th incident has been recovered – and that he kept his room locked his a deadbolt at all times. A former landlord from Eugene, Oregon has also emerged, stating she evicted him due to his strange behavior.

Falls spent the last seven months of his life traveling around the country. He did not use a smartphone and left behind little technology, which police say is making his case difficult to investigate. Police also say Falls’s car contained a pillow and sleeping bag, leaving them to believe he had been sleeping out of it. Their biggest lead involves dog hair also found in his car. Falls was known to travel with a dog, which his former landlord states he often kept isolated in his car. However, the dog is no where to be found. Police believe the dog is most likely dead and may currently be in an abandoned building or hotel room with more of Falls’s possessions. They believe if they can find the dog, they will also find more evidence of his past crimes.

Police say all of the women listed on the note, as well as the women whose deaths are being investigated, are of similar appearance, age, and were all known to be involved in prostitution.


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