May 24 2015

VIDEO: Why I Carry a Gun (It Can Happen to You)

People always tell stories of defensive gun use, but it’s never you or someone you know. Many people think that they will never need a gun or will never have to protect themselves. I recently found myself in a dangerous situation and have no one to protect me but myself. That’s why I carry a gun.

I live in a small, seemingly safe college town. There is little to no crime; what “crime” there is is usually in the form of drunken college kids running round naked, setting mattresses on fire, or starting fights at the bar downtown. However, I have learned that even areas that appear safe can be dangerous in their own ways.

I recently got a dog and, as dog owners know, caring for another living creature creates a new batch of responsibilities. The dog is a high energy, working breed and and requires lots of exercise. I walk him two or three times a day before and after work. This could be in the morning, afternoon, or night.

At first the neighborhood was quiet during our walks, as to be expected. Then I started getting feelings of being watched and followed. I chalked it up to anxiety or paranoia, not feeling totally comfortable being out so late at night. But then I began to notice the man in van – I really was being followed and watched.

Since his first appearance, he not only follows me at night, but also during the day – sometimes at my own house. I have filed a police report on the man in the Ford E-series cargo van*, and learned he has been reported on nearby streets following other women as well. However none of the women – including myself – have been able to get a plate number, as he is careful (or maybe just lucky) and is only ever seen from the side. The one time I began to approach him, he drove away so quickly that I was unable to see his plates before he turned the corner. Without a plate, no one can do anything but wait as his behavior escalates, putting us potential victims in more and more danger.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts laws ensure that open carrying is not an option.

My point is – do not be fooled into thinking that you are safe or will never need to use or carry a gun. Predators exist and you never know where or when they will strike. It can happen to you.

* van shown in the image is not a photo of the van itself, but a van of the same model (though the year may be different). I have been unable to get a photo of the van and tips about local vans matching the description have turned out fruitless, as they were not the same van and driver.


  1. Don Lavery

    I commend you on your clear thinking and your video. A journalist friend of mine was stalked in a similiar way here in Ireland where the guy also spoke obscenely to her on the street. The police could do nothing until he acted.
    At least a woman in that situation in the States has the option of owning a gun for self-defence.
    In Ireland we are not allowed to own handguns. My own daughter, in her twenties, also encountered violent individuals on a couple of occasions. Yet she cannot carry even pepper spray as it is illegal.
    Best wishes, Don.

  2. Steve

    Next time he fallows you stop by a gun range

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