Jan 29 2015

Students Forced to Drop Pants for Feces-Related Search

Students Forced to Drop Pants for Feces-Related Search, strip search

In the pervasive zero-tolerance climate in today’s schools, things just got weirder. A group of elementary students at a Gustine, Texas public school were recently forced to lower their pants for a school “poop inspection.” The children were, in fact, forced to engage in a strip search over feces.

About two dozen children were rounded up at the school on Monday, with boys being separated into one room and girls in another. Once separated, the children were told to pull down their pants. According to educators, feces had been found on the gym floor and the strip search was supposed to help them find evidence. Somehow, the teachers felt that inspecting their students’ rear ends and underwear was going to help them find the gym-floor-poop culprit.

11-year-old Eliza Medina says she felt uncomfortable and violated, but that teachers told her she had to submit to the inspection because all the other students were doing it. Naturally, many parents are enraged. No matter how frustrating a situation at school may be, forcing students to conduct a strip search is never the answer.

The Gustine School District Superintendent Ken Baugh has stated that an investigation is underway. He has acknowledged that the action was inappropriate and “went too far,” but also told reporters that children were asked to lower their pants “only a little.”

Medina insists that it was more than “a little,” and that she was forced to expose her entire butt. The story draws eerie parallels between stories in which people have been illegally strip searched – and even probed – despite there being no evidence that they had committed a crime. Such stories are becoming more and more common; in a world in which children are granted few, if any, rights in regards to person, privacy, and property, they are more vulnerable to extreme zero-tolerance actions and policies more than ever.

Parents plan to attend a school board meeting Thursday night and address the issue with educators. As Eliza’s mother told reporters, “Wrong is wrong.”

The investigation is scheduled to be wrapped up today, though no word has yet come out as to the findings and what disciplinary action will be taken – if any. The school did not reveal whether or not they were able to determine from their inspection which child had left feces on the floor.

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  1. Miranda

    This si nor ok, especially if it is about poop. I am losing faith in the school system.

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