Dec 17 2014

Glenn Beck’s Person of the Year: Votes Say Larken Rose, Beck Says “No Votes”

Glenn Beck’s Person of the Year: Votes Say Larken Rose, Beck Says “No Votes”

In case you love liberty and haven’t been on the Internet in the last 24 hours, there are big things happening over at Glenn Beck’s Facebook page. Here’s the low-down: Glenn Beck posted a poll yesterday, asking his readers for suggestions and votes on his “Person of the Year.” The thread – which can be found here shows overwhelming support for voluntaryist author and speaker Larken Rose. As of this exact moment – 2:48pm EST – nearly all of the 4,075 comments are votes for Rose and have even spawned the hashtag, #whoisLarkenRose?

Rose has a website, a YouTube Channel, several books, and his works are what led me, personally, to voluntaryism. Regardless of your own take on Rose and voluntaryism, the results of Beck’s poll are clear.

In response, Rose posted this to his Facebook page yesterday:

Okay, I’ve made an executive decision, by which I overruled myself. Or else I was bullied into it by YOU people! (Democratic tyrants.) If Glenn Beck invites me to be on his show, I will do it, despite the fact that I retired from such things a few months ago. The opportunity to fling the seeds of voluntaryism into a big-ass fertile field is just too tempting. If you’re wondering why I’m even talking about this, you can witness the ridiculous insanity here, under Glenn Beck’s “Person of the Year” poll on his Facebook page, which was mega-bombed by lots and lots of voluntaryists. (I only knew this was happening halfway through, and it was NOT my idea or my doing.) I’m infinitely flattered and appreciative, although mostly I just find the whole thing, and the way it has unfolded, to be hysterical and ridiculous. It will be really interesting to see what–if anything–Mr. Beck has to say about it tomorrow.

Glenn Beck’s Person of the Year: Votes Say Larken Rose, Beck Says “No Votes”However, Beck didn’t let this message of liberty get too far ahead. He later left a comment stating (seen right), “I can promise you Larken Rose did not win” (even incorrectly spelling Rose’s name as “Larkin”). Despite asking for suggestions, he stated firmly in the comments that there was no actual voting process and that he had already made the decision before even posing the question to his readers. The real “winner” – in Beck’s eyes – will be announced later today.

Earlier, Beck made a case for Michael Brown as his person of the year. However, he it was far from a positive endorsement, merely stating that Brown could win due to his story dominating the news.

Rose and many of his supporters are, of course, not surprised. Liberty-minded authors and thinkers are often overlooked, shunned, or even mocked by the mainstream media (the recent Chris Cantwell appearance on The Colbert Report being a prime example).

Rose posted this commentary just a few hours ago:

Well, it’s official: Glenn Beck didn’t really give a crap what anyone else thought about his “Person of the Year” poll. (See the image below.) He was asking for “suggestions”–and by that, he meant he had already decided on his own, but wanted his listeners to THINK he valued their input, when he obviously didn’t. I also doubt it was an accident that he didn’t spell my name correctly, just like he didn’t mention my name at all when he was having a tantrum about my “When Should You Shoot a Cop?” article many months back. Heaven forbid he helps people learn what it actually said, or what I actually think. I’m betting that on his show today he makes no mention of this at all…

HOWEVER, I want to say how utterly flattered, overwhelmed and stunned I was by that massive, spontaneous “self-herding” of so many anarchist “cats” yesterday. If 30 or 40 people had done that, I would have thought that was really damn cool, but I wouldn’t have been too surprised. But it was many HUNDREDS of people suddenly piling on, a self-accelerating avalanche, to just a ridiculous degree. (I wonder if anyone will do a final “vote tally,” because… holy crap! I can’t even count that high!) So thanks a million, from the bottom of my heart!
Of course, none of those votes were because I’m just a swell guy. This spontaneous order may have manifested in the form of a zillion people typing in the name of one PERSON, but of course the real message is not a person, but an IDEA. It looked like a name, but really it was the principles of self-ownership, non-aggression and voluntaryism that just buried Glenn Beck’s Facebook page in a massive avalanche of “FREEDOM!”–and not the “slavery lite” that some people advocate (I won’t mention any names… like “Glenn Beck”). Whether he mentions it or not, that is a really, really good sign. Yes, the mouthpieces for the cult of statism can ignore us, or demonize us, or attack us, but in the end–just like this “poll”–the end is already a foregone conclusion: the belief in “government” is coming down, and no amount of willful blindness by the “true believers” of statism will prevent that.

Well played, Mr. Rose. Well played. For those of you unfamiliar with Rose and his works, I urge you to Google, watch a few videos and, if possible, pick up a copy of The Iron Web.

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