Sep 29 2014

Moms Demand Action Leader Promotes Nazi “Wisdom”

moms demand action nazi "wisdom"

moms demand action nazi "wisdom" 2
Moms Demand Action is at it again, this time singing the praises of Nazi Joseph Goebbels – the Reich Minister of Propaganda. This particular incident involved the New York Chapter leader, Alison A. Martin, stating that Goebbels’ Nazi views were little nuggets of wisdom. Martin has since deleted her original Twitter account (@allyexaminer) and created a new one, in hopes the whole thing would just blow over. Unfortunately for her, the Internet is forever.

The topic came up when Martin, addressing another user, stated she didn’t know how anyone could be against background checks for firearms (apparently not knowing that background checks occur at every FFL sale) unless, of course, they’re hiding something. Another user responded with a famous Goebbels quote: “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” The user rightfully attributed the quote to Goebbels.

Martin responded, “Mr. Goebbels’ words are wise words to live by.” One might hope she is just ignorant of Goebbels, his role in Nazi Germany, or the entire concept of the Holocaust. However, her support makes sense, considering Hitler and his cronies were avid supports of gun control.

Since the exchange took place, Martin has removed her original Twitter account (@allyexaminer), created a new locked account (@nycgirl646), and deleted her LinkedIn profile. After all, she has nothing to hide (oops). Martin has since used her locked account to come to her own defense. Even after the backlash of dozens of Twitter users pointing out Goebbels’ role in Nazi Germany and the context of the quote, Martin has maintained her position. She recently Tweeted that she only agrees with Goebbels’ words “in general terms” and when applied to gun control. But agreeing “in general terms” is still agreeing…

martin moms demand action nazi "wisdom"

Meanwhile, Moms Demand Action head Shannon Watts has remained silent and has kept Martin on board.

This certainly isn’t the first time social media has gotten MDA activists in trouble. Earlier this month, Oklahoma Moms Demand Action leader Erika Quinn was caught breaking gun laws after posting gun selfies to Twitter while under a protection order for harassing children. The order required her to relinquish all her firearms for a period of at least one year. Shannon Watts has been silent about that incident, too, and Quinn is still listed as the Oklahoma chapter leader.

When Martin isn’t touting her gun control views with Moms Demand Action, she is a freelancer writer for The Examiner, Catholic New York, and Arte Fuse.

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