Sep 16 2014

Man Faces Death Penalty For Shooting Cop During No-Knock Raid

no knock raid SWAT lights

A 50-year-old man who shot at police climbing through his window during a no-knock raid is facing murder charges and the death penalty. The team conducting the raid failed to find any drugs as evidence.

The raid occurred on May 9th of this year at approximately 5:30am. The targets were a middle-aged couple under suspicion of possessing illegal substances. A no-knock warrant was issued just the day before after an investigation inspired by an informant’s tip about cocaine in the area. According to the affidavits, a blue Crown Victoria owned by Marvin Louis Guy was implicated as being used to store and sell cocaine. Just two days before the warrant was issued, the informant accused Guy of harboring a large supply of the drug, and warned law enforcement that Guy was armed. For this reason, it was decided a no-knock raid would be the most appropriate course of action.

Marvin Louis Guy no knock raid

Marvin Louis Guy, facing the death penalty after shooting police during a no knock raid

During the raid, several officers attempted to gain entry via a window. The commotion caused Guy to awaken and fire at the officers. Guy hit four officers including Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie, who was shot in the face. Dinwiddie was pronounced dead two days later after being treated at a local hospital. One of the other officers was shot in the leg, and the final two were protected by body armor.

The no-knock raid resulted in an evidence catalog of a safe, grinder, a 9mm pistol, several spent casings, three cell phones, two walkie-talkies, and a glass pipe. No drugs were found on the premises or in the blue car.

Guy was held on $3 million bond and charged with one count of capital murder, as well a three counts of attempted capital murder. Last week, Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza announced in open court that his office would be seeking the death penalty in the case. Capital murder charges are distinguished from regular murder charges when the victim is an on-duty officer or public servant. According to Texas penal code, for capital murder to be considered, it must also be proven that the officer involved was acting in a lawful manner. The legality of of no-knock raids are, of course, considered lawful, though their constitutionality is questionable at best.

This is also not the first time a no-knock raid has gone wrong. Police often find themselves at the wrong house or at the end of a gun barrel by people who think they are being burgalized. There was also the case of the toddler burned by a flashbang during a no-knock raid back in May. An interactive map of botched raids presented by the CATO Institute show dozens of raids in which police were injured or killed between 1985-2011, and other sites cataloging botched raids often list two or three botched raids per month.


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  1. Kurt Hargarten

    Please get the NRA and every other pro-gun organization on board.

  2. Iron Range Constitution Movement

    I left a great comment but it wasn’t published. Why?

    1. LibertyDoll

      Not sure. I screen all my comments for spam, as I generally get 300-600 comments a day with most of them being spam. I approve everything that isn’t spam, but something probably slips through every now and then. I went back through my spam folder looking specifically for the comment you’re talking about but I didn’t find it. Sorry!

  3. Alielbaryeshua

    I though capital murder charges were when somone committed premeditated murder?

    If he was responding to strangers crawling through his window, how could he premeditate?

    And even if the state of Texas unfairly grants “extra rights” to thugs with badges, how could he have known they were police officers?

    Anyone can buy black BDU’s and body armor. Sounds like a botched raid that the DA is trying to punish the victim in order to save face.

    And let me tell you, that is not the FIRST TIME Bell county attorneys have spent butt loads of money to punish a citizen who was victimized by thug cops.

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