Sep 08 2014

Moms Demand Action Leader Takes Gun Selfies While Under Protective Order

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The most recent headline to hit the presses in Second Amendment news is the seedy background of one Erika Quinn, a loud and proud Moms Demand Action supporter who is a leader of the Oklahoma chapter. She claims to be a champion for stricter gun control legislation, despite being a gun owner herself. She claims to own all her guns legally, too – which, as the icing on the cake, might not actually be the case.

Moms Demand Action leader Erika Quinn

Moms Demand Action leader Erika Quinn

It has recently come to light that in April of 2013, Ms. Quinn was the defendant of an emergency protective order (which can be found here) filed on the behalf of five minor children (three are listed on the webpage linked, as well as an additional two children on the document itself) and their parents. The ages of the children vary between ages 3 and 14. As part of the emergency order, Quinn was required to remain 300 yards away from all parties involved, as well as surrender all of her firearms.

The order was filed April 2, 2013, and the assigned court date was April 23, 2013. At the court date, the judge extended the order for one year. There is no record of a court date to have the order dropped or revoked.

Interestingly, during the time of this protective order – when Quinn was expected to have surrendered all firearms – she posted several selfies with her guns on her Twitter account. At the time of this posting, her account has been disabled. However, some of the pictures were captured and posted elsewhere (like here). Other photos were taken down after gun owners chastised her for posing with her finger on the trigger. Being caught possessing, transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm or ammunition while under the order could result in a $250,000 fine and 10 years imprisonment.

She also has a blog where she admits to being committed to a psychiatric hospital, which is also a no-no for gun owners. As a professional mental health therapist myself, I am not one to balk at mental illness – but being committed and then buying a gun is against current laws, laws that Moms Demand Action claim need to be upheld.

A quick search on this site also reveals bench warrants for failing to appear in court on at least three separate occasions, driving on a suspended license, failure to comply with mandatory car insurance laws, indebtedness, and arrests for “obtaining merchandise by bogus check.” She was also incarcerated for driving without a license. Meanwhile, Moms Demand Action continues to preach the importance of following laws and promoting safety for children.

Many of Quinn’s legal violations may be considered “not a big deal,” but along with her refusal to turn in her firearms and refusal to follow gun laws, she is certainly waving the flag of hypocrisy. All of her offenses can easily be found with a background check, or even a quick online search. Did Shannon Watts not check-in on her leaders before bringing them on board? Or did she simply ignore Quinn’s background? As of the time of this post, Quinn is still a major player in the Oklahoma Moms Demand Action chapter and is still leading events.

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