Sep 07 2014

Self Defense: Gun Owner Shoots Robber, Exposes Armed Robbery Ring

Teen Robber Shot in Self Defense

A group of four Wisconsin teens attempted to rob a group of tavern workers heading home around 5:30am on Labor Day morning. Unfortunately for the would-be robbers, one of their intended victims owns a gun. A 30-year-old West Allis man shot at the suspects, killing one and sending the others running.

Five teens were arrested following the incident, as was the gun owner. He has been released but is ordered to return to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office at a future date. It is not yet clear whether the man will be able to claim self defense and have the incident ruled a defensive gun use. Under Wisconsin law, self defense is legal, but in order to not be prosecuted for the use of deadly force, one must prove they were in fear of imminent death or bodily harm. Force used in self defense must be considered “reasonable” in comparison to the threat.

Police say the suspect who died was a 15-year-old boy, discovered to be a known gang member with a criminal history. He had previously been arrested for armed robbery, auto theft, fleeing, and theft, and had been involved in a non-fatal shooting August 1st. Police were also able to link him to a string of armed robberies that had occurred over the previous several days – as many as a dozen in the three days prior to the incident. The five teens arrested in connection with the crimes were all between the ages of 14 and 18.

According to the Daily Caller, a similar incident took place in the city in July, when a nurse with a concealed carry permit shot a 15-year-old as he and a 17-year-old accomplice attempted to steal her car. During the investigation, police discovered that the pair had been involved in numerous armed robberies with several other teens.

Neighbors have been quick to dismiss the incident, saying it is not typical of the neighborhood. The names of the robbers or of the defensive shooter have not been released. Police say that this was the fourth self defense shooting in the city this year.

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