Sep 05 2014

VA Democrat Prays For NRA Members to Die From Ebola, Venomous Snakes

dickinson pray

Everyone remember Mike Dickinson? He’s the guy that was “running” for Congress and also filled Twitter with ridiculous demands for nude photos of Kendall Jones. Well, he’s at it again and continues to be oh so charming. This time around, his target is the NRA.

Though Dickinson claimed to be running for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, he actually missed the deadline. Now that the secret is out and he has completely sullied any chances (well, most chances) at actually getting elected ever, the self-proclaimed Democrat is looking for more attention. He claims that he is about to begin a weekly radio show on WHAN radio in Ashland, Virginia. There’s no actual mention of him on WHAN’s website, but he promises that his first show will consist of leading listeners in prayer – specifically, a prayer to make all of the nation’s NRA members contract Ebola (and/or get bitten by venomous snakes) and die. He has also made several posts likening gun owners to the KKK and ISIS.

He also claims that gun owners will eventually die off, because “71% of those under 35 don’t view guns as important.” However he gives no information as to where he got this statistic.

Here are a few gems:
dickinson std
dickinson penis size

Interestingly, though he rails against firearms, he apparently also owns and carries one. Despite the fact that he complains gun owners are mass murderers, he is quite clear he owns a gun for the purpose of killing:
dickinson will shoot
dickinson shoot those that fight

He’s also quick to respond to criticism, in some cases threatening to make t-shirts and shooting targets with critics’ faces on them. Oh, and veterans should die too:
dickinson vets
dickinson lesser of two
dickinson trash

The states that the first episode of his radio show will air Tuesday, September 9, at 11am on WHAN. Meanwhile, WHAN has made several statements saying that they do not endorse Dickinson, but have yet to actually confirm or deny the existence of his upcoming show.

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