Sep 04 2014

VIDEO: 3 Cops Restrain High School Student for Cell Phone Use?

A video (above) was released late Tuesday night, in which three police officers appear to be restraining a Houston high school student as she screams. The video was taken on a cell phone by another student standing by. Students who witnessed the altercation have said that the incident occurred after the young woman was caught using her cell phone, which is against school policy. In the video, one of the officers can be seen pressing his knee into her head.

Gustavo Lucio, who took the video, says that police tackled the girl, arrested her, and then took her phone. He told local news, “The cop just said you can’t use your phone and after that, no words no nothing, just actions, grabbed her, threw her down.”

The young woman in the video, 10th-grader Ixel Perez, says her reading teacher caught her using her phone and asked her to go into the hallway. Once in the hall, she was met by the assistant principal, who demanded she hand over her phone. Students at Sam Houston High School are required to turn in their cell phones if they are caught with them during class, and can retrieve them at the end of the day for a fee.

Perez states she checked her phone in class after receiving a panicked call from her father. Her mother is disabled and on dialysis treatment and had gone missing. Ixel’s father became worried and called her at school. Perez states she did not want to give up her phone due to fear for her mother, and attempted to express this to school officials.

Perez says she was able to reach her mother just as three police officers arrived on the scene. “I walked downstairs and there were two cops coming up in front of me and a cop from behind me,” Perez says. “The cop behind me pulled my jacket back.” She states she tried to explain the situation to the police, but they ignored her and pinned her to the floor. Her mother was still on the phone, and reports only hearing screaming before the line went dead.

Perez’s mother reports driving to the school, where officials refused to tell her what had happened or let her see her daughter.

The teen has been suspended until Friday. Her mother reports that she attempted to take her daughter out of school the next day in order to initiate a transfer to another school, but police threatened her with arrest. Both Ixel and her family acknowledge that she broke the rules at school, but state that the situation could have been handled differently. The incident is currently under investigation.

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  1. Curious

    Ever notice how police always use de-humanizing language to describe those the oppress?
    The “juvenile”, the “male”, never the man or the child.

    We are constantly bombarded with this desensitizing language. They are hoping we won’t notice.
    Go back and read all of the recent news stories and check out the statements given by police and their representatives.

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