Aug 22 2014

Meet the Woman Who Wants to Reduce The Male Population by 90% “For Peace”

***Disclaimer: Since there has been a lot of confusion, for some reason – I, Liberty Doll, owner and writer of this site, am NOT the subject of this article and interview.***

Meet Krista, a 22-year-old, southern criminology student with a three-year-old child. She calls herself the Femitheist and has a blog, YouTube channel, and is writing a book all about the “importance” of reducing the male population to roughly 1-10% in order to achieve world peace and “true equality.” Somehow, she expects this to end war, rape, and violence in general. Though this seems like trying to end violence by committing violence – because it is – she asserts that it is “the only logical solution.” Everything she proposes to do for, to, and against men (and women) directly violates the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). Terrifyingly, she has spawned a gaggle of followers that believe in selective breeding, male-only abortions, and an International Castration Day. She asserts that men of all ages would need to attend a castration ceremony, and murdered if they refuse. Don’t worry, though, the men’s spouses and mothers have the option to “milk the male” before castration if they want a sperm sample.

She recently backpedaled on her “Castration Day” plans, stating it was all a big, angry, joke of misunderstanding, and that she does not support circumcision (two different things). However, her belief in “the ratio” and how it must be accomplished still stands.

Nothing says “peace” quite like genital mutilation, eugenics, and murder. Oh, and slavery. There’s slavery, too.

Toby McCasker over at Vice decided to go boldly where probably no man ought to go (safety purposes) and conducted an interview to try and get a better understanding of all this hullabaloo. Due to the fact that it is probably one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever read – it’s like a combination of 1984, Brave New World, and the Communist Manifesto…but with “feminism” – I’ve decided to include the interview in it’s entirety below.

She’s also 200 pages into what she’s hoping will be her 700 page manifesto outlining the philosophy of Femitheism. It’s tentatively titled The Ratio.

VICE: I assume The Ratio refers to your belief the male population should be reduced to between by 90 percent.
The Femitheist: I believe that conventional equality, with a 50/50 female-to-male ratio, is an inferior system. Essentially my ideas lead to men being made a special class—a far more valued class—having choice of a myriad of women due to the difference in sex ratio. That is my intention. Men would be made more valuable, and their quality of life would be dramatically improved. They would have a subsidised existence if you will, akin to going on an all-expenses paid vacation that lasts from birth to death.

Assuming people are down for that, how could you reduce the male population by that much? Are you talking culling or selective breeding over years?
Obviously men comprise a substantial portion of the victims of violent crime and participate heavily in war, so there will always be deaths there—but certainly not culling. I don’t advocate selective slaughter or brutal processes.

So how would you achieve it?
Further research into designer babies will be necessary: manipulating gender or sex, prenatal sex discernment, sex-selective abortions, development of dual-female progeny (babies created from two mothers), and numerous other mechanisms will be utilised in order to achieve these aspirations. They won’t be enforced or mandated to achieve the goal in the short-term, but merely heavily encouraged in the early stages. Unless one opposes abortion, there’s little ethical reason to find that too outrageous a proposition. The maths has already been done on all of the genetic and population-sustainment-related issues: population bottleneck, inbreeding, mutations, et cetera. Everything works out in favour of my ideas. I’ve been meticulous and cautious. I’ve had the work reviewed by people who are experts—or at least extremely knowledgeable—in biology and genetics, and I’ve received confirmation that it all works out.

That’s in theory, what about in practice?
It’ll require the re-teaching of everyone—female and male—in classrooms, homes, through literature, media, art, and networks. It is a process that would take decades, generations, and perhaps even a few centuries. Nevertheless, these are things that should be done to forge a new and vastly superior world. My mission is to devise and describe a framework for the carrying out and success of such objectives.

What kind of men would you choose for breeding? Do you base selection on physical or mental characteristics?
The most suitable men would simply be those who are fit in both body and mind. This is also related to genetic modification.
Genetic engineering is already taking place by way of tests given to couples when they marry to prevent the passing of dangerous genetic material. There is no doubt such concepts will expand as we understand more about how the genome actually works. Healthy and fit men will always be ideal, but not “brutes,” which has more to do with mental attributes than physical. Anyone can lift weights. Any criteria decided upon as the quintessential grade would have to be extensively defined and revised as time goes on, or as science advances and the human species and its needs evolve.

Would men be kept in isolation like stud horses?
I believe we must remove men from the community and place them in their own specific sections of society, akin to subsidised or state-funded reservations, so they can be redefined. We can make not only men safer, but women as well. By subsidising said reservations through the state we can provide men with activities, healthcare, entertainment, shelter, protection, and everything that one could ever require in life. This will remove conventional inequality from society. By reducing the number of men to 10 percent of the total population, their socio-biovalue will be raised. They will live out their lives happily and safely, and male disposability will be a thing of the past.

But don’t men have value beyond breeding?
If technology has not advanced to a point where labour can be done without men, the few men that are necessary for said labour will be allowed to work on the outside of the reservations to complete whatever tasks necessary—if they wish.

Like slaves?
Not as slaves, simply as workers performing a duty, in the same way workers today do. Only without the need for monetary reimbursement as they would have no need for such a thing. This would be highly monitored and regulated.

What about the ambitions of the individual? Some men may aspire to more than luxury breeding pens.
Some would argue it would be a dystopian world because it wouldn’t be free in the present conventional sense. However that is misguided. It will be utopian because it will be a world almost without conflict where people cooperate and are treated properly within a well-engineered and long-forged system. If everything is great for almost everyone the point is null. Survival and socio-organic wellbeing are the most important elements in life. Diversity of principles and standards is only necessary in a world of multiple nations, cultures, societies, and religions due to fear of oppression. So, how is this world any better? Because some people have potential opportunities to do certain things?

That’s kind of depressing.
The purpose of living is merely to persist and perpetuate our species. If someone is willing to give you all you require to survive and live comfortably, simply because you exist, then you have already achieved all that truly matters.

Doesn’t all this dismiss the notion of companionship and the family unit?
Heterosexual companionship and the nuclear family model, yes.

What do you propose as alternatives?
Children should be raised communally and by the state. The nuclear family model is a breeding ground of deceptions, mediocrities, treacheries, hypocrisy, and violence. It needs to be abolished. Bigotry, prejudice, and antiquated convictions are passed down through each generation. The conventional family unit indoctrinates our youth and drains them of their potential. My solution would be to assign children caretakers whose task would simply be to provide shelter, food, clothing, and protection for each child—all of which would be yielded by the state. Perfect girls will be conceived, developed, and engineered in state-owned breeding centers. They will be bound together in a communal venue under the instruction and control of female savants.

But realistically that’s not what’s best for the kids.
Children must be provided a proper education, a sex-separated education that will focus on developing real-world skills and capacities for concept building. They will be taught the reality of true equality, production, labour, and will be provided a better understanding of sexuality, science, culture and ethnicity. If children are made wards of the state with assigned caretakers, not only will it be easier to undo the constraints of bigotry and the other archaic beliefs that are passed down from parents to their children, but children can be used to monitor the older generations in regard to the propagation of bigoted and antediluvian values. It is about creating a unified perception.

Does this assume all women would automatically form lesbian relationships?
Relationships between females and males have been different throughout all of history. Associations between women and men differ with the time and popular socialisation. Today that is not common or normalised, but as time passes more women are interested in other women or are willing to indulge and experiment.

Then you think sexual orientation can be designed?
Absolutely. I believe sexual orientation, like most but not all things, comes from socialisation as well as genetics—with a heavier influence from genetics. Anyone who contends that sexual orientation is purely genetic is either disingenuous or foolish. Eventually, we will be able to engineer people to a greater preference for their own sex. It seems to me that a lot of women are far more open to homosexuality than men, or at least are more willing to experiment, and why is that?

I’m not sure, you think it’s genetic?
Perhaps it’s partially genetic, but it’s also due to an ingrained fear that men have of appearing homosexual because that isn’t what a “man” is supposed to be. With the combined forces of social and genetic engineering, we can easily reshape and mold human sexuality into whatever we desire.


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  1. MonsoonMoon

    Either this insane girl is a die hard worshipper of Hitler’s belief system, or she thinks she’s come up with this so-called brilliance on her own.

    As a true southerner having grown up around people with all kinds of crazy accents, I must say that accent sounds suspicious. It just sounds way too Hollywood, but I can tell she’s spent a lot of time crafting it.

    Or she’s in the Klan. There’s always that.

    1. Absurdist

      Given her age, I suspect that she doesn’t have the historical background to realize that most of her ideas aren’t hers. I doubt she’s been taught anything about Margaret Sanger and her deep and abiding love for eugenics.

      Ah, well. Leave dumb enough alone, I say.

      1. Rhadagast

        Agreed. Not a single idea that she espouses is original. But I suspect she is woefully ignorant of that fact.

        1. Richard

          Which would make every one of her ideas original to her, but not original in the world.

          Children raised in groups, without the family unit was tried by Mao Tse Tung. It failed horribly.

          1. Miss Lilly

            Myself and my sister are no longer able to mow the grass so a young man comes around every week to mow it for us. The weather being terribly warm last week he wore nothing but a skimpy pair of shorts. So handsome, six foot plus with the body of a greek god. When we had him in for tea we compliminted him on his magnificent physique. But the best bit of all was when he dropped his shorts as a special treat for us two old ladies. He had the most magnificent pair of testicles one could imagine. The lovely boy even allowed us to feel them. They were so large, like two large plums. How could anyone allow this young man be castrated with a knife or with a burdizzo. Shame on her.

            1. Sina

              You are most absolutely a man.

              1. Cam

                But did you giggle at the absurdity of it? I did. xD

              2. One person

                And unlike your name you are absolutely a girl.

  2. The Gunsmith

    If you eliminate 90% the men the world will become overrun with spiders, deer and stupid twits like her.

    1. kit

      Im a chick and i happen to agree with you…. This twit is super scary and needs to go away.

    2. mel

      This is terrifying. Feminism has a terrible enough name already, we don’t need idiots like her!!!

      1. Hardy

        Why would you be scared by an idiot? Do you think the other women are going to join her? Of course not…

        1. Hardwood

          I think the reason it’s scary is they’re so loud, people will and do react to propaganda, the “Crazy” people spouting nonsense in the name of feminism really give feminism a bad name and really do a lot of damage to the actual feminsm cause of you know… equal rights. Similarily to religous extremists damage the general image of religion, people like her are only going to cause shame to real feminists who want genuine equality… 🙁

          1. michael savell

            “Real Feminists”—these words mean nothing anymore.Men have given in every inch of the way and it is they who are, now “the victims”.If you were serious you would join a group promoting true equality.Wonder if anyone on this blog who knows a” real feminist “who has not taken advantage of every bit of anti male legislation written over the last 40 years.Anybody can pay lip service.

            1. Sina

              Men are not victims. They still commit most of the crimes and murders and rapes. They even target each other as well as females.

              1. Amen

                and they are the victim of most of the crimes, and have lot of pedo girls that rapes, and lot of men that suicide and it have way more jobless men than women.

              2. Yami

                I would like to point out that Statistics would definitely disagree with you as Men have higher mortality rates, homelessness rates, mental health issues, and a variety of other generally ignored problems that only become relevant when women have all their needs fulfilled and have nothing to bitch about. The fact you stated something that biased almost tells me you aren’t that far off becoming like this Pageant Contestant.

        2. Vladislav

          There will always be people who share other people’s beliefs, sadly. It’s just a matter of time untill we see the feminists protesting in every city for the castration of men xD

        3. Ewald

          You would be amazed by how some people react to people like this…
          I mean, I don’t want to go Godwin’s Law here, but there was someone somewhere in the early 40’s that is marked as insane now… (even then by some people) but got a HUGE following nonetheless…

          The ideas displayed here are actually remarkably the same as back then…

          1. Richard

            If a Hitler comparison actually applies, Godwins law is invalid.

        4. Dustin

          It’s scary to think that not only does she think this, but everyone on her youtube channel that has subscribed thinks this too

        5. Manx

          People called Hitler Crazy and yet an entire country still followed him

          1. Bobwellington

            A country that was misled, misinformed, and propagated. Systematic control over a society is not the same the as a bunch of dumb fucks buying into some crackpots bullshit

        6. Luke

          The reason that people are scared of this is due to the thought “What if this person were put into a position of actual power…? What if their ideas actually made it into law…?” among other things. “What would happen to my family? What if they come for me? Would I be able to defend myself from them?”

      2. Lexi

        I totally agree with you. I don’t want feminists to be seen this way. She’s fucking crazy… I consider myself a feminist, but feminism is supposed to be about equality, not about reshaping everyone’s lives to fit some lunatic’s crazy ideals!

        1. Tyler

          I am happy to see that you consider her ideas crazy, I theorize that she is fuelled by a constant stream of validation from those around her, preventing her from taking any criticism seriously.

          Feminism however may be using equality as a guise, but there is too much criticism regarding the ‘We want all the positives equality offers, but none of the negatives because that’s not fair, we are Women.’

          This blonde southern bimbo is essentially an extreme Neo-Feminist that has taken Women’s rights to equality and beyond, creating some sort of militaristic farm colony in which Men can be monitored and controlled.

    3. Ariella

      Not to mention the fact that her response to heterosexual companionship? Oh we’ll learn to be lesbians. Well excuse me that I happen to like dick!

    4. Mikew

      I’m pretty sure women like living in houses and wiping there bottoms… I own chainsaws that are heavier then some women… I would like to see any women use one for 10 hours a day well hiking mountains with 100lbs of gear plus you saws… Some Women call hiking an afternoon chatting with there friends on a walk… I call hiking climbing up a grade that is to steep for machinery to climb… Come to work with me for a day and that 10% will go back up to 50% because no women will want to do the shit real men do, I do agree that there’s very few real men left but there also very few real women left. By real woman I mean a woman that can cook, sow, farm,fish.. The women that fought for women’s rights worked just as hard as men did, in there own way. now women just sit back look pretty work shitty jobs and reep the benifits of any men around them.. They go to the men that have the most money because they think that is stability

      1. LoveMyDad

        “Real Men”…
        Because the ones that don’t work out in the forrest, lugging equipment all day long aren’t “real men”

        So I guess all but two of the men I’ve ever known in my life were not real men.
        I’ll be sure to call my dad tonight and tell him that I’m disappointed with him for having a stable job (not in a forrest), cooking skills for when my mom – who should have been in the kitchen – was at work, and love for my sister and I, because that doesn’t qualify him as a real man. I’ll tell him that because of him, my ideals are screwed for finding a future mate.

      2. Richard

        Mike, as a city man who has very happily left the mountain country/cattle life behind, go fuck yourself.
        A “real man” is not defined by the type of labour he does, but by how he lives.

      3. miss604trucker

        Hey Mike, I’ll be sure to let my boyfriend know that he is not a real man after driving an 18-wheeler for over 23 years as well as serving a small amount of time in the armed forces for my country. Fuck you… Go fuck the trees you work with.
        To the crazy lunatic who wrote this article, “you’re” theories are outright and illogical. You are a white female supremist living your ideas parallel to that of A. Hitler who wanted to do the same with Jews… You just want enough men around to still populate.
        This world would not survive in a 10% male basis. There are just too many things that women need men for that another woman just couldn’t fix or help. I may not be over fond of the male populous on a regular basis, but I love my father, brothers, nephews, boyfriend and males compatriots because they are who help shape my life. Besides, if it wasn’t for my boyfriend (who is a male), I wouldn’t be the tiny little trucker gal that I am now.

  3. Bad to the Bone

    She’s obviously never seen the plethora of Youtube videos featuring young black women beating the living sh*t out of each other. What a dumbazz.

    1. peter piper

      Dear “Bad to the Bone”, don’t you think that is a poorly chosen name to use in a webpage that is discussing castration? Think about it.

      1. everyone'sinsane

        Haha! Says “Peter Piper.”

    2. Sadness

      Do videos of black women fighting make you think this is an exceptionally common occurance? Ever think about what a confirmation bias is or that you are influenced by individuals who have created jokes/narratives at the expense of human lives who are not indeterminately set as you now pose they are?

      Screw your racism and further generalizations of human beings, they work, sustain and breath as anyone does.

      1. Neverdead

        I do believe what our gramatically challenged friend is attempting to communicate, is that women can be just as violent as men. Were this insane plan implemented, you wouldn’t get rid of the world’s problems, but just shift them towards women. This is a problem that occurs, not because of men, but because we are humams, and humans are stupid selfish greedy and close minded beings.

        1. Fidelma


        2. staarkednav

          “you wouldn’t get rid of the world’s problems, but just shift them towards women” That is a ridiculous assumption. Women have forethought…and compassion…they see things through and know how to do the right thing. What’s best for all involved, not just the guy in charge. I think This lady makes some very relevant points that should be further investigated.

          1. LibertyDoll

            I would argue that men, too, are capable of forethought, just as not all women are selfless and compassionate.

          2. Dawg

            Visit a mental hospital for the criminally insane sometime, the women patients are far and away the more unpredictable and dangerous.

          3. DiozDelTaco

            This woman, more akin to monster, has no valid points. She has just proposed every major crime against humanity to be put in to action for the same disturbing reason every sociopathic Tyrant has enforced them since the beginning of Mankind. “For the good of all”. No, at no point is it good, It is feministic extremism, It is saying that for the betterment of the species, reign of the species should be put in the hands of small minded hateful, twisted individuals who share no sane concept of reality. Dystopias have been written for many many years, not as an instruction manual, but as a warning. We should never stop striving as a species to better our selves as a whole, but not at the cost of our identities or our members. Also, just going to throw this out there, if she wants to experiment or become a lesbian, fine, no need to damn near exterminate and enslave an entire gender. Only an idiot would want to let his genitelia anywhere near her anyway…..

          4. Shhhyou'resilly

            So men can’t have forethought and compassion? And all women do?
            That’s simply not true. I’ve met many compassionate men and many horrible, cruel women. Your world views are very misguided.

            1. Hardy

              Aw, comeone… what about Hilary, and Michelle, two compassionate angels if I’ve ever seen one…

          5. Meh...

            You can’t generalize and lump a whole group of people with one big brush of assumption like that. As long as it lives, breathes and thinks anything is capable of great good and great evil.

          6. MlpPro

            There are men out ther who are exactly the same way. No one person is correct I anything. But you saying that it is just men who aren’t thoughtful and compassionate, you’re just plain wrong in that assumption.

          7. JumpinJakes

            ” Women have forethought…and compassion”
            and malice, and ambition, good intentions, bad intentions, the whole of the human spectrum. Men can be brilliant. Women can be brilliant. Men can be stupid as well as women can be stupid. There’s no real monopoly on whether one gender has one aspect or another more than the other gender, as the quote above would seemingly imply. It boils down to our experiences, our choices, and whether or not we actually have space in our hearts for such values as forethought and compassion.

          8. Keepo

            F E M I N A Z I

        3. Sina

          The interesting thing is that most of the time when you see a woman who has committed a violent crime, it had something to do with a man. She was either doing it for him at his request or demand, or she was threatened by him, or she was doing it because she thought it would please him.

      2. Nick

        I’m sure she hates blacks as well. She is a obvious a charismatic, delusional, sociopath, with a lot of daddy issues. She happens to be most insane person that walks the earth today.If she feels the most necessary action we can take is to get rid of men, she has no great power of intellect. To get rid of the nuclear family, is like trying to get rid Klan. It exist, and the ideas are still there, but is not the same as it was. It’s ridiculous, and on top of that she already shows herself to be a hypocrite and a bigot. I am disgusted by these statement she’s made. In closing, I would like to say, address the real problem, define a real solution, take action.

    3. danni

      I’m sorry but that just sounds and is, extremely racist. I have also seen many of those videos and many of the more violent ones where women are smashing eachother over/in the head with bottles, shovels, poles, rocks or the closest implements to grab are white and not bkack at all. Not to mention how many of these fights fuel from the jealously of the attention or lack of from an involved man.

      1. Sintjin

        Okay, the black comment may have been a bit astray. But that wasn’t the point, the point was that woman are just as capable of being violent as men.
        And your final point is invalid. If a man gives attention to a woman, its his fault, but if he doesnt, its still his fault? Talk about hypocritical.

    4. Lucre

      I assume her eugenics and selective breeding will probably be the end of many races and cultures. She sounds like the sort of woman who believes herself to be even handed and a social justice ally but has no idea how she is unconsciously contributing to and complicit with racial, class and sexual inequality. The sort of person who wants to fight for others and speak for others and act for others but does not acknowledge their different understanding of things.

      I’m pretty sure she thinks everyone would be happier if they were just like her.

  4. MaxBoy

    Does she not realize that this would make men a commodity and not real people? In fact, the way she wants a utopia just like many other government/all-of-life models do should make us realize instantly that she CANNOT, absolutely CANNOT be right. Communism, socialism–it’s all been tried, and it’s all failed. it’s people trying to make a perfect world (and trying to achieve peace through violence and goodness through evil–which is completely insane). It’s not a perfect world, people, and never will be. Quit trying to make it into one.

    1. Toe Meat Sandwich

      Socialism doesn’t work? Explain that to the the Nordic countries.

      1. Bobs

        You mean the Capitalistic countries with a safety net?

        Pretty sure they’re not Socialist. At most, they’re mixed.

        1. Dante

          Bobs, do you have any idea what socialism is? Democratic freedom with economic control (ergo the mixed economy) get your facts straight.

          1. Matthew

            Dante, do you have any idea what socialism is? It’s an economic system designed around the idea of providing goods and services based around the social utility of them. As opposed to providing them for the accumulation of capitol. “democratic” freedoms have nothing to do with this economic system. You can be a communist state and have socialism, or a “democratic” state and have socialism. By the way, I have no idea what you mean by democratic freedom. There’s no democracies left in the world. We have a federal republic, a constitutional monarchy, and even dictatorships. No democracies though, so I’m curious how anyone has democratic freedoms without a democracy. Get your facts straight

          2. Alek

            Dante, do you have any idea what socialism is? Bobs is referring to a mixed economy. The Nordic countries are in no way socialist. They are capitialist economies, with again, a social safety net. That is not the definition of socialism. Get your facts straight.

          3. Hardy

            Why is it that the people who know the least about socialism always open their mouths and “educate” us all… LOL. Dante is just another “useful idiot”

          4. Nick Lang

            Dante thats really weird – you have a computer that allows you to post comments to this thread, but you can’t access google to look at the definition of socialism.

            1. Bobwellington

              There’s a lot of really fucking stupid people on here. Have any of you graduated highschool. And I mean highschool ten years ago not the learn how to use an iPad crap-factories that high schools are calling themselves these days. You’re all idiots

          5. Dante is a retard

            Lol fucking retard..learn to google.

      2. TexasJester

        My sister-in-law is from Sweden (a Nordic country). She now sees the freedoms we have (left), and except to visit her family, doesn’t want to go back. She simply cannot deal with the crushing government, the crushing taxes, the high prices for small rooms (called “apartments”) — she had a modest room, around 350 square feet, and paid the equivalent of almost $3,000 a month – and had communal bathrooms! – And there was a waiting list for that apartment, because of how nice it was! Her taxes were in the neighborhood of 60%, to pay for all the social “programs” – and she was definitely NOT in the top 1% – not even in the top 50%!

        No, socialism doesn’t work.

        Research Johnstown, back in the 1600s. When it was first founded, the idea was to pool all the resources, and divvie them up equally among the settlers. After a short while, people started realizing they didn’t have to do much to get the same share as those who worked hard. The settlement almost failed, until they came up with the idea that they could own what they produced, and trade/sell/barter their goods with each other for what they wanted/needed. They switched from communism (which is the next step up from socialism) to pure capitalism — and not only did they survive, but thrived and prospered.

        Until all these crazy new laws and taxes that defeat capitalism in this nation took hold, we were the jewel of the world – EVERYONE wanted to come here, because EVERYONE here had the CHANCE to succeed, if they worked hard enough.

        1. BadHabit

          Very well said,…. and SPOT ON Truthful… sadly that part of “Early American history” has all but been Completely removed by the brain dead leftists factions of this country who wish to sanitize and outright re-Write history to fit Their agenda

  5. me


  6. Thomas

    That’s like blaming a pencil for bad spelling and grammer. Who’s going to make the decision on who lives and dies, you? Did you know by court records that 60% of children murdered are by women and 50% of those by their own mother. Why don’t you reduce the number of women in the world to save children? You haven’t thought this out. An Experimental Physicist.

  7. The Pigman

    I look forward to the day when we have the MRM equivalent of The Black Panthers to deal with this kind of scum. Till then, may she get cancer and die a slow, horrible death.

    1. Human Sacrifice

      I’m with you on that buddy!

    2. HinkleyHadAVision

      Wow you sure don’t sound like you have issues buddy. Kill yourself before you kill someone else please.

      1. Fred

        I disagree, The Pigman has a valid point. Sometimes killing one person (for example, the psychotic bitch who came up with this theory) is a lot better for humanity in the long run, than allowing her to continue breathing. I wouldn’t wish cancer on her though… it takes too long, and it wouldn’t be fair to poison those poor cancer cells by forcing them to inhabit her body!!

        1. MIchael1950

          This could make her a marytr for her cause, given the feminist leadership vacume, do not give room for a cause celeb to carry her ideas into imfamy.Jjust a thought.

  8. Robert

    So………..Friendly fire? I hope she doesn’t have a son he would probably be the first one to go!

  9. brendan

    I say if ya really want peace? nuke the whole fucking planet!!!!

    1. Firnin

      ^said every robot defense system in charge of nukes ever

      1. RobotRaptors

        You are my favorite.

      2. Richard

        I’m afraid I can’t let you spill the beans like that Firnin.

  10. Jocko

    I can appreciate the detail, but the overall effect strikes me as incredibly derivative. I will, however, say that this brand of satire doesn’t come around very often so she gets a pass. At least she didn’t try to come up with a pithy name like the SCUM Manifesto.

  11. Khannea SunTzu

    It sounds like a fascinating and encouraging counter movement to the current status quo. It is a traditional bluesky demand strategy, and she might actually succeed, based on the amount media furor and anger she arouses. It is quite a cool approach.

    1. Khannea SunTzu

      Yes that was me.

  12. Josh

    This is a fake video with a fake movement. She has no power. Just look at her posture and tonality. Completely bogus.

    1. LibertyDoll

      Whether it’s fake or not, she has her own website with devout followers, over 15,600 subscribers on YouTube (as of yesterday), and a lot of her other videos have really high production quality. I wouldn’t call it a movement so much as a “cult.”

      1. Sadness

        A cult isn’t much compared to a society that dismisses opinions to the extent a polar radical party forms…

        Systemic oppression is worth fearing and more threatening to society than individual cults.

  13. leeburbidge

    Jeez, her boyfriend dumping her must of really hurt, right??

    1. mark

      Lol haha yeah no shit something snapped in her head wow is all i gotta say

    2. Lacey

      This is perfect.

  14. Gwen

    Reminds me of Vanguard the Anime TV show. Women and men have separated generations ago. They just convert female cells into speeds in order to impregnate their fellow female comrades and female lovers. The insemination is genetically altered so that the baby always come out as female. The men’s world believed that babies came from factories and women eat human flesh. Then three men invaded a female “alien” spaceship and a whole new adventure begins. They then joined forces to fight a machine sentient race and realized that by combining their strengths together, they are unstoppable!

    1. Fox

      Thats awesome. Will check out. I don’t get why people keep trying to make shit a utopia through fucking over a certain people. Like if all the jews were dead everything would be fine. Oh yeah if all the men were dead there would be no problems. I think we should all just get along…and make the wage thing equel. As far as social equality with rape schedule and stuff, I think there are enough crazy people from both genders who would try to kill you (or mess you up forever). Especially now with castration seeming to be a belief among a large group of women. I think men and women need to exist together. Not as lovers or companions necessarily, but to keep eachother balanced.

      Lets face it, history has progressed male oriented because it went from their role to hunt and protect to owning everything were women did the real effort of keeping the species going and seeming subservient because men had power (in a general sense). Now physical power is becoming obsolete and the constraints society used to hold are becoming loosened. People are becoming individuals more instead of demographics. there are already so many types of people and so many levels that soon, people will just be accepted for who or what they are. This social trend can make whatever countries this happens most in susceptible to old world ideas of war or it can strengthen the differences in everyone to create a diverse multi-perspective society that can overcome violence.

      in either event people need to realize we need eachother to be what we want to be and not just fall into the mold and make a bunch of new children to feel like their life has meaning.

      I’m kinda on a drunken rant, but if people just had one kid with one partner the population could not increase because two people would boil down to one new person and so on and so forth. Lets say the demographics of people who want to have kids just do that….only once…so theres flaws but Let’s just all work together.

    2. Robbie

      Actually the anime you’re thinking of is called Vandread, though I can see how you could get that confused.

  15. John@doe.org

    As if somehow woman are incapable of violence, inequality and other misdeeds.
    On the other hand, most violence arises due to inequalities, simply because there isn’t enough stuff to equally divide. So instead of reducing just the male population by 90%, why not the entire population? That would drastically increase surplus and by by extension could decrease inequality. Similar arguments how that doesn’t have to be a brutal slaughter (as posed by her) could apply. I’m curious what she thinks of that idea. As she isn’t somehow opposed to genetic engineering, why not engineer away gender all together?

  16. Victoria

    I have a son and an amazing husband. I also have a brother, a father, a grandfather, and an uncle. I will be damned if this bitch hurts them.

    1. Human Sacrifice

      Don’t worry, she’ll probably get hurt before she can lay a single hand on any male! People like her are likely to get assassinated.

    2. Fred

      You ROCK Victoria!!! An inspiration to men everywhere, who are just about ready to give up on women entirely because of twisted feminist bitches like this one. Thank you for helping to renew my faith in women, because American men are losing respect for women rapidly… we need a lot more like you!! <3

  17. Nels

    I think she was dropped on her head as a baby. Several dozen times.

    1. Well


  18. kitty

    stupid cow she talking shit

  19. Brandon Enriquez

    So, she wants to attempt to achieve true “equality” by reducing the male population? She’s going to push for the males to be outnumbered by 90 percent. All that will do is create another form of feminism in another radical form for the male population. This girl is insane.

  20. mark Russell

    Complete nutter who does she think she is Hitler some one end this nazi and do the world a favour?

  21. iamwhoiam

    I don’t understand why people are even sharing this crap. Social media should not even be giving this girl the time of day. I have 2 daughters and my husband and I are hoping for a boy next and I’ll be damned if someone tries to tell me to abort my son or tries to casturate my husband

  22. Lloyde Gildner

    This is just another example of a bitch fighting for non equal rights. She clearly doesn’t understand that if this goes through WW3 is going to be at hand and any of her “followers that show up at my door are going to get gutted.

    1. Kyle

      WW3 is already starting with Russia, china, Ukraine and the USA.

  23. Patrick Quinn

    Please start with ISIS and then more on to the Taliban…they think it’s a grand idea……

    1. Fish Jones

      Precisely! The average American and European and Japanese and Australian men in the world? They’re fine. ISIS and Islam? Please kill them all. If you could take all the men out of Islam we have a much nicer planet right now.

      And, honestly while you don’t need to kill them off, taking the good old boys out of our current cop system and politics system, even if all you did was just remove them from office, that would be lovely. You could probably even replace them with 50% males and 50% females, and we be better off.

      1. Ohio Johnson

        Please don’t lump all muslims in with ISIS or other extremists; it’s akin to saying all Christians share the same interpretation of Christianity as the Westboro Baptist Church.

        There are extremists in any religion or ideology. Hell, what you said was basically the same as saying let’s kill all the feminists because of that this one particular lady (e.g. the interviewee) said.

        1. mrsunset

          Couldnt agree more. Why is there so much bigotry being blasted out in an attempt to argue against bigotry.
          this is a terrible idea! Just kill the Muslims. And fire cops. Oh and do it to women instead. Smh. How about we just dont gice this loon the time of day and her following will crumble. Theyre all fueled by anger. Feeding that fire wont help. Also whatever anyone does do not kill this femitheist then she’ll be a martyr. Give her enough slack to hang herself.

  24. Mike Oliver

    Well she is seven shades of nuts

  25. cyan

    this woman was not dropped on her head as a baby, she was chucked at the ceiling fan. holy fucking shit, I apologize on behalf of my gender for her stupidity.

  26. Messenger

    Your post is filled with mistakes and lies. You should revise it.


    1. Bobs

      Nope. I read both. Liberty Doll’s checks out. It’s legit. Straight cash homey.

  27. Luke

    Just wait until she needs a jar of olives opened.

    1. a man

      I find this incredibly funny. it’s incredible how it seems that woman and lesbian relationships to you are the answer although I am curious from all the princess ambulance cause she broke a nail attitude is gonna fix world of suffering pain agony don’t get me wrong I have more respect for woman than an average man. I believe in equal in relationship 50 50 Yes alot of the abuse bullying and sex offences are male if throes three are together but the abuse alone and manipulative bull behind our leaders of nations is woman and their period and moments of insanity/unbalance, men most often do kneel to their woman and national depositions are tweaked because of a possibility that a woman has a leader by the balls or manipulated him into thinking a certain way. I’m not saying that woman are all the problem but they are equally at fault and men take alot of blame cause its their face the public sees and not his wife. You propose that you end the lives or castrate men to 10% of population. Granted what happens when pregnant woman run earth what happens to woman that want kids but cannot have them or know the joys of freedom of sexuality! And what happens to a woman that is not satisfied and a woman to woman 50% of the time cannot satisfy another woman. You get a world full of unsatisfied and pregnant women running our planet and how crazy to let a pregnant woman hold a key to nuke silos. All tho I agree most woman hold together better those little things in there cause to much instability and banning woman from getting pregnant at Will if able will cause far greater psychosis and chaotic events and many many more suicides than their are today because alot of men balance out a woman in many.
      Ways but as for rapist abusers child molesters that are men they should be castrated for sure. But this plan is and maybe would work but the variable for cataclysmic event could and is 10 times higher to cause extinction of man kind altogether

  28. 371

    She’s going to get killed because of this idea,
    So we shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

  29. Zoran Culo

    “I’ve had the work reviewed by people who are experts—or at least extremely knowledgeable—in biology and genetics, and I’ve received confirmation that it all works out.”

    Really. Show me your peer-reviewed work. Show me your calculations and theories. Show me the confirmation. If you bring science into this, then you have to have support your proposals, otherwise I remain unconvinced. All I see on your website is what’s wrong with the world and how you plan on making it better, though I have yet to read any of your work that has been reviewed by your “extremely knowledgeable” experts in biology and genetics. If you can show us the scientific approval (as in names and credentials of who approved them), then I will be convinced (and I’m a male saying this).

  30. Creeper1

    i’m guessing you didn’t read this article before you wrote your piece…….http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/03/20/libya-airstrikes-hillary-clinton-and-the-women-who-called-for-war.html

  31. Koko Jumbo

    Wouldn’t a lower male-to-female ratio only make existing men rare and more sought-after by women, thereby increasing their power, regardless of the quality of the men?

    1. Calus


  32. Jane

    All I could think about while reading this is what an interesting plot line this would make for a book.

  33. BHX Specter

    I love it. Women are fighting for equality and she is so narrow-minded that she is clumping all men into her one size fits all ideals. She seems to have almost the same mentality to those who are wanting to do away with guns, rather than looking at the mental makeup of the person doing the crime. I’ve been on this earth for 33 years and I’ve been in 0 fights, married to a wonderful woman that I treat like a queen, never been in the military, and have a handsome son who I constantly tell never to hit a woman.

    The thing that made this article priceless for me was how many times the reporter asked a question, she would say no, and then explain it to where it was basically saying yes like the slavery remark. Forced work without compensation, last I checked was slavery. Her idea is completely laughable and has so many holes that you can drive a 18-wheeler through each one (like the all inclusive when not all men are like the one size fits all ideals she has about them). My wife was the first woman I was ever with and will be my last. The fact that she has a child, to me, just says the father either died during a war or left her so this entire ridiculous idea probably stems from a broken heart and nothing more.

  34. Ben

    This woman has psychopathy and anti social personality disorder. She has “dead eyes”, meaning a life filled with supported narcissism and an entitled mind-set has created a human being that is “dead” emotionally. In reality, she should be institutionalized and most likely medicated to correct and balance out her mental illnesses. Of course, everything she is saying is preposterous and ignorant, but it is also dangerous and alarming. If this woman has the chance, she would be worse than Hitler. Thankfully, she is not inept enough to gather a following. It is Important that people like this find the help they so desperately need. Our society needs to do a better job at identifying the people with these disorders in order to provide them the help they need. To close, if a man vocalized thoughts such as these he would be investigated and silenced. Equality means the same thing should happen to women who exhibit behavior such as this. Feminism has morphed into a group of hate-mongers that believe they are entitled to anything and everything their extremely sick minds can come up with. Truly, very sad.

    1. Calus

      so true

  35. I Love Lesbian Women In Action

    Mitt Romney has a higher chance of becoming president of the US than this idiot succeeding.
    Be careful with her crew! HAHA

  36. Brittney


  37. J

    I’m sorry, but who does this girl think she is, a god of some sort, has her hubris and arrogance prevented her from seeing the world as it is. We are all human, and regardless of gender ratios, we are are equally capable of violence, gender doesn’t change nature. These beliefs she shares, in essence to put it simply are far past ignorant, would’t be surprised if she looks up to Hitler, Stalin and Kim Jong il…

  38. Phil

    Lol most likely she’s just seeing how people would react when men are faced with similar issues that women are subject to
    So long story short it’s most like ya social experiment like half of the stuff u see on fb today.
    If not ya son that bitch is crazy don’t fall asleep around that chick hahah

  39. Phil

    Lol ya Ben sorry bro your rant lost relevancy
    When you made the comment about women being worse than hitter.
    Bro wtf!?!? Legit your saying women if given the chance could be worse hitler?!?
    Ok So your saying women whom by nature are the emotional care givers of our species
    And the list goes on not trying to cut it short just not to sure how intelligent people are.
    So if u Care to explain your statement or if anyone what’s to jump in ?

    Ego is a scary thing people

  40. Phil

    Hahaha sorry

  41. Phil

    I need to sleep I totally miss read you did clearly said that girl. Not all
    My apologies. Lol

  42. Kush xantana


  43. Kush xantana

    Good luck rounding up all the men

  44. Levanter

    I’m a guy and I agree. Well, besides the whole segregation part. I mean there are way too many people on this planet as it is. And let’s face it, wars are started by men, most violent criminals are men and our entire econimy is built on machism. You go girl!

    1. Human Sacrifice

      kill yourself

    2. Nick Lang

      Levanter – do they serve pizza in the mental asylum?

  45. Madison Tucker

    Let’s see if we can get Obama to name her as ambassador to ISIS so we can airdrop her into Syria to begin negotiations and “piece” talks.

  46. Luscinia

    This is just bullshit invented by Dan Simmons and Gavin McInnis.

  47. Ken

    I think this was a Star Trek episode….

    1. Lindsay

      It was.

  48. Robert Flores

    I believe i speak for the entire male population when i say; Come at me bitch.

  49. garrett

    Bhx spector has it right on the dot she is not a feminist

  50. AssHat900

    Hail Victory!

  51. JcSver

    I have a question for miss genocide.
    Did you have to many bad male relationships and now your on your own revenge spree?

  52. Aeries

    Surely this isn’t the new high of journalism? Perhaps you should amend this article to reflect facts instead of libeling The Femitheist.

    You were able to take the time to dig through FSTD for an old post, but you weren’t able to read her FAQ so you could report on what she actually believes?

    Perhaps you should review this and rewrite this article with an update:

    I cannot abide cowards with no integrity.

  53. sar

    OBVIOUSLY REFUSED WHEN WANTING THE DICK…NOW WANTS REVENGE… get your head out of your asshole immediately it’s not healthy.

  54. Jason

    I have one thing to say
    Margret Thatcher.

  55. Calus

    This will never work humans are naturally violent

  56. Simon

    So… okay.

    For starters I think this is whole thing is just a little bit fake, in fact, I hope it is because the alternative is just depressing.

    Here’s what I hope:
    She’s just doing this for the sheer shock value that it generates. She’s intentionally generating controversy to boost her own internet popularity, for monetary gains, or just to stroke her deluded ego. It’s not beyond people on the internet to generate hate like this. Tapping into hate and anger is a great way to get attention, especially if the people you’re targeting have been victims of heinous crimes associated with what you’re talking about. And I would wager a hefty bet that the bulk of her followers are victims of men-on-women violence, be it sexual or otherwise. Hate + controversy = money x popularity. That’s what I hope, even though it makes her an emotionally manipulative bitch, feeding off of the pain and anguish of her gender for personal gain.

    Here’s what I fear:

    Or she’s doing this as a result of some horrible trauma that she experienced, and this is just some demented manifestation of something she went through. I’d like to know if she had been sexually assaulted in her past, if she was I’d almost understand why she would have such extreme viewpoints. That kind of trauma left untreated for a long stretch of time can alter and corrupt perspectives, and this might just be some self learned coping mechanism. Turning pain into anger and hate. Hey, it’s not unheard of – it’s even understandable. I’m afraid of this option because it means that she is still being a victim. In her head she is still being attacked, or the trauma is still lingering… which is horribly depressing.

    … but even in saying that, her argument lacks any kind of rationality. She’s talking about committing Genocide to prevent war. Yeah, because that really worked out well in Rawanda, or Cambodia, or Nazi Germany, or anywhere else that deemed some humans to sub-human trash to be exterminated. The world does not tolerate these kinds of inhuman perspectives.

    I have one question for her though;

    If men and women waged a gender war against each other, do you really think one side would win? We’re essentially shooting our reproductive mandate in the face, and slitting the throat of our own species.
    Here’s an alternative.

    – Why don’t us men decide to screen the majority of the world’s female DNA sequences, select the ones we want to keep (roughly 20 % of the world’s female population) and exterminate the remaining 80%? We could imprison the 20% genetically pure women in ‘birthing facilities’ where they are chained up and forced to breed and give birth on a regular schedule. Hey! Suddenly we’ve solved the worlds population crisis! Yay birthing chambers!

    … how is that any less ridiculous?

    1. Jonah

      I agree. I read the Vice interview and I gathered that this nut job was some “poor single mother” type that remains victimized on some internal level. I was trying to read between the lines and discover what is really bothering this poor young woman.

      At the end of the day we all just need to get laid and have the warm fuzzy feeling that arrives when we sit on the couch with a member of the opposite sex and watch old movies.

      This idea being outlined by the Femitheist sounds more than far fetched. But I’d probably buy her book and at least read her point of view.

      A woman can operate a back hoe, or the controls to a crane, or a machine gun just as easily as any male can. And I’ve always said it doesn’t take much of an adjustment to turn a crucifix into a swastika. I hope the Femitheist floats back down into reality in a safe manner….

  57. sami18264

    Its pretty sad you want to take everyones free will freedom of choice and freedom of being its like u wish you were god and in all fact you arent you cant control the world i will not be shaped into some lesbian and not have any kids in my lifetime because of some stupid selfish girl only two years older than me trying to tell me how to live my life screw that ill stick to having dick if u dont like it then go get some pussy and quiet your unintelligance

  58. Gry Ranfelt

    Right. Because women can’t be criminals. At all. It’s not at all like many terrible deeds by men have been done because a wife demanded it.

    And btw – have you been in a class consisting only of women?
    Peace? Right.

  59. Nathaniel Washington

    She’s watched too much Utopia (UK TV Series) about a conspiracy that wants to reduce the human population in order to prevent overpopulation in the future by any means necessary

  60. Rly?

    Pfffft hahaha Well good luck with your war. I assume that most men will not agree and thus you’re going to have to somehow recruit the world’s entire population of women and make them wage war against all men or have them murder their families. On that note, who’s gonna kill your family?

  61. KO

    Here’s a formal response for all the anti-FD people attacking her:

    I have been a longtime supporter of FD, going on about a year and a half now. I’ve seen her attacked, harassed, lied about all the while maintaining her composure, not complaining, and keeping herself friendly and open. I see that a lot of people now across the web have been misled by people on her views. She fights for what she believes in and gets misrepresented a lot. News outlets like to focus on whatever they can distort to get hits, but they don’t point out all the good she’s done and does. She points out people misrepresenting her views and sources her own writings from BEFORE they misrepresented her views. This site misrepresented her and lied.

    If you’ve seen anything somewhere on her in the past few weeks, I guarantee there’s something, or multiple things, she wrote weeks or years before that will make it clear that a lot of what you heard was either lies or misrepresentation.

    As a person who’s followed her work semi-closely, I can tell everyone here a few things.

    1. She doesn’t advocate castration. She said in early 2013 that piece was merely satirical and not serious.

    I’ve known this for over a year because she said as much about a year and a half ago, and has restated it many times since. There is also this piece she did on her real views regarding MGM: http://www.femitheist.net/2014/07/male-circumcision-mgm-a-matter-of-bodily-autonomy.html This piece is reflective of the standard quality of her work, although most of her serious posts tend to be much longer than that.

    2. She has always stated clearly and absolutely that she doesn’t advocate killing people or enacting violence. To mirror what she’s said even in these comments, if you’re arguing she advocates castration or killing or eugenics or anything else involving violence, you’re either adding your own assumptions to her statements, which is invalid, or you’ve been deceived by someone or some outlet that meant to distort and misrepresent her. A good example for her responding to that sort of thing can be found here: http://www.femitheist.net/2014/08/disinformation-propaganda-libertydoll.html Everything she makes reference to in this she made clear since about 2012 or 2013. All of it was stated before these people made their responses to and about her, they just failed to accurately report on her. Even I knew all of this, and that’s because I followed her work.

    3. She used to call herself a feminist in 2012 but stopped in late 2012, just a couple months after this video went up. She isn’t a feminist and neither are most of her supporters. Some are, but most, myself included, aren’t. I lean toward being anti-feminist sometimes, but I still greatly like her work. For more on that see her page here: http://www.femitheist.net/p/important-disclaimer-read.html She’s made all of the things there clear on her site and in videos since late 2012 and early 2013.

    If you’re wondering how it is possible people can support her, it’s because you haven’t done enough digging yourself. We won’t stop supporting her because you attack things she doesn’t believe, or because you believe the lies of people and news sources that misrepresent her, likely knowing that they did. FD is a kind and highly intelligent individual. She’s always nice to her friends, cares about people, promotes charities and donates to them, and is even nice to people who hate her. She leads people all across the web to discussing serious social issues, even beyond what she talks about. She engages in fair and skeptical inquiry, and tries to be fair and decent to others.

    All you people attacking here, attacking things she doesn’t believe, insulting her person, and making assumptions to try to refute her arguments, all you’re doing is driving people who might not have supported her, but who were curious enough to actually research her work and views, to supporting her. That’s how I originally came into supporting her, because I bothered to dig.

    Yes she likes to be theatrical and dramatic and is a bit weird or eccentric at times, even in this really old video here, but you can’t let first impressions, especially when so many people are trying to shut her down by lying about her right now, rule your judgment. Take a moment to look at the situation objectively and do some digging around yourselves. I’ve encouraged friends to get into her stuff, and will continue to support her so long as she remains the person she is today. She’s one of the smartest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing or following the work of, and she’s exactly the type of person the Internet’s debate and discussion community needs more of. Her friends on Twitter can attest to that.

    You’re all only going to gain her more support by trying to lie about her or by attacking views from liars that she doesn’t hold. And given the quality of work she does in just a few days, I can only imagine how thorough her research has been on these topics for the last 2 years. She’s a conscientious and hard worker and has proved that to her fans time and time again. You won’t just waltz in here and disprove anything or everything, especially if you’ve been misled, especially if you haven’t researched her known views, and especially without the full information at your disposal, and you won’t stop people from supporting her that way either, including me. Wait for her full work to come out, and research her work and views to figure out what’s true and what isn’t, before you try to make attacks. The only people blind here are most of the people attacking her here now.

    This is all I have to say for now to people attacking her. Good luck people.

    1. LibertyDoll

      First, your cordial and civil comment is much appreciated. Second, with the exception of the introduction, the article above is a direct reprint of the “corrected” Vice interview. For it to be altered in any way except by the original author falls under the legal definition of plagiarism. Third, the article above does not attack her or her character; it does, however, criticize her ideas. There are some things we may agree on – for, example, her thoughts on the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision. However, most – if not all – of her solutions to social and world issues directly violate the most basic and fundamental principles of liberty (self-ownership, the NAP, etc) and this blog is about liberty. This blog is also largely read by others who believe in liberty and are already familiar with these principles. Finally, there are probably many people who would be more than happy and interested to read her work once it is published; however, an argument of “you’ll see in her book” (which has been the usual response) doesn’t really work as an argument if that book is not currently and readily available. Perhaps once her book is released her ideas can be studied and revisited here.

    2. Zoe Brain

      Yeah, right. “Satirical”. Here’s a piece from Mary Daly, which obviously inspired it. Not satire, perfectly serious.


      WIE: In Quintessence, your idyllic continent is inhabited by women only, but the rest of the world is inhabited by women and men.

      MD: I didn’t say how many men were there.

      WIE: Which brings us to another question I wanted to ask you. Sally Miller Gearhart, in her article “The Future—If There Is One—Is Female” writes: “At least three further requirements supplement the strategies of environmentalists if we were to create and preserve a less violent world. 1) Every culture must begin to affirm the female future. 2) Species responsibility must be returned to women in every culture. 3) The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately ten percent of the human race.” What do you think about this statement?

      MD: I think it’s not a bad idea at all. If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males. People are afraid to say that kind of stuff anymore.

      “People are afraid to say that kind of stuff anymore” because it shows them up to be dangerous psychopaths.

      1. Kat

        Wow. Where’s your logic here exactly? Mary Daly and FD are not the same people. Just because MD was serious in her comments it doesn’t mean FD can’t be satirical in hers.

    3. Zo0tie

      Thank you KO for your intelligent commentary about Krista. I too have become curious about her in part because of the wave of hate against her and her ideas. While I am not entirely in agreement with all her ideas I can understand where she is coming from. Like the Georgia Guidestones she is part of a growing movement to make sense of the human condition and to understand that without fundamental changes to our way of thinking we humanity are heading into an abyss and may possibly take the rest of the world with us. And like the Guidestones the hate against her is a product how of she mirrors peoples darkest fears and insecurities back at them. And guess what? They don’t like what they see!

      If you’re still around I’d like to get clued in to how to get involved into a more equitable and detailed discussion with her and her followers. The FETHEZ HUB and the YouTube postings seem to be a dead ends and the ask.fm site is too restricted for a real 2 way conversation. What is the best way to get in touch with her group of interested people. Thanks!

  62. Char

    Seriously? is she actually for real? haha fucking dumb ass bitch! And yes this is coming from a women! Seriously as if this will happen stupid bitch haha :’) it’s pathetic how feminists want the same rights as a man but think that it is okay for them themselves to act worse then a man. I have seen women attack men and say he can’t hit her back because he is a man. Bitch no if you are gonna think you are something special and attacking a man because you feel like it or you don’t like whats said he should be able to hit you back! After all you are asking for the same rights as him! fucking idiots!

  63. Logan Clark

    And she really doesn’t conceive that at that point the human race would be doomed to extinction.

  64. Logan Clark

    On the otherhand she’s probably going to fail unless she somehow takes over governments…

    Womens rights are awesome but, this is too far. She has her no morals, and probably does not have any value for human life, because what she’s proposing is the deaths of billions of innocent people. That’s the only way someone could accomplish something like that within decades.

  65. Branden

    It’s apparent to me that she was either sexually abused or in a abusive relationship or both. Which is a shame and unfortunate. She needs to seek professional help and keep good people in her life. Blame the goose, not the gander. Whoever did those things to you and all those alike should be punished, not all men.

  66. Richard Huller

    Ok this seems like an group efforts on my side.
    1. If your naked your vid would get more hits.
    2. If your naked you’ll get more (Avid) followers.
    3. I (we) know how to shut her up. Just put a ( or a few) dick(s) in her mouth.
    4. Your just mad because you failed home economics.
    5. You where dumped right before prom?
    6. Did your girl friend leave you for a guy?
    7. Your favorite toy broke?
    8. Your daddy doesn’t love you? (enough to use lubricant) like I said team effort
    9. The boys from Brazil was wrong it was the girl from the south. (Just wait till Krieger from archer hears about this)

  67. Destiny

    I guess her baby-daddy messed her up bad.

  68. j'mappellelupe

    I’ll admit she does gives off the creepy vibe.. and she may even be coo coo, BUT… you gotta admit, 10 girls for every 1 guy! Thats a bomb ass ratio !! Guys would be the ones being pursued for once haha 10:1 girl ratio.. i’ll literally have to beat em off of me.. one for every day of the week!! jk but idk i am booty blinded by the idea so who knows.. i would try it out tho.. for at least a lil while and see where things go

    1. Blacksun388

      Perhaps you missed the bit about forced castration, getting prostate milked for sperm, and staying in a separate compound completely isolated from women because you can’t be trusted in normal society. Besides, she’s getting rid of 90% of the worlds men. Odds 9:1 against you being one of the survivors. That’s shittier odds then Vegas.

  69. dan67

    The world won’t change until peoples attitudes change. Until we learn to love each other instead of hating everyone. We have to stop letting society shape the way we interact with each other. Everybody love everybody!!

  70. Yeyo

    Kid!! Mad bcos she’s sex starved hihi

  71. Pandora

    So this crazy kid has some you tube followers…since when does that mean that anything said is relevant and/or not completely insane? Justin biieber has a lot of followers too….just saying

  72. David

    She is beautiful

  73. Mad Mel

    Same nut job that wanted to turn Father’s Day in to “international castration day” – neither she nor her fellow misandrist are much to worry about

  74. Mary S

    She knows for a fact this will happen? If that’s the case and she is intending to do it herself along with her “friends family and followers” then she will be incarcerated good luck you won’t get anywhere with your plan. Im a woman and I don’t agree with this one bit

  75. Multi

    She is obviously not thinking right. What she is saying is that males cause all the problems in the world, they are the ones that cause wars, they are a savage gender with no morals. Hmm…reminds me of the nazis. This a very one sided argument which is wrong. This human race is always at war, it’s in our nature, it’s in our blood, the only thing in our way of total peace is tolerance. Her idea of disposing of one gender is preposterous and crazy. What’s in it for the males? Discrimination and forced labour? Even death if they don’t comply? A life of isolation and hate, what kind of sick, messed up and cruel way of life would this be? This is a Nazi belief and goes against every human right a male has. Males are humans to, not all of them are savage cruel monsters..personally I believe that a world of peace is impossible no matter how hard one may try…and believing you can achieving it by wiping out a gender is sick…
    We are all part of this world, we live together, we fight together, we die together as a species..male and female alike. Both genders make up this planet. Extinguishing one will disrupt this balance.
    There must be another way, a way in which no one gets hurt, a way in which both genders are not discriminated against.
    Think about it. Would you want your loved ones to be hurt? Would you want your son or husband, your father to suffer because some sick messed up woman says it’s right? Say to yourself and think, would this work for everyone or no one at all?

  76. BBB

    What a joke!

  77. NoNutz

    “I don’t believe in brutal process.” — but still wants milk me and cut my balls off. Makes sense.

  78. Ian

    I’m happy that she can express these thoughts so articulately when they come from such a thoughtless place. I am sure that men have been responsible for her hard times, or those of other women she knows, but that’s an awfully silly excuse towards promoting such a hard line position. It will never happen, and is therefore not worth any additional thought.

    But one more: does she imagine herself queen of this new world? Because, without killing off some of the remaining men through separate tactics, she will not live long enough to see 90 percent of the world’s population be female. Just a thought.

  79. ksa

    Lonely mother with a child, what would You expect. She was left by her boy, got a child in her Young age-her fault. Putting aside the guy was an asholle. Yet she is wrong: one do not has to divide the world between man and woman – this isn’t XIX century. People divide into people not sex now lul.

  80. Monica

    If I will meet myself -I will kill her,
    in the name of humanity.

  81. Guy

    She’s hot

  82. against hitler

    I hope you realize you are fucking insane! No you will not succeed. HITLER, that sick, insane fuck, such as yourself tried something similar. The world proved that we wouldnt let a person like that succeed with his disgusting plan. You talk like you have world wide followers that are going to do something like abort their male babies. I really just want you to know you have more people disgusted with you than those who agree. You will die alone and live a sad life if this is your belief system. Any plan to exterminate human beings man or woman is absolutely disgusting and you need years and years of counseling

  83. Debra

    I think she’s plagerized her entire “philosophy”
    directly from an old series pilot
    written by Gene Roddenberry. I call Poe

  84. Some dude

    Anyone else notice the symbol in the upper right of her video looks like a cock and balls? Hahahaha

    1. LibertyDoll

      I actually noticed that too, hahaha.

  85. Jake

    See what would happen if try to cut my nuts off.

  86. Youralldumb

    Your all idiots!!! Here’s a fucking idea why don’t you all sop your fucking whining (men and women) and nut up and fight against something worth fighting for!!! My god we are slowly losing our country and our world and all you dumb fucks do is bitch and complain about race and sex…do me a favor and shut up!!! Seriously wake the fuck up…I have no faith in humanity anymore because not one of you is willing to sacrifice their Facebook time to actually do something…this is why our world is gonna end!!! Seriously though shut up and the stupid chick in the video is probably pissed cause she got cheated on and now she thinks she knows all the answers, well she doesn’t, she’s another Maury child!!! Fucking idiots…seriously kill yourselves

    1. Nicholas

      Wow, lol, tisk tisk, such ANGER, hah, sorry but you and people like you, full of anger and hatred and low IQs are the ones destroying this country. Learn to speak to people because cursing and text-screaming makes everyone see you as an ignorant ,angry ,prepubescent girl instead of someone to be taken seriously. Really? You are telling people that THEY cant give up their Facebook time to “actually do something” ….WHILE ON FACEBOOK YOURSELF !!!?? Really ? Lol, talk about ignorant. You are the one who really needs to be sterilized, stupidity has been reproduced enough already. Wow.

  87. Matt

    This was all a big joke, and the Femitheist has already stated this fact multiple times, even before this article game out. Liberty Doll just doesn’t care about that fact, she just wants more people to read her stuff I suppose? Like I said on her page on Facebook, she makes a good reporter, just telling things, not checking to make sure the story was true or not, just trying to get people riled up, yea, she makes a good reporter.

    But people are so upset about this, that they don’t even try to read what the Femitheist actually said, about this or about anything else. Not that it matters really, I actually expect Liberty Doll to even delete this comment so no one sees that she has posted an article, most likely not the first, about something without telling people that it was all a joke, even though she knew it was, and just wanted to get the views from it

  88. Derp

    She assumes too much that women wouldn’t be susceptible to the corruption and nationalism, otherwise I’d be all for the idea. but in real world you might as well just reduce world population by 90% and weed out anyone judging by iq and predisposition for violence.

  89. Alex

    So she insinuates mass genocide is THE ONLY way to achieve peace…for thousands of years war has happened because of the past events and the events before that etc etc…I’m pretty sure she has completely forgotten about a certain incident that occurred in the early 30’s-mid 40’s. It didn’t turn out to well.

  90. Horrified.

    I am horrified and down right disgusted! Who do they think they are? Is this some kind of joke? NOT LAUGHING.

  91. Saer

    Shit. You are bumblefuck insane. Feminism doesn’t want your type… Let’s hope you’re a stupid troll. Eek.

  92. Frank W Brown

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but 
not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or 
to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a 
check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not 
to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that 
was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from 
owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty 
F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but 
not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make 
you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is 
run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a
 wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman 
in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head 
searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but 
is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions 
of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his 
teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class 
in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more 
government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with 
Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free
 cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses 
but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to 
provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment 
checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was 
diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest 
big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a 
wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government 
forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself 
makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, author unknown, please spread it far and wide!

  93. Cherie Dorsey

    This woman is a bonafide whackjob and should be housed in an asylum. God made them male and female and his design was for them to marry and procreate. The woman was made from Adam’s rib to walk by his side and be his helpmeet. Her plan to do away with 90% of the male population is idiotic and she’s another male basher who just needs to STF up.

  94. Manuel

    In the famous words of Eric Cartman, “you get your bitch ass in the kitchen and make me a pie!”

  95. BikerBill

    She makes Hitler’s “final solution” sound somehow benign. What a moron! I’m curious how she plans to convince men this is a good idea. Given that men own the majority of the firearms in this country and probably the rest of the world as well, a band of Femitheists showing up at the door with a pair of snips and a collar are in for a big surprise. While I totally disagree that a God made man and woman, the fact is they exist and provide a structure to raise and nurture the next generation. And suggesting that men are idiots who would willingly move to a compound where their every need is being seen to is just a pipe dream. She is kinda cute, maybe she just needs a husband and a few kids to bring an end to her dream of world domination.

  96. Analyst1701

    I wonder how she’d explain these: Jezebel, Elisabeth Bathory, Blanche Taylor Moore, Aileen Wournos, Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, Lizzie Borden, Myra Hindley, Rosemary West, Kristen Gilbert, Nannie Doss, Marybeth Tinning, Beverly Allitt, Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood, Karla Homolka, Dorothea Puente, Juanna Barraza (whose victims were all female), Francisca Ballesteros… all multiple murderers, all female.

  97. Disturbed

    This would be easier to digest if she herself were a man. I would love to see her propose the same model if she were to be affected negatively. Whether she is legit or not or if this is even a hoax is besides the point as guaranteed there will be at least one person who will happily go along with this – because of what they stand to “gain” and to those people I say this

    What makes me angry is that people like her are more than happy to watch men go to war, work themselves into the grave to support a family who has no respect or gratitude or stand back while a man builds them a house or repairs a car.

    Can women do this as well? Absolutely. However in most circumstances they do not

    The idea that men are totally at fault for everything wrong with the world is a disgraceful notion. Exactly how can you stand their and claim you have absolutely no fault in the descent of humanity to where we lay now. Your brothers, uncles and sons helped build the world that we all live in. To completely neglect this is just ignorant

    What it really comes down to, is the feminists do not argue for equality, they argue for a complete slant in the other direction. What, is it their turn or something. Why if you are so hurt by an injustice would you be compelled to impose the same in return. It is classic human nature to want revenge or to make others hurt the way you have but it dosent mean it’s right.

    Let’s not forget there are injustices men face too. Men face an uphill battle in custody battles no matter how bad the mother is, men have the expectation from society to be a sole bread winner while a woman has children and in some cases never returns to work, conscription, the lost goes on.

    I’m definitely all for fair pay and fair opprtunity, but only if the parties are evenley matched

    The real message here is that this woman has probably been hurt by a man. Badly.

    But to compact a negative experience and generalise it towards an entire gender is idiotic. That would be like saying, a woman cheated on me so I give up on relationships and will find a way to abolish them.

    I have lots more to rant about, but I will end here by saying this woman is an imbecile who needs to be sterilised and whoever not only agrees but actively supports her is an even bigger imbecile

  98. She's insane, you're all silly

    She’s hot tho. I’d put it in her butt

  99. Rylie

    She must not realize that with out men, the human race can’t repopulate, which means, GASP, no more women! Sorry I’m not sorry, but this woman is an idiot and I hope she knows that whatever her “plans” are, will not happen. Oh and having the attitude that she is 100% right tells me she has some major mental illness. (I’m BA in psychology working on PhD).

  100. rbarre

    She’s all of 22, her teen years must have been a riot. Commit her before she hurts herself or someone else.

  101. Nicholas

    This is why they call it “Hysteria”, after the Medical term for “Uterus”, because women have been known to be the more emotionally , mentally and hormonally unstable of the sexes. Not to mention WAY more devious, cold, calculating and overcompensating doing ANYTHING for vengeance. This ignorant chick is crazy if she thinks her and her nutty followers will come and castrate or kill me, my wife is CRAZY and she is armed, and she is the ONLY woman I ALLOW to have influence over me. Lol. My cajones may be metaphorically “in her purse”, but thats as far as they are going ! ! Hahaha. Id say the FBI needs to consider her a Domestic Terrorist and lock her ass up in the padded rooms!!

    1. Timothy

      I love how you claim women are emotionally and mentally unstable and then, in the very next sentence, claim they’re cold and calculating.

      Are you trolling or just an idiot?

      1. Zo0tie

        No, I think he’s having his period. Makes him emotionally , mentally and hormonally unstable. 😉
        If women have it why do they call it menopause? He better watch out for his wife…

        In the bedroom the quiet bedroom the Bobbit sleeps tonight
        In the kitchen the quiet kitchen Lorena takes the knife
        A weenie whack, a weenie whack…

  102. Jay

    So let’s say she pulls this off. What happens in her brave new world the first time someone’s car needs an oil change or someone needs to open a jar?

    Seriously, I can’t say I’m too worried about this scenario. There are too many dangerous utopian plans out there that have real support by large numbers of people. The chance of this one even coming close to happening is nil.

    1. Zo0tie

      I presume you’re joking. I have a very effective jar opener in my kitchen drawer. Oil changes are easy if you have the right tools and training. My grandmother used to wring chicken necks and gut them. However women might be more motivated to develop electrically powered mass transport and use protective gloves and splatter shields to minimize exposure to noxious chemicals, just like saftey professionals recommend and men often ignore as ‘sissy’ gear.

  103. Bruan

    dont think killing all the men would change wars. because theres always going
    to be some crazy mother F…*cough* like this bundle of joy above, trying to lead people
    and people to fight for them. last time I checked, woman also go to war. most people think
    when a person goes to war, they’re doing it because they’re a ruthless killing machine with
    no compassion. but no, they’re doing it to protect others. they’re doing it because no one else
    has the damn guts (women included) to put their life on the line.

    to say men arent capable of compassion and that women only are..

    you’re just as bad as her.

  104. LarryK

    What a freaking idiot she is!

  105. lightningbolt

    You are not going to reason with this kind of severe psychosis, it’s not possible. She needs a rubber room and the proper medications, and possibly a straightjacket too.

  106. Briana

    This bitch needs to die. That’s all there is to it. She has a 3 year old kid (poor child). And she thinks it’s ok to kill off all the men? Bitch you spread your legs for some guy. Lmao.

  107. Wolf

    Oh wow she got her inspiration from Cher’s song “This is a Women’s World”
    The bitch don’t realize this is just a song.

  108. Ziggeroth

    sooo she wants the saem thing we had in the middle ages… only reversed? or am I missing something big here?

  109. oldwolves

    Nazi. Nazi beliefs. Nazi theory. Nazi excuses.All that’s missing is her making men wear yellow stars of David.

  110. Michael Huff

    This is absolutely chilling. This young woman is a real-life, megalomaniacal supervillain.

  111. Dank Donkerson

    I’m all for sending this woman (or is it womyn?) to Iraq to discuss this with ISIS

  112. robert

    She has a child so someone had to breed with her. I feel sorry for him.

  113. Jay Halvorsen


    Is what people will say more often if this, by some extremely unlikely chance, had some sort of effect on the population. Also want to make this clear, males get sexually assaulted too.. a LOT more than people think.

  114. Timothy

    Feminism is the belief that the two genders are equal and should be treated as such. So it boggles my mind when I see women say “I’m not a feminist.” So, you would like to lose the ability to own property and vote? Because, without feminism, you’d go back to being a second class citizen.

    The problem with feminism is that it’s being hijacked by extremists. The people who desperately want to find something wrong with EVERYTHING EVER and the people who think women are innately superior. I just had to unfriend someone on facebook because she was posting how much all men are scum. I responded “Hey now. :(” and she said “Well, you’re the very rare exception.” Can you imagine if I had said all women are whores except the ones on my friends list? I’d be fucking lynched! These are NOT feminists they are female supremacists. When you go on about how the other gender is all shit then you aren’t fighting for equality anymore. You’re propping yourself up as the superior gender. These people are giving the anti-feminist crowd all the ammunition they need.

    So now anti-feminists (male supremacists) are armed with blog posts and tumblr tangents. It doesn’t matter if those posts are the rantings of idiots and female supremacists. In their mind they finally have proof of what their paranoia and insecurities have been telling them for years. Women are coming to destroy everything they love. It’s like taking pictures and blog posts of the Westboro Baptist church and saying this is what all Christian are. Even though the vast majority of Christians blatantly fucking hate Westboro.

    Both sides are dragging the word feminism through the mud. Both sides are a bunch of reactionary dumb asses running around screeching and throwing their shit at each other like a pack of monkeys.

  115. john

    The mistake she makes is she is talking about killing male warriors who she and her kind would last about two seconds with.I don’t need anyone else to take out her and her helpers trying to take me.We have the guns and the muscle,moron,,,,,,you have a college fantasy and when you get into the real world you will realize you ain’t tough enough to stomp a skinny jackrabbit and you will want a man that can actually defend you.

  116. pepperpot

    The female is the more deadly of the species – Kipling

  117. Mitch

    No, if I was on there I would be depressed, you could give me all the things I need for free, but what would that do? I would loathe being there. I would also be yearning for companionship, what if I tried being gay? Then it turned out I was not, would I just have to settle on being alone all my life? That’s just.. Depressing, and also not knowing your child, that’s sad for the man and the woman. On another note, men are not livestock, neither are women, everyone should be equal. And what of the kids? Not knowing who your parent are, or experiencing growing up? Going on your first date, trying things out, I mean, it can be done, but.. It just seems hollow without the other gender, let them experience what they want, not what you want them to

  118. freonfreakone

    This young woman is either a clever prankster, or a narcissistic loon. Either way, her ideas on ‘female genetic superiority’ stress the perceptions of credulity of anyone with half a brain, and have less than a snowballs chance in a raging inferno of ever becoming mainstream. She obviously either doesn’t understand genetics, or chooses to ignore the empirical scientific evidence that states exactly the opposite of what she believes; fact, not theory. So I say, let her have her fun. She’s no threat, and society has far more intensly important things to worry about, like the mating habits of gadflies.

  119. Blacksun388

    Here is some food for thought: The world is split into an almost perfect 1.08:1 ratio of men and women, an almost perfect 50/50 split. 7,258,335,120-ish people on the entire planet. 3,629,167,560 human inhabitants of this planet are male. By reducing the male population by 90% you would leave only 362,916,756 males on the planet. You would be responsible for the greatest act of mass genocide in the history of the world, far greater than any man has achieved, greater than Hitler and Stalin combined.

    Following that, because of the lack of men by you cutting them by 90% that would likewise correspond to a gigantic drop of birth rates in general. In 2010 the Population Reference Bureau found approximately 140 million births occurred in the year and 56.7 million deaths. Cutting the father out of each couple for 90% of the couples would drop this rate to 14 million or less (because lets face it, access will be restricted as the resource is rare and not all women will go with this plan anyways). If nothing else changed and the population of males stayed the same at this rate the entire human race would be wiped out in less than an a century. But that’s just a simple linear regression. There are other factors too: Women who reject your ideology, Men who reject your ideology, infertility, disease wiping out or diminishing your male stock, war over scarce resources between women (yes, it WILL happen), and the ethical implications in the minds of others of you exterminating half the planet. And your so called solutions to the birth rate will likewise be rejected. When it comes to light what you are trying to achieve with genetic manipulation belligerents will burn all progress (progress that, may I remind you, is the doing of mostly men) to the ground to stop you. You will have to start everything from square one and if you do achieve results it will be far too late to recover to save the human race from extinction.

    Not convinced? Then consider this English lesson: “Utopia” comes from the Greek: οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) and means “no-place”. The entire idea of the Greek philosophy in this case is that no perfect (read: absolutely peaceful and absolutely free of want) society is ever achievable. As humans have infinite wants, something engraved into our basic natures that NOBODY can change, and finite means to satisfy them, conflict is inevitable. And guess what you have just done? You have made a limited but common resource extremely rare, almost non-existant considering the scale of population. What happens when resources become scarce? Conflict. WAR.

    “But all women will believe in my way. There will be no war because we can agree this is the best course!” you might argue.

    NO. I swear on every worldly possession I own that there will always be one person, male or female, that will challenge that assertion. If you haven’t noticed yet people do not like being told what to do be they male or female. There will be people who want what you have and any attempt to quell them will only inspire more violence. They will make war to control the last males on earth and wrest power away from you. This will serve to expand the death rate on the planet; The death rate already well beyond the rate of birth. You will watch as your supposed peaceful society burns around you by the very women you thought would make it possible.

    You believe that removing 90% of men will bring world peace?


  120. jenna

    Crazy bitch needs a slap and to come back to reality stupid girl obviously has a very closed mind. She is an idiot most of the time the reason men are bad is because of up bringing saroundings and the people in their lives my husband had a good up bringing lovely parents a good education and a good support network and he is a very loving and caring man he looks after me and our three sons and is very respectful so don’t tar every mam with the same brush you silly little girl grow up and get educated

    1. Fred

      Let me correct you right there, Jenna. Men are NOT bad… we are what we are. Some men do “bad” things, but a lot of men do good things as well. Lots of women do “bad” things too, so please banish this attitude from your mind that “men are bad”, and it’s mostly psychotic feminist bitches like this one that have put that idea into women’s minds in the first place, through their brainwashing. They ignore, take for granted, and never talk about the MANY things men have done in history, and still do, to make their lives easier, protect them, and provide them with things that they want (through men’s physical labor, creativity, and intelligence), but never fail to miss anything that men have done that was harmful or destructive, and make sure they tell everyone about it, to convince us of what terrible people men are. No wonder our society is so screwed up… and nothing has made men lose respect for women more than spoiled, man-hating modern American feminism, in my opinion. Think about it… :O)

  121. killthatbitch

    She sounds like rusty vagina’d bitch that got knocked up and had a handicapped baby, that she blames on the father because he doesn’t want shit to do with her crazy ass so she hates all men for it. Her ideas would be only possible if men were to willingly give up, and given the fact that everyone would have an idea what kind of crazy this bitch is. She’d get killed off along with all of those that see her side of things. As far as her ideas go they sound like total bullshit nothing original all ideas of others. I would love to see her list of “experts” and all of her statistical data, and all if any research findings to her theories.

  122. Joseph

    Why isn’t her and her religion and her group being labelled as terriost!? May god guide her or break her back ameen!! Freaking physco

  123. D. Morton

    She thinks that a society of all women will be without conflict. That’s funny…really funny.

  124. Chief Cane

    What’s up with White women and reservations?

  125. Dana Taylor

    This loon faked her own suicide, obituary and all. Look it up.

    1. LibertyDoll

      I’ve actually seen it. Pretty intense.

  126. James

    She proposes to put men into “reservations where their life needs will be met.” Sounds a lot like what Hitler said to the jews to get them to board the trains… Also, she is entirely wrong about the reason of life. It’s not just about having your needs met, it’s about being happy. Being used as slave labor, yes it is slavery, as the masters still provided food and shelter for their slaves, and as baby makers will not make many men happy.

  127. Aaron

    This woman needs to learn more about socialization and then rethink her plan. Men are not predestined from birth to be inferior to women it’s just that men have always been able to dominate women and thus many patterns in behavior and the relationship between men and women and the roles in society of men and women have come out of that. The amount of effort and public support she would have to gain to accomplish this plan would be better spent and more likely to actually succeed just making steps forward for women especially in the top leadership and decision making roles in society. Once women really posses equal power in this world there is no reason to suppress men. I see she is a criminology major. She probably got this idea in her head when she saw that about five times as many men are imprisoned as women. But this is a product of generations of male roles being ingrained in men and also the fact that men are just stronger and more likely to succeed in violent crimes. If society consisted of 90% women, there would be stronger women who would begin to commit crimes because they could. Stats don’t speak to what a certain population must do, only what they are doing or have been forced to do. There is a disproportionate amount of african americans in prison but that doesn’t mean they are genetically inferior and should be suppressed. It just means that they are discriminated against, still live in more poverty, and with poverty comes crime and did I mention they get targeted by police. Boys are socialized to be more aggressive by being given superhero toys, playing more sports, and just watching the behavior of other boys/men. A long term goal of keeping the male population at 10% assumes there is something genetically flawed in men that causes them to ruin society. The trajectory of male dominance began because people are ALL selfish and if a man or person can dominate others he very well may (look at slavery or minimum wage workers). We have finally reached a point in society where we are beginning to enforce equality and that’s great! Change is often slow and it takes generations to curtail the effects of thousands of years of the stronger dominating the weaker. If women were stronger they would have dominated men. Look at other animals or even insects like the female praying mantis who eats the head off the male. I doubt they have testosterone flowing through their veins but they are stronger and they dominate. With tasers, pepper spray, martial arts available to everyone, and even guns women are no longer physically at a disadvantage to men should they choose to employ these options. We have laws and police and prisons to deter crime and promote equality. Enough said. This woman should have learned a little more about the true differences or lack of differences between men and women and where they come from and where they are headed before she made her extreme idea about the way things should be.

  128. Matt

    The beginning stages of a crazy cat lady.

  129. Alexander

    To put lightly, if u try to do this, ur little cult will die by the USMC. Not just us but the US Military in general, u will die, we don’t care who u think u are. We have more then enough ammo for all of u, and I for one would love to be the guy who cuts off ur head. Life should not be wasted, but if u give an a reason like genocide or killing for no reason, then it will be my pleasure to take ur life and anyone who follows u.
    Samuel A. Frailey IV, LCpl. USMC.

    1. ixasa

      yes sir im not in the military but i want this bitch to be ready for war if thats what she wants thats what shes gonna get

    2. Aaron

      I could see her loosing it and going on a shooting rampage, or else someone killing her. In any case she needs to calm down and try to find a job and some interests that she can get passionate about that are not genocidal. Maybe she will do something mildly illegal and get court ordered to therapy.

  130. Tom

    Well said, long live America and it’s military machine.

  131. Watson and Daughter

    This isn’t feminism; this is blatant misandry.

  132. Jerry

    I have to say she is the most ridiculous woman I’ve ever seen. How she sleeps at night is beside me to understand. I think her mind is completely f’ed up. And she is entirely in need of serious medication (or is on some without much care). I cannot tell you how much she makes me want to throw up. Gross mind, gross soul. Lost individual. To which I have no sympathy at all for.

  133. Tseng

    She obviously hasn’t read any of the billion of books out there with idea’s just like hers and it shows how those systems FAIL horribly. As someone that lived with 90 other females during boot camp in one massive room… having THAT many girls all in one room is a fucking HORRIBLE idea. I’m sorry buy by nature women don’t seem to get along with one another, and you get that many all in one room and they turn on each other, especially since menstrual cycles all sync up and that is just disaster all on it’s own.

    She also has yet to address the fact when you reduce the male population by that much but use them as ‘studs’ you are going to start running into inbreeding.

    I’m a woman and this bitch is just a crack pot and I really feel sorry for her child (i hope to god it’s not a boy). When i read what she said about aborting male babies I just cringed and had to remember my twin sons are asleep and not to go hug them. That is horribly wrong as one thing you would have to be 20 weeks+ to find out the gender… that is full up murder.

  134. Human Sacrifice

    It’s bitches like this that makes me want revive Ted Bundy just so he can bash her head in and fuck her dead body!

    She makes even the deadliest serial killers look like heavens angels!

    Dirty feminists….

  135. Speare

    If it was a guy posting something like this (wanting to eliminate 90% of women), he’d probably get fired/expelled. All the feminists would organize a witch hunt for him. Just sayin’

    1. Aaron

      I totally agree. There are too many people out there who think that a minority cannot discriminate and that is not true. Just try walking around detroit at night.

  136. Just sayin

    Honestly, all this talk of all men making the world wrong, or all women making the world wrong, etc. It’s all bologna, honestly the future will either end in our own destruction not as men or women but as a whole, humans in general, we will either fail to adapt or we will eventually advance to the stage of the new world order, but hopefully not to the crazy extent of reducing world pop etc, but to the extent all religion will be free to pursue, or atleast a globally accepted one, one language, one currency, and we somehow figure out ways to really make everyone truly equal, rights anyway, the problem with that is, it will be extremely hard to get past the “Currency age” You will always have your “poor, your in between, and your rich” Which if you have a one world government you have to get past this dilemma.

    Let me explain, If you have currency still, there in itself is the problem, currency will lead to people either being poor, middle, rich, poor will have to work for the rich, the middle will have a bigger pull on things, and the rich will continue to use their wealth to fund, impose things, etc and to fund new projects and expand, which is nice and all, but the problem again is, is that really equal? Some would argue yes, each person has the same rights and could change their status from poor, to middle, to rich, which ok, but as the now, would it be truly equal at that very moment? Then no. There lies the problem, every man or woman would want more, were needy and greedy, the poor extremely poor, and desperate, would cause problems, such as crimes etc, which would affect the ifrastructure of the middle, and the rich, if the rich didn’t have his poor doing the hard jobs etc, then they too would fail because what good is all that wealth, if what made it failed… It’s a crazy concept, but it’s true when you think about it, which leads me to say, I fail to see us moving forward or advancing, if we still have currency, or this view of all equal, because it wouldn’t be.

    Thats just one part of it, now religion,

    Look a just what religion alone has done the past few decades, Islam radicals, they basically are doing what they truly believe is “right” It basically says right in there that if a man fails to accept the doctrine, they have the right to chop off their head within their land” So basically anyone they deem not Islamic that is on there land, is basically subject to having their head chopped off, in a nutshell, and though yes I grew up as a christian, I even view some radical christians negative aswell, especially the snobby ones that say ohhh your of the devil or evil if you cut your hair as a women, or a man with long hair, or if you have sex before marriage, etc etc, sure nothing as drastic as chopping someones head off, but christian views can be just as vile if someone takes them to the extreme, pisses off the other religion with these extremes, and there ya go, war over religion, that is why one religion would have to rule, however would it be jesus christ? would it be allah? Or would it just be the creator? Who knows, but here lies another problem, people that are stuck in there ways, would they accept just christ, or allah, or a creator, therefore not everyone would agree on just one religion, but if you had multiple, radicals would ruin that one aswell… It’s a no win win.

    So as you can see, the extreme New world order, taking out the majority of the population, neither male nor female matters, but as whole, would lessen these problems if you had a small group originally accept these ideals, and then build upon them, however, your gonna have a huge war if you try to off 95% of the population…. So that doesn’t sound very plausible now does it?

    Which leads to… ultimately, we will destroy ourselves, because of all these different versions of what we could become. Scientists say One world government or rather us as humans will eventually fully harness our earth and to do that must all become one nation or at-least equally govern ourselves as a whole and then space is the final frontier, homes on other planets, all that good stuff. But to do that, we have to get past these flaws, which almost seem like an impossible obstacle… So off almost all the males, your still going to have religion setting you back, your still going to have poverty and currency holding you back, etc, Off the females, well… im sure most males wouldn’t want that anyway, but lets say we did, the same thing, you still have religion, and currency what do ya know holding you back…

    and thats just two major problems, currency, religion, a form of control, currency to get what you need, and religion, to follow a somewhat form of behavior or laws, those two are crucial and break down to food, supplies, etc. You need currency for supplies, you need the religion or behavior aspect to keep people in line to perform work to get currency to pay for their needs, etc.. It’s a triangle effect and it cant be broken.

    It may be long and sound crazy, but when you really think about it, that’s the truth of it. Humans and our ways is the culprit, maybe that’s why god just wanted to flood the earth? lol Anyway enough rambling maybe I just drank too much and it’s 3 am, who knows lol

  137. ixasa

    This bitch is crazy I’ve lived with a single mom my grandmother and there single mother friend all of which were single divorced moms and I have no problem with womens rights in fact i support womens rights but the moment you start talking about almost genocide of an entire gender, bitch you better be ready for fight or a bullet in the head im not gonna sit around and let you turn men into caged animals. anyone who agrees and would like to help start a counter movement email me ixasa00@outlook.com

  138. Darth Stacker

    This lady should move to North Korea and see how 1 persons utopia really is everyone elses nightmare

  139. just somebody

    “For peace…” As long as everyone looks, acts and believes differently, there will always be conflict, no matter what the gender ratio is.

  140. Jeffery Schreiner

    When articles are written like this, it just sheds light on the need for education and mental health services in the south.

  141. Nobody

    Anyone remember the 50’s? When a woman would get smacked for something like this?

    1. Relive50s

      Relive the 50s now !

      ALL HAIL 50s !

      Heil 50s !

  142. Anon

    She believes in equality by enslaving men, separating them from society, not paying them, and using them as “Studs”? I don’t think she quite understands what the word “equality” means…

  143. skylene


  144. Siete

    International castration day?
    I fear not, they’ll need a nuclear bomb to even scratch my godlike penis.

    1. Zo0tie

      Actually they’ll only need three women. Two if they have a stun gun. One will have a pair of scissors cooing, “Don’t worry sweetie. It’ll all be over in a second. Just close your pretty eyes and take a deep breath…” 😉

  145. Ashley

    She is no feminst
    Little girls like her are the reason people don’t know the true meaning of feminism .
    The reason they don’t take it seriously and why it has become just a stupid trend.

  146. Belmont

    So she’s basically following in Hitler’s footsteps claiming that males are a virus to the world. I feel really badly for whoever conceived with this woman. She should be thrown in an insane asylum.

  147. anonymous

    stupid cunt

  148. Hitler's Ghost

    Interesting, and crazy. I like it!

  149. Eli

    Feminism is not a problem women deserve rights like men BUT THIS..?
    THIS is not fucking right. Just because women need rights, doesn’t mean they need the right to be superior. Superior to men. Men shouldn’t be superior either. To achieve world peace we must unite and fight against the elite. The real enemy. And as long as there is someone controlling, there will be no peace or freedom.

  150. Jess

    This girl is a complete psychopath. She doesn’t know what she is saying cause at 22 you have NO impact on anyone. I am a chick and I love sucking balls so no way am I gonna let anyone do that to my boy. We dealt with Jermain Grear we can deal with this idiot too. FYI all the idiots who agreed with this twit, you should look up the Third Reich. They had no brain cells either.

  151. Janna

    This actually has me flaming mad. I can’t believe there are fucking twits like her on this planet. I only ever hung out with dudes for this reason, women are so fucked up and retarded I can’t even stand most of them. This is coming from a chick, not meaning to point out I am female for attention but this goes to show even us females don’t like these fucking idiots. I don’t want to be lesbian, I wouldn’t go lesbian for stupid experiments because I like my men. Not all men are little pricks, in fact I have met more amazing men than women. Men are the actual sane ones here it seems.
    Maybe if they were smart enough to shut up about women being in the kitchen bitches like this wouldn’t exist, so really it is the dude’s fault too. But this just proves not all men are great because they too can be scum bags along with women. Pretty happy I know a lot of smart men and they’re my friends and family I like to be around.

  152. A. Graves

    A world full of women?? Nono no thanks….I work with nothing but women, & half the time * wanna kill someone. This girl is purely phychotic! Eliminating baby boys ? How about we focus on the roots of why human beings are the way they are, instead of blaming the male hormone….further more, if that woman ever thought about laying a hand my baby boy, she’d have a huge brawl on her hands. I would hope there are other parents out there that feel the same!

  153. Destiny

    Not to be mean or sexist but arent men built stronger then woman so it would be hard for a woman to force men to do this

  154. Kevin Natera


  155. Mike

    I look forward to rolling over her utopia with the armies of my evil dictatorship. We might even be able to bring back Viking style raiding.

  156. likeDaFck?

    Does this psycho realize that at times woman are more dramatical and outright more crazy than men ?

  157. Me

    I would fuck her so hard she’d forget all about this. That chick is hot.

  158. Thorn

    Somebody please, slap this twat.

  159. jon

    10% to 90%… I actually like the sound of that, it would be so much easier to talk girls into threesomes. Its like hitting the vagina lottery.

  160. CJ

    You’re JUST A C Werd…

  161. Janice

    They should have her on an episode of The Walking Dead as one of the walkers, and have a female character finish her off. Then, peer closely at the walker and comment, “Say, she’s that femitheist I saw on YouTube! Thank God THIS happened, instead of your plan; we all have a better chance at survival.”

  162. Daniel

    “Children should be raised communally and by the state.” – Really? Sounds a bit science fictional, augmented reality, what about we take drugs and get along instead. – Daniel Jones

    1. Zo0tie

      Actually it sounds like what Shulie Firestone recommended in her book The Dialectic of Sex.

  163. Huh

    I read up to the point where she said “my idea is”, and then recalled what it was like when I was 22. Whatever you’re name is, send me your ideas in 20 years, and we’ll see if they’re worth reading then.

  164. non feminist douche

    The thing is is that we may still live in a mostly man’s world but a woman with intelligence can get by I, myself being a female, thing that this is a disgrace to the way of living not all females want to be lesbian nor are we all ignorant fucktards that should not be allowed to breathe, but defiantly should not be allowed to write books our anything like that, men and women are meant to be equal not the others slave its because of people like this I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  165. paul

    If Darwin were alive today she would be his child. She is putting together a publication that liked or disliked, it could go viral and infect the population at large, thus sowing the seeds that led to the garbage of evolution! Now, so few people really know where they came from. Who’s your daddy now? !?

  166. kellie

    I am a professional feminist. I studied Women’s Studies at University in the late 80’s when there was something serious to study. Has this woman read anything by Mary Daly? The parallels between their arguments are compelling. They are also way off and wrong on so many different fronts.

    I feel sorry for her “followers” and “subscribers” They are just as disillusioned if they think this idea would hold any water. It didn’t for Mary Daly, and I doubt it will ever for her.

  167. myjah

    Why don’t they just genetically make men non-violent if they can control everything?

  168. J

    In response to this article, Milburn wrote in a Sept. 7th blog post that “ICD [Internation Castration Day] was not a serious post.”

    Screencap: https://imgur.com/7wqbSiD

    Her claim that it was all a joke is contradicted by an earlier apologia in which she states that she “once advocated [ICD]” but that “we no longer advocate it.”

    Screencap: https://imgur.com/rXRchNp

    Later in the same blog post she refuses to apologize for the things she has written, based on the presumed “fruitlessness” of apologizing:


    In the comments section of the same post, however, she does concede that it was wrong:


    In the same blog post she states, “I absolutely do not, in any way, shape or form, advocate killing anyone, harming anyone, or committing acts of violence against anyone, female or male. Period. Anyone who asserts that this is the case is incorrect. Anyone who claims that I have stated that I want to commit “genocide” or that I want to “kill all men” is mistaken.” […] “I do advocate the creation of a new humanity, a New World, and a 90:10 (female-male) ratio, but I do not endorse achieving this by engaging in any sort of killing, genocide, or any other enactments of violence against anyone. Period.”


    Here’s a page copy of her first blog post about ICD in which she advocates forced genital mutilation and murder of any uncooperative males, stating, “Any man who tries to evade this holiday, “Castration Day”, should be murdered wherever they
    are found (treated as a criminal, as it will be a crime not to attend). Or, forced to attend.
    Regardless of age.”


    This one reads more like fiction than advocacy so maybe it’s fair to give Milburn the benefit of the doubt and assume this is indeed a joke. That being said, she has already acknowledged that International Castration Day was something she “once advocated” and it’s hard to imagine how an event like this could be enforced without violent coercion.

    Maybe she has, in fact, recanted on these immature, misguided and psychopathic beliefs. But she’s being provably dishonest by denying that she ever held this position in earnest.

    1. LibertyDoll

      Interesting, I didn’t even know that her name was actually Milburn. It brings up some interesting search results in Google…

      1. J

        Also, here’s a quote from her manifesto:

        “It is time for the End of Men, and this goes far beyond mere castration. We will wipe them from the Earth, half of the entirety of our population, for the greater good of the least offensive side, and for their own good as well.” [Femitheist Divine, “Re-defining the World: The End of Men,” Website: The New Era of Feminism, June 14, 2012]

      2. LibertyDoll

        I think the link I used when you click “International Castration Day” is it. I did it through a different website though so it didn’t add to her traffic. You can click the link of the original Vice article (click the name above the block quote) as well, as he included it in his. I used the same link that he provided.

  169. J

    Incidentally, Milburn is a student at Indiana University Southeast. I can’t imagine they have much tolerance for hate speech and advocates of violence.

    There’s an excellent case to be made here for expulsion.

  170. Isabelle

    no need for men extermination, what we need to save our planet from all the violence that’s in it is human annihilation. no discrimination we all need to disappear.

  171. Sabrina

    Not only is this completely ridiculous, but it is also completely wrong (and I don’t mean just for moral reasons).
    If we put morality aside for the sake of discussing this as an argument without emotion – as it seems she is attempting and failing to do – then she has completely missed the other necessary components for needing the male species.
    First, by reducing the population of men to 10%, she is expecting all women to “stand up for the call of duty”. Let’s put it this way; not enough women out there would be willing to do that. And even if we weren’t to reduce the population right away and it takes centuries, you’re still asking women to do things they may be physically incapable of doing. The argument of designer babies seems to fix this problem, however, no matter how much research has been done and how much you can design a baby, you cannot change the mind of a human being. The nature vs. nurture argument is what I’m discussing here. Some women may not WANT to be politicians, police officers, nurses, teachers, field workers or whatever job is necessary, meaning we would need to not just decrease the population of men, but increase the population of women who want to only fulfill the duties set out to them by the state. Trying to train men and women to only rise up to the duties set out by the state is more than just difficult, it might be next to impossible. If we just look at the fact that all women and men have estrogen, women more than men, and estrogen controls emotion, how in the world do you expect to balance the high levels of estrogen that walk around in the world? This may be a ridiculous assumption on my part, but I’m only stating it to put this argument into perspective: I, as a woman, feel that an equal number of men balances out the amount of estrogen, and vice versa. It’s as if both sexes acts as a check and balance for each other (while in public). I for one would not – correction, could not – live in a world with only women. Women by nature are usually more competitive in the sense that they will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING it takes to win. This would increase more violence.
    Second: Trying to train (or brainwash, if we want to get extreme) women to not feel a specific sexual preference is an extremely, to put it eloquently, ridiculous assumption. Some women are born liking women and some are born liking men. You can argue that society influences it all you want but I do think that it is another ridiculous statement. Maybe you could argue that when homosexuality was still not accepted, but the majority of the Western World is starting to, if they have not already, accept homosexuality as a norm. In fact, growing up in Canada having gay and lesbian friends, I couldn’t remember a time when it wasn’t considered normal (keep in mind, I was born in the mid 1990s). You are asking human beings to attempt to control their sex drives. Women, just like men, crave sex. It i a natural part of being human. It cannot be changed. Sure, you can argue that women can help those cravings through masturbation, same sex intercourse, however, there is an innate craving that most women have for (watch out G readers, it’s about to get 14A) the male genitalia interacting with the female genitalia. You think that can be reprogrammed in someone’s mind? it isn’t hat simple
    Third, this actually goes against traditional feminist practices. If you are a feminist, you would know that feminism is not necessarily about women being all powerful. It is actually about equality for ALL humans. Yes, shocking. But it’s true. Feminism seeks to gain this equality through the practice of empowering women and advocating for women’s rights. Here is an exact definition:
    the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. (https://www.google.ca/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=feminism%20definition)

    Now let’s look at it from a moral/humanistic perspective
    You want peace? You need to allow EVERYONE the ability to practice whatever religion/belief/culture they choose to. You CANNOT have TRUE peace without giving PEOPLE (not women) free will. Reducing the population and retraining(brainwashing) WILL NOT achieve peace. Haven’t you read 1984? Anthem? The Handmaid’s Tale? ANY DYSTOPIAN NOVEL?!? You will ALWAYS have challengers who will ALWAYS fight you on your imposition of your belief systems. THAT is the cause of a lot of violence we see. NOT MEN. Even if you reduced the population, you really think women wouldn’t start fighting in religious wars? You are asking people to give up their rights. I hope you live happily in your dystopian world on some other planet. I don’t care how many followers you get. You will NEVER convince enough people to give up their rights. And that goes for both men AND women

    TL;DR: This bitch be cray, she gotta go

    1. LibertyDoll

      She denied reading any dystopian fiction ever, and I agree with everything you said above. 🙂

    2. Zo0tie

      If women will do anything to win then why are competitive men in charge of nearly every nation and corporation in the world? I suspect you are looking only at a very narrow sampling of women to come to that conclusion. Nevertheless I agree with you that Krista’s stated program will not work simply because human beings are instinctively programmed to like sex and heterosexuality is a very strong ‘default’ setting for us. The center of the bell curve as it were. But I also accept that we have to make some changes to our civilization of we are to survive as an advanced society. Of course you can munch our cheetos and stick your heads up your butts and hope someone else will fix the problems of war, global warming, peak oil before they break down our door and devour us. Or just pretend it’s all a leftist lie and ignore what our eyes and minds tell us living in a world of orwellian newspeak where war is peace and freedom is slavery and Fox news is really a legitimate news station.

      Krista’s offered a solution. Not a great one and probably derived from a wide variety of sources (Brave New World, Hellstrom’s Hive, World Without Men, Houston Houston Do You Read?, The Dialectic of Sex) despite what the lady says. Do you have one? I do.

      1. Fred

        To answer your question, women are BIOLOGICALLY PROGRAMMED to attract men (pheremones, etc), and men are programmed to be drawn to that (testosterone…), at that point men compete with other men over who has the qualities most desired by the WOMAN, and the fact that strength, power, status, and wealth have come to be the qualities that men seek to achieve (and compete with one another for), is ENTIRELY due to the fact that protecting and providing for women is what WOMEN have demanded of men for thousands of years… though you won’t hear any of the lesbian/Marxist/radical feminist professors focusing on that in your Women’s Studies classes. That would be too much like women taking some responsibility for the way our species has evolved (biologically, and culturally), aka, female agency, and that flies in the face of the white feminist victim narrative, and the defining of men as “oppressors”, that modern American feminists need to make their destructive, hateful, and no longer necessary movement appear relevant (IMO). LOL :O) So no, blaming all wars and violence on men just ISN’T ACCEPTABLE anymore, though I don’t blame you personally for being bombarded with this crap, and men have done terrible things throughout history for sure, but so have a lot of women. Who knows how many people have been killed because a woman put a man up to it, and got him to do her dirty work for her, either in personal matters or for political reasons? YouTube has many examples of women being caught hiring hitmen to kill their husbands (often for insurance/inheritance money), etc… and even the bible contains examples of treachery involving women, 3,000 years ago, so this feminist narrative of innocent women and evil men is just bullsh#t. But again, true, men have more testosterone and can be more violent, and women are generally more nurturing, but feminism seems to be doing all it can to neuter the genders… which isn’t really accomplishing anything, but chaos. More children are killed by women than by men, and children are more likely to be killed by their mothers than anyone else… not even including abortion… another inconvenient fact that feminists ignore, because it undermines their victim narrative. Not to mention the fact that there as much violence, or more in lesbian relationships, than there is in heterosexual ones. Not attacking women at all, because they can be a lot more nurturing and compassionate than a lot of men are, but just balancing out the argument, and defending the honor of my gender… testosterone has build a lot of great things, and saved/defended a lot of people’s lives as well. Anyway, you asked… so that’s my answer. ;O) <3

  172. denverrisley

    She’s right! Wiping out an entire group of people will bring peace! It worked for Hitler…Oh, wait, that started a WORLD WAR. Looks like she is better at taking a wiener than wielding one.

    PS~ Hitler was crazy, too.

    1. denverrisley

      Not to mention, also, that taking 90% of the genetic diversity away from a species results in a final generation of inbred mules no longer capable of reproduction. Gee, I guess genocide for peace is a bad idea.

      1. LibertyDoll

        I had thought of that as well. Apparently that wasn’t included in her genetic research?

        1. Zo0tie

          Mules are a result of the breeding of two separate but closely related species not inbreeding. You should get a refresher on genetics. Also 10% of the male population constitutes umm…350,000,000 men, greater than the total population of America.. Explain to me how that constitutes any measurable reduction in genetic diversity, especially since the female population is 9 times larger and comes from every genetic sample on the earth. Oh sure there will be fewer jocks, punks, and neckbeards but I see that as simple gene pool management.

  173. Jennifer

    Today’s feminists are retards.

  174. Miklos Legrady

    You’d disapprove of men who want to kill women… just sayin

  175. WDW

    Yeah so basically she is broadcasting that she encourages murder of only one particular gener, Males, and that we [males] should be allowed to die to a point of 1-10% of the entire population. Does this idiot realize that she herself came from a male & a woman? Like you didn’t just magically appear here, your parents had to make you, and honestly, women need more males just as males need more women! That’s the cycle of life and our social interaction as Humans…This bitch is crazy, i’ll it at that man, like, bat shit creepy crazy. Anyone who is overjoyed with the thought of a massive killing spree, castration-spree or anything of the sort needs to be looked at for mental help or locked away before they start enacting their plans.

    1. Zo0tie

      Wow! How about those who IMAGINE that other people are planning ‘a massive killing spree, castration-spree or anything of the sort’.
      Ahhh, just like in ol’ Soviet Union anyone who is not friend of the Party must be sent to mental institution for “treatment”.

  176. Breeder

    She obviously wandered away from the asylum and found a computer. Someone please come get her.

  177. Brittany

    Seriously, if someone doesn’t start teaching these people proper spelling and grammar, let the killing spree begin…

    We seriously need to better the education system, when children in Asia are mastering calculus and half of our high school and college students aren’t even taking it… we could at least get 1st grade spelling and 3rd grade grammar under control. Someone needs to get to restucturing our education system and stop letting all the angry mommys and daddys whining about their kids’ grades control the difficulty of the courses they have to take.

    This lady is crazy, and I definitely do not agree with her ideas, but I feel like men do constantly wage wars against each other unnecessarily.

  178. Mike

    This woman is a toilet, plain and simple

  179. Lt. Weeble

    She’s cute with a sexy accent. I’d fuck her…wait what, was she talking about some kind of ideas she has or something? Pffft, who cares?

  180. 2 Pennys

    This has the feel of a PR campaign leading up to the release of “The New Era”. I want to believe this, because otherwise this poor girl is just plain old bat shit crazy.

  181. THE ONE

    there is to many flaws in this plan… the amount of space for error is too wide… I think I have the solution! Reduce the human population to ZERO and then there can be no violence or rape or racism or any form of hate… guys i think we figured it out

  182. Ryan

    This woman is to feminism what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity.

    I nominate a new name for femitheism: Feminist Extremism.

  183. DSWEE

    OMG! Kill it with fire quick!!! errr Nuke it from orbit!!!!

  184. Aspen

    She needs to be locked up, she’s a danger to society. Or she’s gonna get herself killed if she leaves her home.

  185. Brie brie

    She is sadly mistaken if she thinks that the world would be more peaceful. There will always be violence and there will always be war ..sadly this is just a fact of life. I hope to God my son never meets a crazy like this in his lifetime.

    Something tells me this chick was either abused by a man or was screwed over by a significant other….

    1. Zo0tie

      Yes there will always be war and diseases like smallpox…OH Wait! Many good people worked together and actually ELIMINATED smallpox!

  186. Styne

    What a crazy ignorant. Girls like her give women a bad name. I love men, I wouldn’t want them to disappear. Let’s just euthanize this kind of crazy whores.

  187. Zo0tie

    The homicidal/rape responses to Krista just reveal how messed up many men are and how threatened they feel. So she wants to reduce the male population to 10% in a few centuries? What of it? I want to reduce the ENTIRE human population to 10% in THIS century, just as recommended in the Georgia Guidestones. Am I Hitler too for wanting a lower environmentally sustainable population? Any sensible person knows neither Krista’s demographic recomendations or those in the Guidestones have a snowballs chance in hell of being implemented unless something horrible (nuclear war, climate change, world pandemic or famine) happens to us. She’s just a point of view in an ongoing dialog about what to do to solve our world’s problems. Rather than screeching like frightened monkeys and demanding Hitleresque suppression of her voice, maybe you’d be better off making your own recommendations on how to make our world more peaceful, hopeful, and just.

    1. Fred

      “What of it?”, you say??? OK, you ignorant bitch, this “screeching monkey” will take you up on your suggestion, and make my own recommendations on how to solve the population problem. You supreme feminist HYPOCRITE, you’re a poster child for why SO many people hate feminism, INCLUDING more and more women.

      Before I move on to my suggestions, you flaming fucking hypocrite, suppose I (or any man on earth) suggested that we reduce the female population on the planet to 10%, and maintain the male population at 90%, would you STILL say, “What of it??” You fucking imbecile, that question alone invalidates your entire statement, and probably the rest of your political philosophy as well (ie, rabid, man-hating radical feminism).

      Recommendation on how to make our world more peaceful, more hopeful, and more just??? That would have to start by removing ALL of the psychotic, dishonest, brainwashed, man (and boy)-hating, rabid feminists in the world, beginning with yourself. Your hatred of men and disregard for our feelings (“screeching like frightened monkeys and demanding Hitleresque suppression of her voice”), along with the hateful voices of your like-minded feminist Sisters, is one of the leading causes of misogyny and loss of respect (and trust) for women in the Western world, so eliminating your voice (if not by culling, then by removal of your vocal chords, and not allowing you to write or type, either), would not only be a blessing for men, but would significantly INCREASE the safety and happiness of women, and the trust and respect men have for women as well.

      There are a lot of other things that would need to be done, to ensure that men would not have to kill one another for the approval of women, or to seek the WEALTH and POWER that women want men to have before they’ll breed with us (which is of course why men fight most wars, to compete for the wealth and resources that they need to have in order to attract the attention of the most desirable women), but those things would take time, and competition is part of nature anyway, so we might never be able to completely eradicate it.

      For the time being, however, I think the culling of screeching, caterwauling, misinformed, confused, and overly emotional/psychotic feminist women from the planet (along with the feminist boy-toys who do their bidding for them), would be a fine start. After that, once the din of wailing, privileged, first-world white feminist victims had died down so that we could think more clearly, the other required steps needed to solve our remaining problems would no doubt become self-evident, and while the most beautiful and man-appreciating women were being adored and spoiled as they conceived, bore, and nurtured our children, we strong and decisive men would focus our energies and our leadership abilities on solving those problems in true manly fashion… before returning home to procreate with the rest of our beautiful harem, of AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, GRACIOUS, NURTURING, ENCOURAGING, SUPPORTIVE, NON-FEMINIST women… you know, the ones who we consider to be desirable partners, that don’t make our lives (and their own) miserable.

      Those are just a few idea that come to mind right now, that might address the question you so kindly asked… and given your clear compassion and concern for men, I hope that helps elucidate the situation for you… you Nazi bitch!!! LOL ;O)

  188. Brian Corvello

    I’d be terrified of this lunatic…

    IF she were a politician who had even one iota of power in ANY government, which she does not.

    If she actually tries to put any of her insane ideas into practice, her ideas will die when the Federal Marshals are given the order to open fire, and the next day, the media will refer to her and any followers she gained as a terrorist group led by a madwoman.

    1. Zo0tie

      She has about as much political power as you. Maybe a bit more because she has a small but growing number of followers. Do you? Also I suspect she is registered to vote. Are you? It fascinates me that many males like you posting here are so ready to fantasize raping/jailing/killing her for exercising her right to free speech. Where is this pathological fantasizing coming from? I’m really curious. After all Sirhan Sirhan had similar angry fantasies about killing RFK and many of the current pathetic pack of mass murderers had the same twisted fantasies before they started murdering the innocent. I think if Federal Marshals gun down a terrorist group led by a lunatic it may be you instead of her.

  189. alex

    This twit needs one of two things…and soon…..either a stong script for Prozac….or some hormonal meds…..FOLLOWED BY A GOOD MAN WHO WiLL WHO HER WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT.

  190. Scott

    I’m gonna go ahead and guess she’s not getting child support for that poor kid.

  191. Rebekah

    When she got to the part about men being put on farms or reserves, it became obvious to me that this girl is trolling.

  192. jehanzebkhan

    It must keep in mind that , the first who entered into the world was male, in addition in the absence of male the female would not survive as it is an universal truth
    my suggestion is that, there should be equity and both the gender should realize the importance of each other and let the world make a peaceful and full of love destination
    My love for all females, even they are in any category like mother, sister, cousins, wife or girl friend

  193. Zo0tie

    What biology textbook are you reading from? If I were you I’d return it and demand my money back. Or perhaps you’re reading from one of those ‘bibles’ that claim to be the TRUTH. Sorry dat boat done sailed.

  194. alexia

    I agree with this girl and with zootie.Its because of males that the world is a shit bag. They commit 90 percent of all murders, most of all rapes and pedophilia.in relationships they are selfish sex addicts hypocrites and liars. Half of all crimes in my state are men committing violence against women. It makes sense to humanely reduce their numbers over time.

  195. nearoffutt

    I would not trust this immature woman with serving her a beer without an ID card. She should read Brave
    New World and see one possibility about her ideas of selective breeding. Why is anybody giving here coverge?

  196. Judy Tuite

    I believe in selective breeding. What the lady suggests requires a great deal of planning which should commence immediatly. All young men as they approach their twenty first birthday should undergo a rigerous test as to their suitability for breeding purposes. Only the very finest specimens should be licensed as fit for breeding. Castrating those that have failed the test in public sounds a bit messy. Castrating them in the test center’s once they fail the test should be done immediately with a Burdizzo. It is a fast, inexpensive, bloodless method of castration.

    1. Miss McTavish

      Using a Burdizzo instead of the knife to castrate those young men who have been rejected as unsuitable for breeding purposes is a good idea. It will still be great public entertainment for us ladies to watch each young man being led naked onto the raised platform, his head and arms placed in a stock and his legs splayed apart allowing us ladies the thrill of seening his balls hanging down between his thighs. Imagine the sheer thrill one would feel when he screams as the big jaws of the Burdizzo closes shut as they sever his spermatic cords. Roll on National Castration Day.

  197. GaryM

    Krista has it all wrong

    Sarcasm follows: It is the population of women that needs to be reduced by 90%. Reducing the male population will not reduce the population of the planet, as one man, or his sperm, can impregnate hundreds or even thousands of women. And because women have the built in biological urge to have children they will do almost anything to make and have babies.

    One glaring deficiency in Krista’s plan is who is going to do all the heavy lifting? Face it. Men build and maintain the house she lives in, the car she drives, the roads on which she drives, the stores where she buys stuff, the food that she eats, the planes she flies in, the clubs and parks where she likes to go, etc. Women do not want to build or maintain any of these things.They want men to do all these things, to be pampered and taken care of (basically, have no responsibility for anything-except looking beautiful.)

    By reducing the female population by 90%, the remaining women will be even more valuable than they are now, and would be treated like queens. And you would have a real chance at reducing the population of the planet to manageable levels. Because reducing the population of women by 90% would reduce the number of new babies by pretty much the same amount. And these remaining women would have their pick of the best of the male gene pool.

    You do not have to be cruel and kill anyone. One would just start by tying the tubes of all feminists, gossips, haters, whiners, complainers, idiots, whores, unmarried mothers, drug addicts, fat chicks, ugly women and any woman who is obviously unhealthy or has bad genes.

    That would sort things out nicely! Snark.

    1. Fred

      Freaking AWE-SOME!!! Well-said!! Thank you brother!!!

      A shot fired over the bow, on behalf of men everywhere, and a rallying cry for the men’s rights movement, and the awesome women who love us!! (Those whose tubes would NOT be tied-and would be loved, and adored, and allowed to procreate and be involved in the raising and molding of our children… along NON-FEMINIST lines, of course :O).

      Eliminating the correct 90% of women from the planet should do a pretty good job of eliminating feminism-though of course we’ll have to be eternally vigilant, and squelch the DNA of feminists from existence, whenever it might try to reassert itself. I think we can handle it!!

  198. daddyq

    I’m okay with the 9 to 1 ratio of women: men an I agree with her that there would be way less violence etc. But the whole castration and mutilation thing of the genitals, errr…no. I would to to live in a world where there’s 9 women for every guy, It sounds like utopia.

  199. Fred

    We already knew there were psychotic cunts in the world… no surprise there. What’s really most disturbing about this though, and should concern us the most IMO, is that whether she’s serious, or meant this as satire, she KNEW she would get attention and support for this from other women, and could fire this shot for the Sisterhood, without any serious criticism from feminists (or women in general). Private criticism, SURE, we can read it on this thread, but WHERE are the feminist leaders using their forums to speak out against this loudly and forcefully, and running her out of town so to speak, preferably after being tarred and feathered?? Not happening to my knowledge, and to the contrary, lots of feminists are talking about it and laughing about it, and it’s planting ideas in their heads (impressionable as they are) that they’re happy to run with, because it fits in with the hatred and dislike for men feminism has given them, and furthers the glorification of women and the gynocentrism that created monsters like her in the first place. Even if it’s “humor” (and I don’t think she meant it that way), it’s contribution to the climate of hatred against men and boys is nothing to laugh about.

    On the bright side, she DOES help expose the feminist agenda, for anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, it is NOT about equality between men and women, and the fact that a product of feminism (POF) like her would come up with such a plan is NOT the only reason to believe this… it’s the SILENCE of millions of other feminists about it, or the joking, especially among the “leaders” of feminism, that tell us beyond any doubt that we’re dealing with a truly psychotic and hell-bent, anti-male fascist ideology (and movement). In that sense she’d done us a favor, and men’s rights activists, be encouraged and empowered with the knowledge that she has confirmed the necessity and worthiness of our cause!!!

    I LOVE women (especially when they ACT like women), but hideous and repulsive creatures like this belligerent blonde bimbo shall not stand. Though of course this has made her famous (or infamous), and she’s probably making money from it as well… which is EXACTLY the point. Most feminists ARE like this, and that’s why they have nothing to say about the virtual “gendercide” that this bitch is advocating, other than some snickers and high-fives for the fucked-up “Sisterhood”. Not to mention the fact that without men, this sick and ungrateful (and clearly spoiled) bitch would have no cars to drive, no roads to drive on, no computer, no electricity, no running water, no toilets, no refrigerators, no heat or air conditioning, no electric lights, no airplanes, no birth control, no vibrators… need I go on?? What an ignorant, ungrateful, sorry-assed bitch!!

    “MY mom is the creator of Femitheism.” Poor kid… you must be really proud. Has she had you CASTRATED yet?? Or are you a young woman/feminist being raised in her image??

  200. Drsman

    This type of thought process has worked over the years. Whenever any group claim superiority, they feel they have the right to walk on those they feel superior to. Examples exist today Muslims belief is that anyone who is not Muslim is an infidel , and it is there duty to convert or kill. Jihad! Other examples are the German master race as they killed 8 million Jews. The problem is anytime we have a group who espouses the destruction of another we should react as a society to jail, or excute them. This woman has lots of followers and admirers, the sad thing is some of them are men. Whenever, we fail to act on tyrannical, cults or groups it always comes to cost far more in human suffrage, and lives. We currently have laws in this country that allow women to complain and it requires a mandatory arrest. I saw video of men being beaten by women, and the women clap, guys even hit the guy, but if a man touches a woman then all hell breaks lose. We are Bing trained by women to give them extra rights this need to end. Equal rights means equal treatment .

  201. Thaddeus Buttmunch MD

    You know, I’m a DUDE, and came to This Conclusion on my own. Then I Googled and found this Woman. What she says actually makes a LOT of Sense!!

    1. While Violence is NOT limited to any one Group or Gender, Testosterone DOES cause Aggression. Rape is a Male Crime. Combat, u
    recently, was almost an exclusively male Domain. Hitler and the Leaders of the Third Reich were ALL Men, as well as most
    personnel Death Camps. Now-it is TRUE that Many German Women were Orgiastically in Love with their Fuehrer, and ALSO were
    Sadists in the Camps, I Doubt that with a 10:1 Female/Male Ratio, we would have had Either of the Two World Wars, or any of the
    numerous slaughters and Genocides that occurred before or Since. The Leaders of the Soviet Union were All Men, Too.

    2. Maybe Islam (Jew here) despite all it’s Sexism, really WOULD be more of a Religion of Peace if there were a Male Minority with

    3. Look at ALL the Violent Sports and problems with CTE (Concussion Dementia.) YES-there is Even a small Female NFL, but That
    Goes under the Guise of “Anything YOU can do WE can do Worse!” and THEY will get CTE, too! Without rough Male Dominated
    Sports like Boxing and Tackle Football, we would not have so many injuries, and then there is All the Crimes and Off-the-Field Vio-
    lence that these Gentlemen Commit, as well as the Even Greater Greed of the Team Owners.

    4. In the Animal Kingdom, the Male Lion is served by his more numerous Pride of Lionesses. Now, when a Male gets kicked out, there
    IS Trouble as the Gang-Banging males try to disrupt other prides, but we CAN sometimes learn a Lot from Animals.

    5. I actually RESPECT Her form of Feminism more than the Mainstream Version…she admits there ARE Differences between the
    Sexes. Pregnancy and Nursing take more time than conceiving an Infant, and women need to be Given this time off. Now-with less
    Men around to help out, they’ll have to help each other. But this system is still more efficient than the current one.

  202. chinggis khan

    I think she is Satanist who is against nature work. she doesn’t even know what is nature and how it works. look at animal kingdom we are not different than them. its like commiting mass extinction of humans for the sake of their own delusional mind. this stupid cunt doesn’t know that there is no way a woman can bear a child without sperm. clone wont be called a creation it will be your shit. no genetics will be given to your offspring you need other party and his chromosome. and this stupid cunt don’t see who save them from other men???? when war happens who save these whores??? males. and most of all war happened because of these twats. its all over in history. actually woman should be put as breeders in stable. stupid mental fucks. if we say this than it will be discrimination but they can say these kind of things?? fuck them kill them and shot them in their fucking skulls, world doesn’t need feminists at all. fuck this scumbags piece of shit. they are against nature works I hope they will be destroyed naturally. because nature doesn’t like if some douchbag interfere in its plan

  203. Tanner

    This bitch is crazy. Somewhat unrelated, but that philosopher so many psychedelic advocates love, Terrence McKenna had a similar idea. Men were too cruel and should be used for breeding in his eyes. I found that mentality kind of strange, considering he was a man himself, but I should not be too surprised, given his brain was warped or “expanded” by drugs.

  204. edward przydzial

    big fraud is a chicken shit… poser. where’s the video cunt? why you hiding? backpeddling… lunatic fringe. wack-a-doodle.

    1. LibertyDoll

      I’ve looked into it and it seems “Femitheist Divine” is now saying that the whole thing was a big satire hoax and has removed all content from her blog and YouTube regarding the ratio. Some of it is still available online from other sources that had taken screen shots, but all the originals are gone.

      Also please note, I’m not the woman who was in the video or has these beliefs. A lot of people seem to have gotten confused around that for some reason, even though I expressly stated the woman’s name and posted the Vice interview.

  205. peter paxes

    Ι want the western goverment to call all lesbians in millitary and place them in first line . the same for quires.

  206. Emelio Lizardo

    She’s not completely wrong. In Russia where due to a number of factors, men have reduced themselves by about 10% they have become extremely valuable, and women begin to fight over them. If the male population were reduced by 20%, we (the remaining men) would be gods.

  207. Ancalagon

    A feminazi Eugenicist basically. I wonder if she’d do her own plumbing, and I wonder how her current posh western lifestyle would continue with a 90% female population.

  208. One person

    It seems she is an she is an extreme feminist.

  209. David

    She is not a feminist and is only after money, I am sure. Feminists are pretty bad and that’s for sure where man -hating is their full time sport but this one is a full time nutter if the money angle is wrong. I’ts no wonder Islam seems so appealing these days. Old fashioned Christianity on the up as well.

  210. Gonniegoogoo

    There’s a law called advocating and inciting genocide. She should be locked up.before she commits a serious crime and I believe she is a typical sociopath, based on “facial tells.” She is an extremember danger

  211. uppurarse

    Look at that worthless piece of shit feminist whore

  212. the one who will kill Krista

    This stupid bitch will get murdered and raped and Shanked in the lower abdomen by a Muslim before she so ever has the chance to touch a man.
    I will break her ribcage open and piss inside it.

  213. sissyjamy

    sissy jamy agrees

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