Jul 16 2014

Man Arrested for Stabbing Watermelon


In the long list of things people have been arrested for that might never be thought possible, we can now add “carving watermelon.” A Connecticut man now faces charges of “second-degree threatening and disorderly conduct” for allegedly carving a watermelon in a “passive aggressive manner.”

Carmine Cervellino, 49, and his wife are currently going through a divorce. She reports that she feels her husband resorted to “passive aggressive” tactics in order to “intimidate her.” She believes his anger stems from her discovering a small bag of marijuana in her husband’s toolbox on July 4. The baggie also allegedly contained a Percocet and a second unidentified pill. She took pictures of the baggie and then hid it in her room instead of returning it to the toolbox. The offending items were later missing from her hiding place, so she contacted police and gave them the photos.

The woman reports that upon returning home, she “was greeted by the sight of a watermelon, pierced by Cervillino’s large butcher knife” on the kitchen counter. She became frightened enough to take pictures of the watermelon as evidence. She reports that a few minutes later, her husband walked into the room and began slicing the watermelon. She feels that, because her husband did not speak to her before carving the fruit, that the action was meant as a “passive aggressive”threat.

The woman took the knife and turned it into police, along with her pictures. Her fear was apparently enough to warrant arresting her husband. He is currently out on $500 bail and has had his case referred to Family Services. Under Connecticut state law, second-degree threatening is Class A misdemeanor punishable by a $2,000 fine and up to a year in prison. The law defines second-degree threatening as “placing another person in fear of imminent personal injury, threatening to commit a crime of violence in order to terrorize another person, or issuing threats that are in reckless disregard of causing fear or terror.” Cervillino is not facing any drug charges.

The watermelon suffered from critical injuries and is not expected to recover.

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