Jul 15 2014

Cop Shoots at Dog, Hits 10-Year-Old Instead; Media Blames Gun


With the increase in “puppycide” in recent months – that is, instances of police shooting dogs – once could easily expect that someday, a cop would miss. That’s exactly what happened to 10-year-old Dakota Corbitt. Luckily, Corbitt did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, but he’s not healing as well as expected.

The incident occurred in Coffee County, GA last Thursday when police were tracking down armed robbery and shooting suspect Christopher Barnett, 19. Barnett was suspected of shooting at an officer earlier in the day. However, the “manhunt” was no huge high-speed chase – Barnett had supposedly “wandered into [a] trailer park and had made friendly conversation with some of the residents there.”

Dakota Corbitt was playing in the front yard of his trailer when a dog wandered up to one of the deputies. The officer decided firing on the dog was appropriate, missed, and caught Corbitt in the back of the leg. The shot at the dog was the only time the officer fired his gun. Corbitt’s sister came running out of the home after hearing the shot, and reports seeing her little brother on the porch, “pouring blood.” The family used a towel to try to stop the bleeding.

Reporters claim it likely that “the gun was accidentally fired” and that it was “the deputy’s gun” that fired one shot – not the deputy himself. They also claim that details around how Corbitt was shot “remain unclear.” Perhaps they feel uncomfortable with pointing out the increasing danger in careless, shoot-first policing. What seems more likely is that the reporters don’t even notice it and, to them, the situation really is unclear. For them, perhaps it is easier to blame the gun – as is the common gun control narrative – rather than the person in control of the gun. After all, we are all told that police are there to protect.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is looking into the incident. Police, meanwhile, are only presenting that “during the arrest, the juvenile received a gunshot wound to the leg” via their Facebook. Again, it is not mentioned that the child was hit by an officer.

Barnett is being charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer. Corbitt is yet another victim to today’s growing and negligent police presence, but hey – at least they caught the bad guy.

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  1. Glyn

    With the lack of proficiency and competence of most officers regarding their weapons and friendly fire, I am surprised this does not happen more often.

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