Jul 10 2014

VA Democrat Offers $100k “Bounty” For Nude Photos of Hunter-Cheerleader Kendall Jones

kendall jones tweet2

Virginia Democrat and Congressional hopeful Mike Dickinson is becoming well known for his lewd and violent Twitter rants, routinely comparing Tea Partiers to terrorists and suggesting they commit suicide. His new target is 19-year-old Kendall Jones, the hunter/cheerleader who recently captured headlines with her safari photos. Not only has he put a “bounty” out for nude photos or videos, but in one Tweet goes so far as to compare her to a sex trafficker. Earlier this morning, he posted another comparing her to sexual predators and serial killers Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. Which, of course, is not at all ironic.

Though she is only a young student, he claims that she is “old enough to be a target.” He is offering $100,000 to anyone who can provide him with nude photos or a sex tape. “She hunts animals, let’s hunt her,” he wrote.

A Tweet comparing the student to sexual predators and serial killers.

A Tweet comparing the student to sexual predators and serial killers.

Another Tweet stated, “I’m sure she’s sent a nude selfie to some random guy out there who’s just waiting to expose her.” Technically, such a submission to the politician would probably fall under the category of “Revenge Porn” – which isn’t quite illegal, but is still pretty expensive.

Many have accused him of exploitation, to which he usually responds that it’s okay and legal because she’s over 18. It’s also okay because Tea Party members have guns. After all, she is allegedly “the OJ Simpson of white people.”

For a man who is part of the self-proclaimed tolerant, anti-war-on-women party, he’s throwing around a whole lot of “she deserves it”. It might come of little surprise that he has been rejected by fellow Democrats, mostly due to his ties to strip clubs and his ridiculous rhetoric. However, it is his belief that anyone who does not suggest violence or harassment against their ideological enemies is “weak” and therefore does not deserve to be in office.

Dickinson first came into the public eye after railing about Fox News being a network of lies – then lying himself while appearing on a Fox news show. Apparently, Dickinson is the master of ironic comedy. When cornered, he backtracked and instead claimed that his problem with Fox was that the network “encouraged people to fight the police” during the Bundy Ranch standoff.

What exactly does he hope to get out of this, aside from nude photos and his 15 minutes of fame? He certainly isn’t going to get a House seat out of it. He claims it is all in the name of equality and tolerance. He has made it his personal quest to root out the homophobes and racists – which doesn’t quite explain his claims that Kendall hunts animals for sex and deserves to be targeted, but politicians are not exactly known for flawless logic.

He’s received a huge wave of backlash, and while he claims, “I don’t read your Tweets or care what you say about me,” he seems to respond to each and every one – usually with petty insults or to proudly remind his readers, “I am more famous than you.”


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  1. jay

    Ok. He can stop lying again. She is beautiful and that’s why he wants naked pics of her.most man probably do but don’t try to say it’s political.

  2. Paul

    So far no pictures or video. My, my my, appears we have a nice young lady active in school, getting an education & concerned about wild life resources. If you want so nude Pic’s or video start looking into a liberal democrat’s name.

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