May 18 2014

Teen Faces Life in Prison for Pot Brownies


19-year-old Jacob Lavoro of Round Rock, Texas, has been accused of baking and selling pot brownies. He is being charged with a first degree felony because of his recipe.

According to the affidavit, Lavoro used hash oil, along with coconut oil and marijuana. In Texas, possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor, depending on the amount. But possession of any amount of hash is a automatic felony. Hash, which comes from marijuana flowers, has a higher concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). State laws concerning possession of hash allowed law enforcement to include the weight of the sugar, butter, and flour in the brownies when determining how much of the drug Lavoro possessed. The total brownie weight came out to 660 grams, or about a pound and a half. It is that weight which kicked the felony charge up to the first degree.

Lavoro faces a minimum of five years in prison, but could face the maximum sentence – life in prison. That’s higher than the punishments for sexual assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. It’s even higher than the sentence recently given to a local murderer.

Lavoro has no previous record and was held on $30,000 bail. His parents, lawyer, and marijuana legalization advocates claim the punishment is excessive – especially in a case in which police weighed baked goods. His lawyer – who is also a former police officer – claims the charge ought to be nothing more than a misdemeanor.

Local news agencies have attempted to reach out to the DEA to determine if the full sentence will be pursued. The DEA has not responded.

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  1. mike

    Marijuana misdemeanor but, add hash forget about it, it’s a felony? What?! That’s Texas for you.

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