May 13 2014

American Minecraft Gamers Blow Up Government’s Virtual Denmark


America has invaded virtual Denmark. The incident occurred earlier this month via Minecraft. For those not familiar with the game (which can be downloaded here), it is “a game about breaking and placing blocks.” Players can build or destroy entire digital structures and environments with textured 3D cubes. Players can also explore, gather resources, craft items, and engage in combat.

Recently, the Danish Geodata Agency recreated the entire country of Denmark in Minecraft at a 1:1 scale. It was supposedly the largest Minecraft creation ever, taking up a full terabyte of data. The recreation was composed of over 4,000 billion brick. it was built using a 3D elevation model was meant to be a teaching tool for the country’s students and to The project was the first of its kind. Previous projects only mapped terrain, or small sections of land.

Virtual Denmark, where the walls are made of American flags.

Virtual Denmark, where the walls are made of American flags.

Unfortunately, gamers will be gamers and decided to blow it up.

However, they weren’t supposed to be able to. The Danish Geodata Agency predicted an “invasion” and disabled the ability to use dynamite. Sort of. Despite a ban on dynamite, players discovered that dynamite could still be set off while in a mining cart. The government politely asked that gamers create something to replace everything they took apart or destroyed. Which the players did. Sort of. The landscape of virtual Denmark is now full of American flags, tanks, and “AMERICA!” signs atop buildings.

The first report came in from a Minecraft forum, where a user stated, “I americanlized the place a bit.” Social media outlets, such as Reddit, responded with rally cries of “America, fuck yeah!”

Original reports of the damage stated that entire cities had been leveled and that virtual Denmark had been almost completely destroyed. However, DGA spokesman Chris Hammeken states that the so-called vandalism is not as bad as originally thought. He reports that any major elements are being rebuilt but that he and the DGA understand that the destruction is “the nature of the game.” He states that much of the restoration has been taken on by other players, though the agency plans to rebuild several buildings and landmarks.

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