Apr 18 2014

Man Shoots Squirrel, Police Seize Guns


65-year-old James Toigo of Milford, CT was recently visited by police after he shot a squirrel in his yard on Monday morning. Police reported they were in the area and heard a gunshot nearby. Toigo has taken into custody after they discovered he had shot the small animal.

Upon their investigation, police also found an unregistered “assault rifle” and three high capacity magazines. Under Connecticut’s Assault Weapons Ban – which was signed last April – citizens are expected to register any “assault weapons.” The law also bans high capacity magazines of more than 10 rounds, and any magazine owned prior to January 1, 2014, is also expected to be registered. Failure to register or dispose of these items is an automatic class D felony. Despite this, most local gun owners have refused to abide by the unconstitutional law.

According to the New Haven Register, police say they confiscated these items, as well as several other firearms, for “safe-keeping.” However, they did admit that none of these items were used to harm the squirrel.

A press release from Officer Jeffrey Nielsen states that Toigo has been charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm, cruelty to an animal, first-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree breach of peace, failure to register an assault rifle, and three counts of possessing large-capacity magazines. Nielsen stated he believed that most of the confiscated firearms were in fact registered. However, he also stated that the firearms will remain in police custody until Toigo appears in court.

Toigo has been released on bail and is due in court on May 13. Depending on the outcome, Toigo may need to petition the police department to have his firearms returned – including the legal ones.


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  4. RamRoddoc

    I do see a problem.

    The state creating criminals out of approximately 9% of law abiding citizens by the stroke of the pen by infringing an enumerated right for the false claim of “public safety” should concern every American who values their rights, even the ones they don’t like.

    The state currently has refused to pursue these state created “felons”. It will be a tack on charge. For if they do and doors begin to be kicked in of once lawful citizens for no other purpose than arrest and weapon confiscation the people’s response up to that point is mere speculation.

    It only takes a spark, then the biased media will be forced to report, how will they side? For more government control or rights of the people?

    Mr. Toigo, 65 years old, it appears it wasn’t as residential as lead to believe. His property borders a large wildlife management area (no housing) and I suspect he was sure of his back stop as he tortured the yard pest to death. No word of the “firearm” used it may have been a high velocity air gun for all we know or a low power small rim fire cartridge.

    Unless there is proof otherwise. 258 Housatonic Dr. Milford, CT. MapQuest or Google map it.


    OBTW hunting with firearms is allowed at that wildlife management area.


    Understand the steps required to demote a free society to tyranny and some insight of just how registration has “benefited” a once free state.

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