Mar 04 2014

Facebook to Ban Gun-Themed Pages


Facebook is currently debating a change in policy that would ban all gun-themed fan pages from the social networking site. According to VentureBeat, Facebook has been under immense pressure from gun control groups Moms Demand Action and Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The proposed ban is due to fans allegedly offering to buy, sell, and trade firearms via Facebook.

Though Facebook is not an e-commerce site, a Moms Demand Action petition on Change.org to prohibit gun sales on both Facebook and Instagram has over 94,000 signatures. The MDA website labels Facebook as the new “gun show.” There is a second petition on DemandAction.org which asks people to electronically sign a form letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. According to the website, over 91,000 people have sent letters. They claim that several felons have already been caught attempting to buy and sell firearms on Facebook.

According to the petition website, recent signers provided names such as “Newtown Hoax” and “Fuck U.”

VentureBeat also claims that buying a gun on Facebook takes a total of 15 minutes. The “in depth investigation” condemns such pages as I Love Guns, Firearms Only Alamogordo, and Guns, Ammo, and Blades as retailers for “shady people” looking for full-auto guns with the serial numbers filed off. It supposedly took reporters 15 minutes to broker a deal on a 7mm rifle and 90 rounds of ammo with “a guy named Dave.”

Federal law enforcement officials have stated that they view Facebook and other social media sites as an “emerging threat” in “illegal gun transactions.” Special Agent Helen Dunkel, with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, called it a “fact” that social media is being used as an online free-for-all gun bazaar.

Facebook is now debating on banning gun-themed pages altogether, though website policy strictly prohibits the sale or trade of guns, explosives, and other weapons. Facebook is not a retailer, and sales do not happen on Facebook – but gun control groups argue that Facebook allows people to meet up online for potential sales. The groups are accusing Facebook and Instagram as being the facilitator in these sales.


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  1. Joshua

    They would lose millions of users. Including me.

  2. Keith Berg

    Why should the innocent people be victimized when it is the CRIMINALS abusing FB??? Why can’t Facebook hold those people breaking the rules responsible for their choice of illegal activities???
    I am tired of being slapped in the face every time SOMEBODY ELSE does something wrong. Don’t fold to the pressure of stupidity, act in the direction of REASON. If someone is breaking the law, rules, or FB Policy, ban THEM. Not the rest of us.

  3. C.

    This is just another way of destroying our liberty by our rouge government, without any proof of what these other folks say. Sucker money will do anything that will give him MORE MONEY, that’s what counts for him, not liberty, or justice, just MONEY.

  4. Bill

    The question is free speech on the site. If illegal firearms are being sold go after the sellers and buyers but leave the format alone. Considering the complainers it looks more like an excuse to shut down free speech as concerns the second Amendment.


    1. LibertyDoll

      I agree, Bill. Pro-gun groups are now threatening lawsuits, which certainly isn’t the answer either. Facebook would have the right to do this, but it would be for the wrong reasons.

  5. Roseanne

    I agree, Bill. Go after those sites and leave the people alone who want to display passions and hobbies as well as their beliefs! I think anyone who reads this should sign the Pro-Gun petition to stop any further actions! I am sure there is as many, if not more, for pro-gun than are against!

  6. Pat Flaherty

    This screams communism as it takes away the freedom to express ones point of view.

  7. John

    if Facebook does this I will delete my account and never ever ever think about signing up for Facebook again.

  8. Miss.clark

    This is bullshit the more regulations you impose the more freedom dies, we need to stop making these rash decisions if we hope to provide the next generation with any sense of whats truly right or wrong!

  9. Demogorgon

    This is America not Amerikkka. We need to stop this gun hate. We will never eat at Chili’s or Sonic again. They are Anti American. So ANTI GUN fools with no brains say it is safer with out guns. Well how is it safer? Why would a legal gun owner use their gun illegally. Other are alot of pro gun Americans who do not go around shooting people. We will not give up our guns for anyone. I am a gun owner a voter part of the NRA and in go Heavy Metal music. A felon can not own a gun in any way. I can understand that. But they can own cars can drink. These can be used as tools to kill. People whom are Anti Gun has no place in America. NOT ONE MORE ANTI GUN PRESIDENT, NOT ONE MORE ANTI GUN POLITICIAN, NOT ONE MORE ANTI GUN LAW, NOT ONE MORE, NOT ONE MORE.

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