Feb 28 2014

Illinois Bill Proposes Firearm Registration


Meet HB4715, a new bill proposed in Illinois. It is sponsored by Representative Kelly M. Cassidy (D – Chicago), and it’s all about registration.

Cassidy introduced the bill on February 5th, and it immediately was passed to the state’s Rules Committee, where there is a 3-2 majority for Democrats.

The law would require all gun owners in the state to register their firearms. Buying ammunition would require presenting a certificate of registration at the time of purchase in order to prove that an individual owns a gun that takes that specific caliber of ammunition. No certificate, no ammo. Registrations would have to be renewed, much like licenses, and would require a background check conducted by the state police. Not complying with registration as either an owner or FFL would be an automatic Class 2 felony, which is punishable in the state by a prison sentence of three to seven years – unless the individual is awarded an “extended felony,” which has a seven year minimum.

The state already puts a 72 hour hold on all firearm sales, unless the buyer is a law enforcement officer.

Cassidy states that her bill will reduce crime by stopping straw purchases of weapons. Though she admitted in a press conference that – surprise – most criminals obtain their firearms illegally and do not follow laws, she claims that the registration process will be a hindrance to illegal transfers. “Registration is a common sense policy that ties the weapon to it’s buyer, preventing the types of straw purchasing that put guns into criminals hands,” she stated.

Many Illinois gun owners are skeptical that the law will pass. However, with the current state of affairs in Connecticut – where police and lawmakers are threatening door-to-door confiscation – such a bill could become a reality.


  1. Phillip Herrejon

    It’s time to recall the government official like they did in Colorado.

  2. Bonnie

    NO! NO! NO! Illinois Representatives, you have to be kidding! It is time YOU start standing up to your oath! Protect your citizens and the Constitution! Please start using some COMMON SENSE!

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