Feb 19 2014

ROTC Teen Shot While Holding Wii Remote


17-year-old Christopher Roupe of Euharlee, Georgia, was shot by local police. His crime? Answering the door while holding a Wii Remote.

A Nintendo Wii remote

A Nintendo Wii remote

Police went to the family home in the Eagle View Mobile Home Park last Friday to serve Roupe’s father a warrant for violating probation. Police say the teen – who was an active ROTC member at Woodland High School – answered the door and pointed a gun at the female officer.

However, eyewitnesses say that Roupe was holding a Nintendo Wii remote. Allegedly, he heard the knock at the door, asked who it was, and opened it when he heard no answer. He was immediately shot in the chest. Neighbors ran to the scene after hearing the shot. Roupe was still clutching the video game controller and the officer was crying, claiming he had had a BB gun.

Even so, a BB gun is hardly a deadly threat – and no weapon was recovered at the scene.

The teen was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The officer is on administrative leave, which is standard procedure after a shooting. An autopsy has been completed and has been turned over to the District Attorney. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the case.

Roupe’s funeral is planned for Friday. He had planned to join the Marines after graduating from high school. His parents have filed a lawsuit against the police.


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  1. Herman Nelson

    Sounds like a cop needs to go to jail. But that won’t happen.. Admin leave, a trip to the shrink and back out on the street.

  2. Dustin

    Sounds to me like this was a genuine accident, if the cop really was crying. Not saying that’s an excuse to not be placed in jail but at least the cop knows he fucked up and cares enough to shed some tears.

  3. george blackout zimmerman

    not surprising its america. cop should get death sentence.

  4. Matt

    It’s all a ploy by the cops, he even changes his story!!!! Wtf is wrong with these people…gun to BB gun until “no weapon recovered from the scene” to shedding some most likely fake tears. I pray and hope that they were truly tears..but prior experiences and publicized cases (increasing quite sharply over the recent past) all say and prove the exact opposite. We need a president to bring the country together by getting the FUCK out of the way, and letting us do what made this country great in the fucking first place!!!!

  5. Dillon

    So Dustin, you’re saying just because it was an accident it was justified?? Because that’s nonsense! I highly doubt he was aiming the controller at officers, leaving them absolutely no reason to open fire! The police in this country are just trigger happy and ready to take advantage of citizens at any moment! They treat us as if we have no constitutional rights!

  6. James

    Serving a warrant for his fathers probation violations…. wow… way to go pig fukers! How about a nice unarmed knock on the door! All you SS nazi basterds that follow this way of the “elite leaders” in charge will have your day!

  7. LibertyDoll

    Thanks for the update!

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