Feb 13 2014

Cop Shoots Service Dog at 9-Year-Old’s Birthday Party


Saturday, a Filer, ID police officer responded to a call about two loose dogs wandering the street. 38 seconds after the officer exited his vehicle, one of the dogs was dead. Turns out, the canine was a service dog for Rick Clubb, a man with Parkinson’s, who was also hosting his son’s birthday party when the dog was shot.

A dash cam video (below – NSFW) captures the entire incident, from Officer Tarek Hassani receiving the complaint via a neighbor, to the death of the dog.

As Hassani pulls up to the home (about 12 minutes in), the unleashed dogs can be seen trotting towards the car, tails wagging. Though there is no visual, the sounds picks up the officer opening his car door, and almost instantly the first dog is heard whimpering. Naturally, the dogs then became aggressive, and the officer began yelling. He can be seen kicking Hooch, the black lab, in the face. Hooch retreats to the front lawn; Hassani follows, pulls his gun, and shoots. Hooch convulses and whimpers, before going off screen and falling silent.

After the shooting, the officer called in that he had fired shots and went to the owner’s door, where he began screaming profanities. He accused the dog of attempting to bite him. The two men got in a verbal disagreement, and Hassani threatened several times to arrest Clubb on various charges, including obstruction.

After the incident, Hassani told another officer, “I get out to talk to the people, two dogs come around me, one of them’s growling and snarling. I kick it. It comes back around, now it’s growling and snarling. I kick it again. Then it lunges at me, I’m like, fuck you. So, I just shot it.”

Filer Police Chief Tim Reeves stated that Hassani had to other choice but to shoot the dog. Reeves continued, “The dog was too much of a danger, and it was aggressing him too much.” Clubb disagreed, offering other alternatives such as pepper spray and tasers. He also pointed out that the shooting occurred right outside his son’s bedroom, and asked a local news station, “What if a bullet had ricocheted through the window?”

Clubb was hit with a $100 citation for letting the dog run at-large. Clubb plans to fight the incident in court. Certainly, the dogs should not have been loose. Regardless, the owner states he deserved a citation, and not a dead dog.

Hassani has a history of using excessive force. Neighbor Ryan Magnelli told KTVB,“I don’t feel secure with a police officer running around being a cowboy. Why didn’t he just pepper spray the dog?”

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