Jan 10 2014

California Wants Permits, Background Checks For Ammo (Again)


California lawmakers – Democrats, in particular – have announced that one of their main focuses for this legislative session is going to be to push stricter gun control. In particular, they are trying to revive Senate Bill 53, which would make it illegal to buy ammunition without an instant, on the spot comprehensive background check and a special permit.

The bill was submitted last year, and passed the state Senate. However, it was delayed in the Assembly after the governor vetoed other gun control measures, and a vote was never held.

We’ve all heard the argument before. CA state senators maintain that “Anyone can walk into any gun store, a bait and tackle store, and purchase all the ammunition they want to, no questions asked,” Sen. Kevin de Leon (D) – the bill’s main sponsor – said in a recent interview. He continued, “The ammunition is the fuel that feeds the violence. The gun itself, the hand gun or the long gun or the high-powered weapon is the delivery device. The gas, the fuel, is the ammunition, and no one knows who buys it.”

De Leon states that this pallet of ammunition is easier to buy than cigarettes and Benadryl.

De Leon states that this pallet of ammunition is easier to buy than cigarettes and Benadryl.

So, Senator De Leon, it is not only the gun, but the ammo that causes violence? Apparently responsible, law-abiding citizens fit no where in this equation, and neither do issues like poverty, gang culture, or the war on drugs.

Rumors are floating that New York is set to put forth a similar proposal. If lawmakers are successful, California will be the first state to regulate ammunition. Last year, the state attempted to add semiautomatic rifles and shotguns with detachable magazines to the “banned weapons” list that is a part of their assault weapons ban. However, those particular measures were vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown (D). California does have a ban on lead ammunition when used for hunting.

State Senate President Darrell Steinberg (D) has said he will push once again to expand the assault weapons ban to include more firearms and “end loopholes.”

Several cities in the state already require background checks for ammunition purchases, including Sacramento.

De Leon is proposing that gun owners apply for separate, one-year Ammunition Purchase Permits issued by the Department of Justice. According to De Leon, without this permit, it is “easier in California to purchase a pallet of ammunition than a pack of cigarettes or allergy medicine.” Has this guy even seen a “pallet of ammunition”?

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