Oct 29 2013

Obama Cares?

Obamacare hurt

Remember when, while being questioned about the Affordable Care Act, Nancy Pelosi remarked, “We need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it?” Well, over two million Americans are finding out exactly what is in it, and they are far from thrilled.

An IRS report on the ACA from July 2010 outright states that 40-70% of Americans would be losing their health plans once ObamaCare comes into fruition, due to these plans not meeting new and increased regulations. Obama and his cohorts originally proclaimed that all plans dated before March 23, 2010 would be grandfathered in. However, soon after the administration wrote up a provision that stated that any changes in a plan since then – even something as small as a change in co-pay, change in deductible, or tier changes in prescription medications – would render the plan completely invalid come 2014. The report further predicted that an additional “40-67%” of Americans will lose their insurance each year that ObamaCare is in action. White House officials have been choosing between denying this outright or trying to sell the, “yeah, but this coverage is better!” line. However, this new coverage also comes at a higher price.

Officials are maintaining that past remarks about keeping old plans are still accurate – just not “precise.” So how imprecise were they? The stories are endless:

* George Schwab, 62, of North Carolina, for example, received a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield in September and was told that the plan that carried both him and his wife would no longer be offered due to new ACA requirements. The “comparable” plan the insurance company offered him boasted a $1,208 monthly premium and a $5,500 deductible – his previous plan cost him only $228 a month. The best option he was able to find on the ACA exchange still slams him with a 415% increase at $948 a month.

* Richard Helgren, a retiree from Michigan, received a letter informing him that his wife’s $559 a month health plan was being changed because of the new health laws. The plan meeting the minimum requirements offered by his insurance company raised his deductible from $0 to $2,500, and he was given only 17 days to decide if he would take it.

* 56-year-old Dianne Barrette, also with Blue Cross Blue Shield, is losing her $54 a month plan. The new plan costs $591 a month.

* In a particular twist of fate, Sue Klinkhamer, 60 – a fierce supporter of ObamaCare and campaign worker for Illinois Congressman Bill Foster (the irony) – has found her own plan go from $291 to a new ACA-approved plan of $647.12.

As of right now, Kaiser Permanente reports it has terminated policies for 160,000 people in California and Blue Shield of California has already sent out approximately 120,000 cancellation letters for a total of 280,000 in the state alone. Over 300,000 people in Florida are losing coverage with Florida Blue. Michigan is losing 140,000 plans, and New Jersey is losing 800,000. CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield has cancelled 76,000 plans in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. In total, over two million Americans have already lost their coverage.

Last week, when grilled on the subject, Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary Kathleen Sebelius simply urged Americans to ignore the ObamaCare horror stories and to “sign up” to see what it’s all about. So basically, sign up to see what’s in it.

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  1. Brian Utterback

    While the message could have been made clearer, all of these people were under insured and essentially were closer to the uninsured category rather than the insured category. Not to mention that thousands of people have lost their insurance every year when the plans they were in were cancelled and replaced with more expensive plans every year, even before the ACA. In many cases these people have been able to get better plans at little more than they were paying before, but of course that wasn’t what was promised. But the fact remains that the majority of Americans have been able to keep the plans they had.

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